Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – The Long Game Quest Walkthrough

The Lengthy Sport Quest Walkthrough

In a villa in direction of the south-west of Elis, on the island of Olympia, you’ll discover that somebody has been at work killing the residents. Examine the realm, paying specific consideration to the kitchen the place the hamper is, the desk within the kitchen with the greens, and a word within the pantry behind the kitchen. With the proof wanted, exit of the villa into the primary road and switch proper. Within the villa that you just’ll see there, you’ll discover the service provider you’re in search of. After some intimidation, he’ll reveal the placement of the antidote, so go to Fort Koroibos. That is within the north-eastern a part of the Elis area and is closely guarded, although the antidote is in a small hut excessive up close to the braiser, in a small treasure chest. Return to Alkibiades to provide him the antidote.

Rewards: 23,625 XP.

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