Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – The Serpent’s Lair Walkthrough

The Serpent’s Lair Walkthrough

Discuss to Herodotos concerning the Cult of Kosmos. Then go downstairs within the disguise of a cultist. Your quest is to speak to the cultists and collect clues concerning the scale of their actions. There are a number of minor selections awaiting you, resembling whether or not to punish one of many cultists or to sacrifice one’s blood – however they don’t have an effect on the course of occasions in any means. Some proof may be present in separate components of the cave while you stroll on the water.

Lastly, Deimos will seem, who isn’t any apart from the brother/sister of the primary character. The chosen one will attempt to detect the spy. After the cutscene, go outdoors and discuss with Herodotos about the entire incident and the search will finish. You’re going to get +4625 XP. Additionally, you will unlock a brand new recreation mechanics – you’ll be able to observe and get rid of particular person members of the Cult of Kosmos. This has been mentioned on separate pages of our information.

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