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Dead Island different between the International and the Japanese version

Dead Island different between the International and Japanese versionDead Island going to release in September in North America and Europe and in October in Japan.
But there will be some different between the Japan and the International version.

Dead Island going to release on 20th of October in Japan and in 6th and 9th of September in North America and Europe for Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
In all regions the game set to 18+ Adults Only but in Japan next to the CERO "Z" rating (only 18+) the game will has some different from the international versions.

You don't need to thinking so much which parts are going to change.
In the Japanese version the human and zombie body parts, the damages and the color of the visceral part of the zombie will be different than the International version. The defective parts of human character removed, the built-in changing the color of the zombie parts matching and the COOP limited area of online mode in Japan.

The official Japanese version fully opened.
You can also see the official Japanese teaser movie on the site also.

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