Atlas Basic Starter Guide (Tips for Beginners)

The world of Atlas is a big, harmful place filled with alternative, conquest, collapse, journey, friendship, betrayal, wrestle, loss and wonderful battles. In Atlas you’re going to have the ability to command a large commerce community, see the world, chart its seas: defeat enemies and uncover their secrets and techniques with a view to rule over an unlimited empire.

Relative Bearing

Whereas most ship navigations don’t observe destructive bearings, for the simplicity of this sport, this information will observe the bearings supplied in-game.

That is what the bearings seem like in sport:

It’s best to use this methodology when the ship you’re recognizing is much away as easy callouts usually are not sufficient to provide a exact callout.

Understanding Bearings

What are relative bearings used for?
Relative bearings are used to exactly “callout” ships, islands, … and mosters. This methodology of calling out is used to provide data to your crew.

It’s possible you’ll use different sorts of callouts like clock place or cardinal instructions however relative bearings are extra exact when referring to long-range targets.

Find out how to use it
To make use of these bearings, you must encompass the ship with the bearings:

The nostril of the ship is 0 and the again of the ship is 180.

When opening your bearings to recollect the bearings, ensure to take a look at the nostril of your ship. The bearing 0 must be alligned with the nostril of your ship.

It is very important callout from the angle of the “captain” to stop innacuracies. In different phrases, the wheel/helm:

Performing the callout
*Preserve word that the next footage usually are not in scale and the ships must be interpreted as in the event that they have been inside lengthy distances from one another.

Within the image above, the bearing to callout could be “between 112.5 and 135”. You may additionally say 112.5 for the simplicity of it.

This bearings within the image above is 67.5


When you spawn, your most important objective as a brand new participant must be to stroll out of the city you simply spawned in and begin harvesting sources. You will get Plant Fibers by harvesting bushes, wooden by punching bushes and stone by punching rocks. Do word that punching bushes and rocks will harm your well being so that you’d higher craft each Axe and Pickaxe as quickly as attainable.

You’ll be able to entry your stock by urgent the “I” button. As talked about earlier than, the primary belongings you’ll wish to craft are the Stone Decide, the Stone Hatchet and all the Material Armor. So as to take action, you’ll first must degree up — the quickest strategy to degree up and acquire expertise is simply to kill an animal on the shore (keep away from birds when you don’t have a weapon) or when you favor the sluggish method, harvest sources. After leveling up head over to the ability tree and put a degree into “The Fundamentals” ability which is able to allow you to construct the instruments important to your survival. Though the Material Armor retains your temperature up for longer, you need to actually contemplate crafting a torch and campfire with a view to keep heat, cook dinner meat and see through the night-time.

Vital crafting recipes

  • Stone Decide – 2 Fibers, 6 Stone, 6 Wooden
  • Stone Hatchet – 15 Fibers, 3 Flint, 1 Stone and three Wooden
  • Spear – 14 Fibers, 3 Flint, 12 Wooden

Notice that objects have sturdiness, you’ll usually end up in want of repairing Picks and Hatchets — you are able to do so in your stock by proper clicking the merchandise and urgent restore. Repairing will value you sources, however lower than when you crafted the merchandise from scratch. Spears are inclined to brake actually fast (after killing 1 monster) so ensure it’s sturdiness is at all times crammed.

Fundamental Supplies

There’s going to be fairly just a few crucial fundamental sources that you simply’ll wish to purchase on the primary island you spawn: Wooden, Thatch, Stone, Flint, Conceal, Meat, Fruit, Fish and Coal.

Wooden could be gathered by punching Bushes with both your fingers or a instrument reminiscent of Decide or Hatchet. Harvesting from Bushes utilizing a Hatchet will offer you extra sources. Wooden is utilized in a excessive share of recipes so ensure you’ve at all times obtained plenty of it.

Thatch could be gathered from Bushes through the use of a Decide or Hatchet.

Stone could be gathered by punching Rocks along with your fingers or a Decide/Hatchet. Harvesting Stone with a Decide will web you extra Stone so at all times use your Pickaxe you probably have one. Stone is a a lot wanted useful resource so at all times have sufficient of it saved in your stock.

Flint could be gathered from Rocks solely through the use of a instrument.

