Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – The Blood Fever Quest Walkthrough

The Blood Fever Quest Walkthrough

Given by: Phoebe.

Reward: expertise factors.

After she is rescued from the fingers of the abductors, Phoebe (see the storyline quest ‘’Debt Collector’’) will transfer to the territory of Marcos’ winery. Discuss to the lady to search out out about her worries – a horrible epidemic broke out in a close-by village, and Phoebe’s pal is amongst those that are contaminated.

Having promised Phoebe to cope with the issue, go to Kausos, a small city on the western facet of the island. After getting arrived on the website, you’ll discover that every thing was burned down because the authorities tried to deal with the fever. A few troopers present care to the remaining sick folks.

Discuss to the priest who’s attempting to steer the residents – in accordance with him, there isn’t any hope to defeat the sickness, and Kephallonia might solely be saved if these harmless folks die. You have got a proper to disagree with him, however this choice will result in a struggle with three opponents directly.

Having gained within the struggle – attempt to maintain all enemies in sight and block their assaults – you’ll earn the gratitude of the rescued residents and Phoebe, in addition to an opportunity to get some cash. If you want, you may refuse the financial reward because the protagonist has already demonstrated the wonders of compassion.

Your act of mercy is not going to go unnoticed by the world of Murderer’s Creed Odyssey. After just a few hours of gameplay, the hero might be notified that due to his actions, Kephallonia is affected by an epidemic that started in Kausos. Good deeds don’t at all times result in good penalties.

When you resolve to go away the contaminated inhabitants to their destiny – they won’t survive the assembly with the blades of priest’s assistants however will even be unable to unfold the illness – Alexios/Kassandra should clarify the choice to Phoebe. No matter choices you select within the dialogue along with her, the lady will take this life lesson like an grownup.

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