Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – The Road to Symposium Walkthrough

The Street to Symposium

Welcome to Athens

  • After talking with Herodotos, sail throughout the ocean to achieve Athens.
  • After docking, name your horse & meet Herodotos within the Pnyx.
  • A cutscene with Perikles & Kleon will provoke when you attain the Pnyx.
  • Discuss to Perikles after he finishes his speech.
  • Perikles provides you with three quests to complete earlier than you get invited to his symposium – these might be performed in any order.

Reward +6400 XP.

A Venomous Encounter

Go to the indicated home. It would become stuffed with snakes – use your bow to get rid of the risk and free Metiochos Now go to the home of the attackers – there, you additionally should kill the snakes. After you get rid of them, search the realm. Look at vipers’ corpses, the useless physique hidden behind the tree, and the letter on the highest ground of the constructing.

A gaggle of hostiles will then present up. It’s a must to pressure them to let you know the reality concerning the assaults. Subsequent, it’s a must to resolve whether or not to kill them or not. Both manner, you’ll obtain the knowledge on the placement the place yow will discover the individual ordering the assaults. Go there and kill the person. Return to Metiochos and inform him about all the things. This manner, you obtain +4900 XP.

Escape from Athens

Go to Phidias. In entrance of the door, you’ll meet a guard who doesn’t wish to allow you to in. You may assault him or pay 500 drachmas to not interrupt you breaking in. In the event you bribe him, he’ll seem in a while and attempt to kill you.

Discuss to Phidias and resolve whether or not it’s time to go away Athens. Go to the docks to the rendezvous level and speak to the person. Whether it is nonetheless daytime, wait till the night and collectively go to the boat.

It’s a must to attain the Seriphos island. In your manner, enemy ships will assault you. We suggest you keep away from them and don’t hassle to have interaction. Go on to the island and go away the person there to obtain 8250 XP.


  • Transfer into town and meet with Perikles’s contact.
  • While you end the cutscene, journey to the Logismos Constructing within the Agora.
  • Sneak round & steal the votes from the 2 vote containers yow will discover within the neighborhood.
  • After stealing the votes, make your manner again to Perikles’s contact.
  • The cutscene will provoke and also you’ll meet Sokrates.

Sneak In To Exchange The Votes

You don’t must confront the troopers in the home to exchange the votes. Merely sneak in & substitute them when guards aren’t trying.

Reward 7500 XP.

Perikles’s Symposium

Upon finishing all quests, return to Perikles’s home. In spite of everything cutscenes, you’ll begin two new quests: Drink Up and Oil and Love.

Perikles’s Symposium – continued

Discuss to Socrates. After some time, Aspasia will present up. Discuss to her after which go upstairs to speak to Perikles. Return downstairs and go away the symposium to complete this quest.

At this level, you full one other chapter of the journey – forward of you is a brand new chapter, a for much longer one that gives a type of non-linearity when it comes to deciding on the order of finishing consecutive duties.

Drink Up

You will see Sophokles in one of many rooms. He’ll ask you to take the wine and ply Euripides with it. Agree – speak to the lady subsequent to you and take the wine. Subsequent, go to the principle corridor and encourage your goal to maintain ingesting wine. Return to Sophokles and inform him concerning the incident to finish this quest and earn 7500 XP.

Oil and Love

Go to one of many rooms to seek out Alkibiades who’s in the course of having intercourse and can ask you to carry him oil. You could find it within the room with wine / Sophokles. Return to the person with a drink – if you would like, your character can begin romancing with Alkibiades. Discuss to him to complete this quest and earn 7500 XP.

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