Coal could be gathered from Rocks solely by harvesting with a Stone Decide.

Meat could be harvested from useless animals — you’ll need a number of it with a view to hold your Protein nutritional vitamins up.

Conceal is a a lot wanted crafting useful resource for objects and a few gear and even constructions, you may get it from animals.

Fruit – there are plenty of variants of fruits, it doesn’t matter which of them you get so long as you may hold your Fruit nutritional vitamins up.

Fish meat could be acquired from killing Fish which roam the seas. Kill the fish underneath water, deliver it to the floor and harvest components from it by punching it with a instrument. Fish meat is slightly bit onerous to get as a result of you may get attacked by Sharks while you’re diving underneath water in seek for meals.

Well being

Like in different video games just like Atlas, the Character Well being system is sure to provide you plenty of troubles. There are plenty of Well being points to look out for however the fundamental Well being Stats are Nutritional vitamins, Load, Hydration, Hungriness, Stamina and Well being Factors.

Nutritional vitamins are divided into 4 varieties: Fruit (Orange bar), Greens (Mild Inexperienced bar), Fish (Teal bar) and Proteins (Purple bar). You’ll be able to refill your Vitamin bar by consuming one of many respective meals however do not forget that overfilling any of your Vitamin bars will make you sick and you’ll begin to take Well being Level injury so watch out and be environment friendly with meals consumption. Fruits could be acquired from harvesting bushes, Greens from little crops (commonest is Rice), Proteins from useless island Animals and Fish meat from useless fish — which you’ll hunt underneath water.

Load – nothing particular about this one, it simply signifies how a lot stuff you’re carrying in your stock.

Hydration is essential as water could be onerous to get early on. You will get water by digging in moist dust along with your fingers or a Shovel or by consuming it from a FRESHWATER lake.

Hungriness can be a vital indicator as a result of when you turn into too hungry you’re going to begin shedding HP. Counteract this by consuming any of the beforehand talked about Vitamin meals.

Stamina signifies how a lot power you’ve gotten for doing actions reminiscent of operating.

Well being Factors – if these go all the way down to 0 you’re useless, you may lose these by getting hit, having any of the beforehand talked about indicators at low.

There are additionally quite a lot of Well being associated points you’re most actually going to run into reminiscent of shedding oxygen (whenever you’re diving) or sunburnsfrom being on the solar for too lengthy (if this occurs simply run right into a shade).

Meat could be cooked by inserting uncooked meat within the Campfire together with some wooden after which urgent the sunshine up campfire button.


Arguably an important a part of the Atlas sport. The Atlas Talent tree will offer you necessities for survival however beware, there are many totally different Abilities one can concentrate on, so you’ll have to watch out with selecting which of them to take. The Atlas ability tree is really large, filled with particular feats that offer you new powers, abilities, an enormous variety of craftable objects: swords and shields, firearms, cannons, ships, meals and recipes, constructions, ammo and plenty of extra and this Atlas MMO Recreation Final Newbie Information will assist you select the strongest ability tree keypoints.

The easiest way to begin an Atlas ability construct for newbies is certainly by inserting factors into the Survivability tab — The Fundamentals, Instruments of the Commerce and Development. These will offer you all the most vital early sport recipes. After that, deal with Superior instruments and Archery or Hand to Hand Fight relying on which kind of playstyle you want. Water Keeper and Fundamental Water Swimming are additionally actually good so you probably have sufficient factors, seize them. While you do take a sure survivability perk you’ll unlock various kinds of Talent Bushes and since there are such a lot of you will be unable to take all of them so it’s clever to play in a bunch and let sure gamers concentrate on sure fields so you’ve gotten devoted folks for cooking, combating and setting up for instance.

If you wish to construct your very personal Ship, you’ll want the Shipwright Talent underneath the Seamanship Talent Tree.

Keep in mind

You’ll be able to reset your stats and abilities utilizing an icon within the stock, so don’t be afraid to experiment with a view to discover the strongest Atlas MMO construct to your character.

Character Stats

There’s a whole of 8 Character stats: Well being, Stamina, Meals, Water, Oxygen, Fortitude, Weight and Intelligence.

Well being is in my view an important Character Stat and you need to a number of factors into it — particularly when you intend to do PvP Ship raids.

