5 Tips to Support Like a Diamond Player

Listed below are 5 pretty simple methods you possibly can step up your assist recreation. Delivered to you by a diamond tier participant who shares their greatest suggestions with you.

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Tip#1 – Give attention to Staying Alive

A useless assist is a ineffective assist.

Relying on the scale of the map, it takes you round 15 seconds to respawn and to get again to your group.

Have you learnt what number of hitpoints a Seris can heal in 15 seconds? Up 10,000 HP on one goal or much more with the Mortal Attain Legendary, and much more if there are a number of injured allies close by.

So you possibly can say that each time you die, you doubtlessly deny someplace between 3,000-30,000 factors of therapeutic to your group.

What’s the takeaway?

Give attention to surviving

As a assist, here’s a checklist of issues that aren’t your precedence:

  • Doing harm
  • Capturing the purpose
  • Therapeutic at any price

Your important precedence as a assist is to remain alive
How do you obtain that? Listed below are a some suggestions:

1. At all times monitor the place of the enemy flanker(s). All maps have a reasonably easy design, so you possibly can at all times have an concept the place the flank will come from. Furthermore, take note of the highest proper bar – is the icon of the enemy flanker grayed out? It means they’re useless and you can not fear about them for a second. If they only respawned, attempt to anticipate the place they are going to go – use your widespread sense and recreation information to anticipate the route the flank will come from and place your self accordingly.

2. Follow the teammate who can defend you one of the best.

3. Don’t YOLO rush to the purpose, except it’s a 3/3 time beyond regulation and your group is screwed anyway.

4. Don’t chase enemies.

5. Don’t attempt to save these silly teammates who at all times rush alone and insta die.

6. Attempt to outline what the most secure zone is (typically it’s NOT the backline) and keep there.

7. At all times hold your escape skill prepared – don’t waste it whenever you don’t should and use it when you need to.

8. If you need to die with a purpose to heal somebody as soon as, don’t heal them.

9. Don’t play John Wick – your champion’s DPS is often crap anyway. Give attention to staying secure and offering assist to your group.

10. There isn’t any such factor as “an excessive amount of self-heal” (I’m speaking about your loadout, not about store gadgets)

I’ve seen many good helps with completely different play kinds and methods, nevertheless there may be one trait all of them share, which is the flexibility to remain alive. When you see a Seris/Jenos/and so forth with a 20+ kill streak, you possibly can make sure that they are going to get high assist in the long run recreation display screen. Why? As a result of they’ve survived lengthy sufficient to build up these 20+ eliminations.

Now, if as a assist you die greater than 10 occasions in a match, it implies that you need to actually work in your survival expertise. Keep in mind – each time you die, you deny someplace between 3,000-30,000 factors of therapeutic to your group. Study to remain alive.

Tip#2 – Be a Assist, Not Only a Healer

Most helps have some ways to help their group with therapeutic being simply certainly one of them.

For instance, Furia, Seris and Mal’Damba can stun their opponents, whereas Jenos and Grover can immobilize them.

Grohk can use his totem to grant CC immunity to the group – if timed proper, it may possibly counter a wide selection of enemy ultimates and skills.

As a superb assist, you gotta hold an in depth eye in your teammates and use your talents to help the group.

  • Say, you discover that your damager is about to get rekt by the enemy flanker. In case you are Jenos, you possibly can Void Grip the flanker, giving your damager a second to take cowl or to complete the flanker off. Or, if you’re Mal’Damba, you possibly can stun the enemy, and so forth.
  • In case you are a Grover, you possibly can cripple and maintain on place the enemies which are attempting to flee your Bomb King’s Grumpy Bomb or your Willo’s Seedling.
  • In case you are Furia or Mal’Damba, you need to use your stun talents to make the enemy entrance line drop their protect.
  • And so forth – the probabilities are infinite.

Normally, solely unhealthy helps use the excuse “I used to be therapeutic you however you continue to died”. Therapeutic is sweet however it’s not sufficient. I invite you to essentially begin occupied with methods to use all your talents to essentially assist your group.

What about Ying?

Whereas she doesn’t have any strategy to stun or cripple the opponent, she will nonetheless use her illusions to assist her group.

One well-placed Ying phantasm can efficiently block some enemy talents reminiscent of Ash’s Shoulder Bash and even sure ults (Drogoz’, Bomb King’s, Lian’s, and so forth). Whereas you’ll not be rewarded with factors for making the enemy Drogoz waste his ult in your phantasm, your completely timed phantasm may be the important thing to your group victory. (it’s time beyond regulation, the Drogoz fails to instakill your tank, your group kills the Drogoz and captures the purpose, you win, gg)

Tip#3 – Handle Your Ults

Most assist champions have superb ultimates. Understanding methods to use your final is without doubt one of the key proficiencies you need to have as a assist.

