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God Eater 2 The first information pack

Japanese Game Title:: 
God Eater 2

God Eater 2 The first information packAfter the Tokyo Game Show release not so much information published of the God Eater 2.
Until now. New weapons, places, and a totally new story!

On 15th of September we wrote that on the Tokyo Game Show Namco Bandai announced the God Eater 2.
This game going to release in 2012 first in Japan and for Sony PSP.

The first information pack just arrived.

Namco Bandai after that sold more than 1.1 million copies from the first title in worldwide (the game released in Japan, North America and Europe also) and thanks for the Best Price category still can sell from the game it was a right idea to creat the second chapter of the game.

God Eater 2 going to follow the world of the first episode with a new story, weapons, characters and stages.
Let's see them.

We will write 2074 in the God Eater 2 world after three years of the first episode.
The world is still under the mysterious creater Aragami's hands and a special force still looking forward to study the new things and get out from the control. This special force moving always with a giant, mobility fortress in the world.

God Eater 2

The new adventure is just started for the new hero how just wants freedom.
But this young special force have to do an important thing: protect the humanity from Aragami.
The endless battle starts again.

God Eater 2

We will play with the "third generation" solders in the game from the "Blood" team.
We will able to choose from many characters and can set different skills and styles on them.
Of course the characters trying to follow also the first original work.

God Eater 2 New Characters God Eater 2 New Characters

God Eater 2 New Characters God Eater 2 New Characters

In the game there will be two new weapons next to the used to weapons from Gid Eater Brust.
The Boost Hammer which is a giant hammer but you will be able to do fast replay attack even with this giant size.

The second weapon is the Charge Spear.
Like the Boost Hammer it's also a giant weapon but you can do point and linear attacks with it on the enemy.
Because of the shape you can also use this weapon as a blade.

God Eater 2 Boost Hammer God Eater 2 Charge Spear

God Eater 2 Boost Hammer God Eater 2 Boost Hammer

God Eater 2 Charge Spear God Eater 2 Charge Spear

Aragami is the main enemy in the game.
Like in the first title you have to be carefull.
Some parts with Aragami will move back to the first story so it's will be a good idea to clear the first chapter before you start the play with the second.

God Eater 2 Aragami

God Eater 2 Aragami

God Eater 2 Aragami God Eater 2 Aragami

New Stages also will be in the game not just the well used fields from the first title.
The first new field what published is the Blue Ice Canyon.
This destroyed, loneliness stage is the deep of the snow and ice.

Not so much information published of the Blue Ice Canyon, but you can imagien it is you check the pictures.

More information coming soon and hope Namco Bandai publishe the release date also in a short time!

God Eater 2 Blue Ice Canyon

God Eater 2 Blue Ice Canyon God Eater 2 Blue Ice Canyon

God Eater 2

God Eater 2

God Eater 2

God Eater 2

God Eater 2

God Eater 2

ものべの -pure smile-

Angel Beats!-1st beat-

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