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AKB1/153: Love Election Special Pouch Case For You Vita

Japanese Game Title:: 
AKB1/153 恋愛総選挙

AKB1/153: Love Election Special Pouch Case For You VitaHere is the new special, limited product for the AKB1/153: Love Election game!
Check out this 1/149 designed pouch case!

On 20th of December going to release in Japan for Sony PlayStation Vita and PSP the new AKB game the AKB1/153: Love Election
The Vita version, luxory first press Limited Edition going to release a special pouch case.
The price of this pack going to be 14679 Yen (with tax) and if you pre-order it or you buy the first press version you will get the case!

The design of the case is the AKB 1/149.
The normal version's price going to be 7329 Yen (with tax).

AKB1/153: Love Election AKB1/153: Love Election

ものべの -pure smile-

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