Baldur’s Gate 3 Find The Nightsong Walkthrough

Discover The Nightsong Walkthrough

Discover The Nightsong Targets

  • A Wizard in Baldur’s Gate is providing an enormous sum of cash to anybody who brings him the ‘Nightsong’.
  • The Nightsong is in some type of temple. It should be within the goblin camp.
  • One of many adventurers, the dwarf Brian, has a map resulting in the Nighsong. Nevertheless, he was killed by goblins on the temple.

Discover The Nightsong Walkthrough

  • The Defiled Temple is situated inside Goblin Camp. If you wish to attain there peacefully, you could use tadpole’s psionic energy, get Sazza to vouch for you (Quest Save the Goblin Sazza), move the Deception (15)/ Nature (10) / Intimidation (15) checks and obey the goblin’s instructions, or sneak your manner in.
  • To unravel the puzzle in Defiled Temple, dealing with in direction of the damaged statue on the bottom, then work together with the panels within the following order: Prime, Left, Proper, Proper, Backside, Backside, Backside, Left, Left, Proper, Proper, Left, Prime, Left, Prime, Prime, Prime, Left, Left, Left, Proper, Prime, Prime, Prime, Proper, Proper, Proper, Prime, Proper. (See the embedded video in case you want additional assist)

Defiled Temple Puzzle Information

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