Baldur’s Gate 3 Spider Matriarch Boss Guide

Spider Matriarch Boss Information

The spider is situated proper exterior of the Blighted Village waypoint on the backside of the properly.

The one greatest piece of recommendation for the combat forward is to avoid wasting, and save usually.

There’s one combat encounter earlier than you’ll be able to enterprise additional into the caves the place the spider matriarch is. Now, there are a number of components which may also help you on this combat.

First, acquiring an invisibility potion and stalking round destroying the egg clutches scattered throughout the realm will stop her from spawning her spider kids which might then be unable to gnaw off your face.

Should you don’t stop these demon spider infants from coming alive then the combat turns into way more difficult in managing the numerous mobs however fortunately they are often simply handled by pushing them off the ledge after an assault (in the event you’re occasion doesn’t managed to get overwhelmed earlier than that occuring).

The spiders launch an AOE poison ranged assault which could be devastating to your adventures after they’re all grouped collectively very like a teenage influencer throwing a celebration throughout covid.

The opposite issue on this combat which makes it troublesome is the spider’s capability to part teleport to you, shortly closing the hole and debuffing your ranged adventurers because of their shut proximity.

Nonetheless, regardless of these disadvantages we do have a strong device on this combat. The spiders particularly the matriarch likes to situate herself on high of the net bridges. Destroying these bridges with any 4+ harm assault will destroy them and deal a hefty quantity of fall harm. One bridge specifically could be destroyed and the spider will fall down a chasm, dropping the flexibility to loot her however profitable the combat for you group.

As soon as defeated the boss drops the Poisoner’s Gown which grants Poison Trails, when the wearer casts a spell that offers poison harm it offers an extra 1d4 poison.

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