Baldur’s Gate 3 Hunt The Devil Walkthrough


  • Kill Karlach’s Hunters
  • Kill Karlach
  • Kill Anders

Hunt The Satan Walkthrough

  • You discovered a wounded Tiefling at The Risen Highway, you agree to assist her cope with the hunters. (Persuasion test wanted)
  • The hunters talked about by Karlach seems to be a gaggle of tyr’s paladins, yow will discover them within the toll home on the north. If you happen to solid the Communicate with Useless spell on the lifeless refugee. You’ll Be taught that they’re really servants of Zariel.
  • Kill Anders and report back to Karlach. (It’s possible you’ll place your character on excessive grounds and use sneak assault to achieve some benefit. Anders has a Uncommon Two-handed sword on him. Facet with Karlach offers you 200xp, when you facet with Hunters you get 75xp with no further loot)
  • Within the basement of Tollhouse, you discovered the physique of a lifeless tax-collector, together with traps and valuables. Place some object on the vents, and let two of your teammates to sat on the stone chairs will unlock the hidden room. You’ll find a +1 Greataxe inside.
  • Karlach warns you that Zariel, the Archduchess of Avernus will ship extra hunters for you.

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