All 10 Rock Carving Location

Rock Carving in Purple Useless Redemption 2 is weird photos minimize into the mountain panorama. These Rock Carvings present photos that are from the longer term like skyscrapers, nuclear assault and extra. You have to find all 10 Rock Carvings to unlock the Invitation Letter and Previous Brass Compass. Right here is the placement of all 10 Rock Carving in Purple Useless Redemption 2.

Rock Carving Location in RDR2

With a purpose to begin finding all of the Rock Carving, it’s essential to begin the Stranger Quest – ‘Geology for Newcomers’. Head northwest of Strawberry to satisfy a person named Francis Sinclair. He’ll present you the close by location of all ten rock cravings. When you attain any of those 10 places, study the craving then go to the submit workplace to ship your findings. When you full the hunt you’ll unlock the Ravenclaw Talisman, accessible from any Fence.

Observe: The Craving are at all times discovered on the aspect of an enormous rock

Rock Carving 1: Go Northwest of Flatiron Station. CHcek the cliff southwest of Horseshoe Overlook.

Rock Carving 2: Verify the height of Mount Shannon. Subsequent to the primary “T” in “WEST ELIZABETH” in your map.

Rock Carving 3: Once more in West Elizabeth, test the rocky ledge close to the water, within the southwest nook of Owanjila Lake.

Rock Carving 4: On the peak of Mount Hagen within the Grizzlies West area.

Rock Carving 5: The north of the bridge at Whinyard Strait, in Ambarino.

Rock Carving 6: Head North of Fort Wallace, and test the “B” and “S” of “BACCHUS STATION” in your map.

Rock Carving 7: Within the west Cumberland, Forest space search for a rope bridge crossing the Dakota River. Verify the rock carving is on a ledge.

Rock Carving 8: Simply south of Moonstone Pond, test the rocky ledge above the Heartland Overflow.

Rock Carving 9: Go to New Hanover and go to the japanese shore of Elysian Pond.

Rock Carving 10: On a rocky tiered ledge east of Deer Cottage, North of Annesburg.

Rewards for submitting Rock Carving to Francis Sinclair:

1 Rock Carving: Kentucky Bourbon, $10
5 Rock Carvings: Rock Statue (Promote)
10 Rock Carvings: Invitation Letter, Previous Brass Compass

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