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An Extraordinary Man Trophy Information

An Extraordinary Man
Full the Encyclopedia of the Widespread Man.

First you will need to full the entire Homestead missions with the intention to recruit each out there employee to your Homestead. To finish this trophy, you have to to achieve no less than Sequence 6, the place Achilles provides you a quest to “scan” the employees while they carry out three numerous actions associated to their occupation. Merely goal them with L1 for a few seconds and the entry for that individual exercise must be added to the Encyclopedia. Under is a whole record of Homestead residents, designated by their jobs and in-game icon initials, and the duties it’s essential file each doing.

Blacksmith (Da):

  • Sharpening an axe on a grindstone
  • Becoming horseshoes
  • Utilizing the furnace
  • Repairing a wagon wheel

Physician (Ly):

  • Tending to the herbs behind his home
  • Studying on a tree stump
  • Enjoying bowls with one of many lumberers

Farmers (Pr & Wa):

  • Ploughing the sector
  • Milking a cow
  • Slicing wheat
  • Pouring grain

Huntress (My):

  • Cleansing her musket
  • Spit roasting an animal
  • Firing her musket on the hunt
  • Opening a bear entice

Innkeepers (Ol & Co):

  • Slicing meat
  • Turning the spit roast
  • Pitching hay with a fork
  • Watching the livestock grind wheat
  • Whipping a bull

Lumberers (Te & Go):

  • Each males sawing wooden with a big noticed
  • Chopping wooden collectively
  • Loading wooden onto a wagon

“I had the toughest time ready for the lumberers to each use the noticed for my last scan of them, however you’ll be able to scan his spouse (Di) utilizing the butter churn as one” – Due to Bsfoerwgho for the tip.

Miner (No):

  • Lighting a lamp on the mine entrance
  • Mining with a pickaxe contained in the mine
  • Panning for gold within the river

Tailor (El):

  • Analyzing a chair
  • Washing garments
  • Taking a costume measurement
  • Stitching in a chair

Woodworker (La):

  • Checking the fence
  • Sanding a plank of wooden
  • Sanding a chair
  • Writing within the logbook whereas doing an audit

You’ll be able to all the time verify within the logbook to see which actions you’ve already scanned. If you’re lacking any by the top of the sport, go to a metropolis or experience across the frontier in your horse for a couple of minutes and return to the Homestead to see if the residents you want are performing another actions.

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