That is additionally the rationale why you usually see good helps going for Morale Increase 3 early on.
Listed below are some tips about methods to use your ultimates:

1. When you play Ying or Grover, attempt to activate your final simply earlier than your teammates are so low that they’re about to die. Attempt to assume one step forward and activate your final proper earlier than your group takes quite a lot of harm.

2. If enjoying Mal’damba or Jenos, save your final for when it’s time beyond regulation and your group wants that further push to seize, defend or rating.

3. In case you are Seris, attempt to mix your final with another person’s. Your important candidates are: Inara, Bomb King, Skye, Dredge, Lian, Lex, Ruckus, Viktor and Androxus. Pip and Grohk may work too, although not as environment friendly. Drogoz’ Salvo and Fireplace Spit, Willo’s Seedling and Lifeless Zone (with Nightshade), Bomb King’s Grumpy bomb and Tyra’s Fireplace Bomb can too be devastating when paired with Seris’ final – simply attempt to agree along with your group beforehand to allow them to react in time.

Tip#4 – Time Your Therapeutic Skills to Keep away from Cauterize

Sounds foolish however even in Diamond matches some helps appear to overlook about Cauterize.

To begin with, make certain to press Tab usually to verify what gadgets the enemy group are shopping for. Pay shut consideration to Cauterize and attempt to bear in mind which enemy champions have Caut and which don’t.

Secondly, you possibly can utterly ignore Cauterize when it’s Stage 1 and partially ignore it when it’s Stage 2 – You continue to heal at 40% effectivity on an ally who has the Cauterize Stage 2 debuff – it’s not perfect but it surely’s nonetheless pretty environment friendly.

Now, Cauterize 3 nearly utterly nullifies the consequences of your therapeutic. The great factor is – the debuff expires after 1.5 seconds.
In case your injured ally is considerably good, they are going to attempt to take cowl for a second for Cauterize to run out. That’s when you need to heal them. In case you have wasted your skill in your ally whereas they have been below Cauterize, the second they take cowl your therapeutic skill may nonetheless be on cooldown, which implies you received’t have the ability to heal them.

In case you are therapeutic a entrance line reminiscent of Fernando, Makoa, Khan or Terminus, you often need to wait till they both get into cowl or deploy their protect/siphon. Once more, don’t overlook to attend 1.5 seconds after they deploy their protection for Cauterize to run out. Take note of the colour of their well being bar.

At the same time as a Jenos, you need to time your Astral Marks appropriately so your goal will get these 5% further well being again.

Final however not least, don’t waste your therapeutic on these teammates who refuse to depart Willo’s Lifeless Zone. Lifeless Zone utterly nullifies therapeutic results. The debuff lasts for an extra 1 second after your ally left the useless zone, which implies that once more, you actually need to take note of the colour of their well being bar.

Tip#5 – Deal With Toxicity Like a Boss

Your time is simply too treasured to be wasted on replying to poisonous messages. If somebody thinks you need to uninstall the sport or spams “want therapeutic!”, do the next:

1. Press Tab
2. Press this button that sits subsequent to their title

3. Some freaks may additionally ship you poisonous DMs (direct messages) after the match. In the event that they do this, simply kind the next within the chat window:

What if these poisonous gamers are proper and you actually ought to step up your assist recreation?

Right here’s my tackle this: something they are saying is simply their opinion. And opinions are often mistaken. When you actually need to enhance (which is one thing I love and welcome),

Let the sport provide the suggestions

  • Are you getting high assist each match?
  • Are you having extra victories than defeats?
  • Do you die lower than 5 occasions a match?

If not, take note of gamers who do higher than you and attempt to be taught every part from them – steal their loadouts, legendaries and gadgets, attempt to copy their positioning, methods and so forth.

When you follow lengthy sufficient, put thought into the sport and be taught from gamers who carry out higher than you, you’ll finally turn into an important participant too.

Oh and by the way in which, I’ve observed that often, poisonous gamers don’t say something helpful in chat anyway. So by muting them you don’t actually lose something. And in the event that they threaten to report you, nicely good luck to them. Even when you have a reallly tousled loadout and your efficiency is unhealthy, that’s not a bannable offense. So long as you retain enjoying and try your greatest, you aren’t doing something towards the foundations.

In Conclusion

I do know lots of people who attempt their greatest to heal as usually as they will however they nonetheless battle to be good helps.

In case you are in the identical scenario and also you marvel what are you doing mistaken as a assist, this information may enable you to. Whereas the guidelines I listed right here won’t be as fast and soiled as you hoped, they are going to undoubtedly enhance your efficiency as a assist in case you take the time to be taught and apply them.

On this information, I haven’t talked about the obvious issues like “get the precise loadout and legendary”, “heal as usually as you possibly can” and so forth. In any case, this information is in regards to the extra superior stuff.

On the brilliant aspect, the extra you’ll grasp your function as assist, the extra you’ll notice how a lot you affect the end result of a match. Now, you might be now not an add-on to your group who can solely heal and cry for assist.

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