Among Us Polus Map Guide

Among the many three maps, Polus is the largest, as an imposter you need to know all vent areas to maneuver quick. Here’s a information on the best way to keep away from getting caught as an imposter in Amongst Us on Polus.

Polus is the largest map on Amongst Us. There’s a varied job and among the many group of gamers, the imposter will get sufficient room to hold out his killing. If you realize the place all of the vents are situated you possibly can quietly perform all of your actions with out getting discover and win the matches. Ideas on this Amongst Us Polus Map information is relevant to each single and two imposter map. The facility of the imposter is lesser in comparison with the group, getting observed by any member is all the time a danger. So how you progress quick and perform your job.

Understanding the important thing areas of the map is among the keys to outlive in Amongst Us. If you’re enjoying on Polus then listed here are the issues you need to know. Additionally if you wish to know extra about all Polus Job then now we have a special devoted information for a similar.

Amongst Us Polus Map Key Areas – Vent Areas

On Polus, you’ll have to discover the outer and interior areas. This put a number of areas to cowl between rooms. If you’re the imposter then there generally is a danger which you could get simply noticed by different gamers. With over 15 rooms Polus is quiet an enormous artic base Amongst Us. With doorways and there are twelve vents on Polus. All of them are interconnected and generally is a key space for an imposter to journey round. The under picture has the situation of each vent on the Polus Map.

Among Us Polus Vent Locations

Among Us Polus Vent Locations

The primary picture above is the vent areas on Polus and the second picture is the connectivity between these vents. A few of them are interconnected permitting you to journey amongst completely different rooms on the artic base. Click on the picture to view a full high-resolution picture of the vent. The second subsequent to that exhibits the connection of all vents. By protecting the situation of the vent in your thoughts you possibly can quietly slip by completely different rooms with out getting observed. If you’re a brand new imposter in Amongst Us then the above Polus Map screenshots will enable you to.

The right way to play on Polus Map if I’m a brand new imposter?

If you’re a brand new imposter and overwhelmed with the variety of rooms on Polus there are some tips you possibly can strive. Enjoying a bunch of 8 to 10 is widespread, the problem is as a result of giant dimension lifeless physique is reported immediately. Additionally, folks will attempt to vote you out in the event that they get suspicious. Listed here are some Polus Map novices ideas you need to always remember.

  1. Don’t journey alone, be with somebody. It is a helpful tip for others additionally who doesn’t need to get killed.
  2. Decontamination rooms can seal you off, you don’t want to get caught with an imposter in it. Quite the opposite, it’s a helpful room for an imposter.
  3. Keep in mind the vent areas, they’re extremely necessary and saves a number of time. An imposter can immediately be part of an emergency assembly by passing by vent convincing he is an efficient man.
  4. Vent is one of the simplest ways to peek by completely different rooms. Watch out for the digicam, however in case you kill somebody close to a vent you possibly can rapidly disappear earlier than anybody finds the physique.
  5. Hold a watch on job, don’t chase folks in case you are an imposter. Present your self you’re doing one thing.

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By following the above ideas and referring to the pictures you possibly can simply conquer Polus Map in Amongst Us. Need to take a look at extra ideas and tips, shortcuts, and professional ideas then examine ours Amongst Us Wiki part.

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