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E.X Troopers Maneuver Tournament And New Characters

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E.X Troopers Maneuver Tournament And New CharactersCapcom published a new part from the E.X Troopers game!
Check out the maneuver tournament next to the new characters!

2 week and the new E.X Troopers going to release on 22th of November in Japan for Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS.
Capcom now published a new feature of the and a new character group.
In the game you can enjoy the new Tournament Maneuver feature.

During the tournament you plays a 2 vs 2 battle with your partner against the robots or other characters.
You can select the stage, from the base and you partner characters also from there.
Capcom published with this system feature the new character group Ain, Bratt, Saju and Bell.

But what is it for?
During the tournament you can improve your skills.
Be better or learn news also.
This is a versus battle and you can't win alone. The key is to work together with your partner!

E.X Troopers E.X Troopers

E.X Troopers E.X Troopers

E.X Troopers E.X Troopers

E.X Troopers

And so, here are the new characters.
You can enter to the manouver tournament with Ain, Bratt, Saju and Bell.

E.X Troopers E.X Troopers E.X Troopers E.X Troopers

Ain using a plasma launcher as weapon.
Can use it in wide rang and can attack on multiply enemies in one time.

E.X Troopers

Bratt using the special missle weapon.
Can shoot multiply missles on the enemy while you are rush to the front.
Perfect supporter

E.X Troopers

Saju using the good old Flame Launcher.
Can makes big surprise from hidden spots.

E.X Troopers

Bell using the ice launcher.
Shooting in big size special ice grenade.

E.X Troopers

E.X Troopers E.X Troopers

E.X Troopers E.X Troopers

ものべの -pure smile-

Angel Beats!-1st beat-

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