Stamina is situational, which means it is determined by what sort of content material you’re aiming to do.

Meals I might advise towards inserting plenty of stat factors into it as a result of when you’re a critical participant you MUST have consumption-ready meals in your stock always.

Water is an effective factor to stat into since you would possibly generally end up dehydrated.

Oxygen solely good when you plan on diving rather a lot.

Fortitude grants you extra protection.

Intelligence – self explanatory.

Weight – helps you to carry extra objects in your stock (Load stat).

The perfect character stat construct is clearly to place quantity of factors into all the stats that you simply suppose are needed relying in your playstyle (PvP or PvE) after which max out your Well being.


Atlas MMO is a celebration centered sport. Everybody loves enjoying in a celebration and you need to too! A celebration (named firm in Atlas) could be made by inviting a participant to your Firm. Having a number of buddies in your Firm will let you’ve gotten totally different folks specialised in numerous Talent Tree fields which lets you simply declare lands and destroy your opponents. While commanding a ship is feasible with solely your self (you may rent A.I. bots in your ship) it’s at all times preferable to have buddies who can have your again and it’ll be far more enjoyable for everybody.

While you assemble a celebration, discover an island and make it your personal. You are able to do so by urgent the F1 key and inserting a Flag which is able to begin claiming the land round you. So long as no one owns the land you’re attempting to say the method can be computerized (in any other case you must kill them) and also you simply should be within the space across the flag whereas it captures the land. Claiming an space will enable you and your crew to construct no matter you need on it.

The principle objective for you and your crew must be to construct a small base — shipyard so you may construct a ship and having buddies to assist pace up the method is neat.

Find out how to Get a Raft

Questioning get your first boat in Atlas so you may exit onto the seas? Try this information to learn the way to get a raft in Atlas. Now you may go away noob island and set sail to your personal non-public paradise.

A Raft goes to be your most important method of trying to find new Islands for a very long time earlier than you may afford to get a Ship.

In an effort to construct (craft) a Raft you’ll want to seek out the Shipyardsman on the Docks of the City that’s located on the coast of the Island you spawned on.

The Raft Blueprint for Raft crafting will value you 75 Fibers, 20 Conceal and 80 Wooden so technique to get a Raft as fast as attainable is to replenish on plenty of Fibers and Wooden early on.

While you purchase a Raft, the very first thing to do is put a Campfire and Mattress on it so to save your place, when you die you’ll respawn on the Raft– close to the mattress.

It is strongly recommended that each one that boards your Raft carries no less than 20 Fish and Animal Meat, 50 Fruit, 50 Wild Greens and 5 Full Waterskins and has no less than degree 5.

In case you wish to make Storage Bins to avoid wasting provides and objects in a single place, you are able to do so by unlocking Development Mercantilism self-discipline out of your Talent Tree.

To start out crusing with the Raft, you’ll must press “E” to open the Sail management menu. There are 5 choices: Rotate Sails (you may choose at which diploma to open the sail, this controls your motion rotation), Absolutely open All Sails, Open All Sails, Shut All Sails and Absolutely Shut All Sails.

While you’re controlling a Raft you’ll discover the boat icon within the prime proper of your display screen. The inexperienced is positioning of the Raft sails and route your Raft is heading and the white arrow is wind route.

Crusing through a Raft goes to be very harmful for you as a result of any Pirates that may be close to you’ll simply annihilate your Raft with cannons so tip is to at all times be cautious and keep away from Pirate Ships when you may.

Pirate Ships

After you get far-off out of your beginning island and journey into the open sea you’ll begin to see many Pirate Ships. These are actually harmful as a result of in the event that they determine to hit you and also you’re on a Raft — you’re useless. You’ll be able to craft and command you personal ship but it surely takes plenty of sources to craft a Ship, particularly Wooden.

Pirate Ships at all times have a commander, a set of people that do issues across the Ship and fighters that management the Cannons. In the event you shouldn’t have different folks, you too can rent A.I. gamers to manage the Cannons for you.

When Ships get destroyed they’ll drop merchandise crates into the Sea which you’ll then declare. These crates can usually have issues reminiscent of Gold and sources so they’re an incredible factor to choose up when you’ve simply began out crusing in your Raft and don’t have anything.

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