Baldur’s Gate 3 Search The Cellar Walkthrough


  • Discover the Necromancer’s E-book
  • (Optionally available) Destroy the traditional tome
  • (Optionally available) Unlock the traditional tome

Search The Cellar Walkthrough

Contained in the physician’s basement, there’s a hidden lever behind three chests. Pull it to disclose the hidden passage behind the bookshelf.

To open this mirror, you want to make it consider you might be an ally of its grasp. Inform it you despise Szass Tam (A legendary lich and chief of Crimson Wizard of Thay.), and also you search survival and energy. When you give the incorrect reply, this mirror will ship an exploding assemble to destroy you.

Behind this mirror, you discover the necromancer’s lab, learn his observe to begin the hunt. The ebook is positioned on an altar behind a locked door. Watch out if you take it, the door can be locked once more and two fireball entice can be activated (stress delicate). Lockpick the door and run as quickly as you bought that ebook, or put another object on the panel to deactivate the entice.

Now you will want the Darkish Amethyst to open the tome, it may be present in Whispering Depth. There are 2 methods to enter this space. Both by utilizing the effectively in Blighted Village, or via the basement of the home on the fitting of the village entrance gate.

(Break the wall to enter the Whispering Depth.)

You should utilize your rogue to sneak in and get the Darkish Amethyst, or combat your manner there. (Be very cautious if you discover this space, there’s Part Spider Matriarch close to the waypoint. Defeat her and you may get Prisoner’s Gown )

Earlier than you open the ebook (right-click and choose to placed on Darkish Amethyst), solid divination steerage for higher outcomes and save the sport. You will have to move a number of Knowledge checks to complete studying. (Grants exp and Communicate with Lifeless spell)

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