Atlas How to Save an Atlas Character Preset

Tips on how to save an Atlas Character Preset

You spend an hour creating your excellent character in Atlas after which for no matter purpose it’s a must to restart the sport. Bye-bye character preset!

I’m going to point out you methods to save your preset in order that when dangerous issues occur you need to use your outdated preset in a brand new recreation!

  • 1st Make a shortcut to your ATLAS listing in “This half is totally different to your location/steamspps/frequent/ listing.“
  • 2nd Make your new preset (or use your outdated one for those who made it and didn’t erase it) and bear in mind its title!
  • third Navigate to “Atlas/ShooterGame/Saved/SavedAtlasLocal”, and replica the file “YourProfileName.arkcharactersetting” file.
  • 4th Save the copy to a secure location.

Now methods to use it:

  • If you begin a brand new recreation save a preset with the identical profile title you used earlier than. Then ALT-TAB out of Atlas and replica your unique Preset and paste it to “Atlas/ShooterGame/Saved/SavedAtlasLocal”.
  • It can overwrite your new preset together with your outdated character.
  • ALT-TAB again to Atlas and cargo your preset. You’re accomplished.
  • Your outdated character is reborn and able to play.

A phrase of warning: Don’t attempt to use a male preset to make a feminine character!

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