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Asuryani Ships

Battlegroup of the Craftworld Biel-Tan crossing the empty void of area.

“My solely remaining pleasure is to deliver dying to the enemies of my Craftworld.”
-Lord-Phoenix Ironstorm, Spirit-Warrior of the Biel-Tan Craftworld

On this part I’ll define all ships of the Asuryani on the disposal to the gamers. I can’t be together with photos of those vessels as that may be far to time consuming and I’ll solely be giving very temporary descriptions of them, not an inventory of each stat they’ve. As gamers you’ll be able to look extra into these stats by creating your individual fleet and looking out on the info offered for each ship.

I can’t be organizing ships I record right here by their classification or class. Whereas that is an environment friendly approach to record them for a sport, I believe a greater approach to visualize these will probably be to catagorize them by their weapons preparations and their perspective roles inside your fleet. Ships will probably be listed from this class farther from prime to backside by level values.

To additional reveal this level, because of the prevelance of how good torpedoes are inside this faction, I will probably be organizing ships by their secondary armaments quite than their primaries as that is now extra choice primarily based. The secondary weapons may even decide the playstyle used for a ship extra so than its main weapons, a service is not going to behave the identical means a ship carrying torpedoes will. Whereas lascannons and pulsars will all must be shot on the enemy whereas dealing with them.

The ships on this faction was extra one sided of their choice because of the synergy between “Spirit Stone Focusing on Node” (which used to use to all ships) and the “Runic Focusing on Node” stance. Due to the nerf to this faction, all ships now have a task and fleet constructing/principle crafting now have a spot once more. Earlier than, gamers would merely spam lascannons as a result of it was a lot simpler.


Escorts serve the aim of being viable scouts and ships to seize zones with. Additionally they function “filler” factors inside a fleet within the case that factors are leftover however there aren’t sufficient to buy one other line ship. These vessels merely increase the fleet by offering further firepower, excessive velocity, and scouting potential.


  • Class: Destroyer
  • Value: 79 factors
  • Function: Lance Patrol Craft

A straightforward ship to grasp, this ship could be very quick and lightweight. The holofields that the Asuryani have additionally make it very sturdy for scouting roles.

Shard Shadowhunter

  • Class: Destroyer
  • Value: 85 factors
  • Function: Lascannon Patrol Craft

This ship is precisely the identical in each approach to the Shadowhunter, aside from its weapon array. As a substitute of getting a lance it has 3 lascannons. On condition that escorts don’t actually contribute excessive quantities of injury to engagements, I might merely say get whichever one of many two escorts your fleet has factors for.


The ships on this position have traded away their torpedoes for launch bays to accommodate fighters, bombers, and boarding craft. Due to the utility provided by carriers they typically needs to be refrained from the first engagement as a lot as doable to get probably the most use out of them. Nonetheless, given the premium price that’s normally related to Aeldari vessels and the quick ranged nature of their weapons, they nonetheless should contribute to the struggle with the intention to obtain victory. Be very cautious about puting these ships in harms means.

Ghost Wraithship

  • Class: Mild Cruiser
  • Value: 206 factors
  • Function: Mid-Vary Mild Service
  • Launch Bays: 2

That is the smallest and least expensive service out there to the faction. For those who evaluate the price of this ship to the most cost effective carriers from different factions you will note that there’s a literal value you pay merely for enjoying the Aeldari. The ships weapons (lascannons) and launch bays each work with the “Reload” stance very nicely.

Moonray Wraithship

  • Class: Mild Cruiser
  • Value: 210 factors
  • Function: Mid-Vary Mild Service
  • Launch Bays: 2

The Moonray is a clone copy of the cheaper Ghost Wraithship besides it adjustments out its lascannons for pulsars. These weapons will ship their injury in a shorter burst however is not going to be affected by the “Reload” stance which most carriers wish to use.

Ghost Dragonship

  • Class: Cruiser
  • Value: 295 factors
  • Function: Mid-Vary Service
  • Launch Bays: 2

The Dragonships are merely the larger variations of Wraithships by shifting up in ship tonnage. These ships are extra sturdy and carry extra firepower on the expense of velocity and manuverability. Resulting from an absence of getting a second photo voltaic sail, this ship doesn’t endure a discount in velocity just like the Wraithships if its sails are destroyed.

Moonray Dragonship

  • Class: Cruiser
  • Value: 285 factors
  • Function: Mid-Vary Service
  • Launch Bays: 2

This ship is a clone of the Ghost Dragonship however trades its lascannons for pulsars. Curiously this ship recieves a lower in factors whereas doing this in comparison with the Moonray Wraithship which recieves a rise in price. Once more, pulsars aren’t affected by the “Reload” stance. Resulting from an absence of getting a second photo voltaic sail, this ship doesn’t endure a discount in velocity just like the Wraithships if its sails are destroyed.

Phoenix Ship

  • Class: Battle Cruiser
  • Value: 420 factors
  • Function: Mid-Vary Heavy Service
  • Launch Bays: 2

That is the biggest ship out there to the Asuryani and encompasses a bigger weapons praise whereas shifting on the expectedly slower speeds that comes from being an even bigger ship. As a result of ship not rising the quantity of launch bays it has and the lowered velocity of the ship, I might recommend you cross on this vessel. It will likely be a slower goal that your opponents will eagerly exploit and be far simpler to catch as much as. The purpose price can be a priority as you’ll be able to successfully take two Wraithships for nearly the identical value and get extra fighters out onto the sphere and have them be far tougher for the enemy to catch.

A Hemlock Wraithfighter, one of many best and most terrifying weapons throughout the Aeldari arsenal, performing a strafing run on its goal.

“I deliver solely dying and go away solely corpses.”
-Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshees Jain Zar

Torpedo Craft

The next vessels function the power to make use of torpedoes, arguably the strongest weapon within the Asuryani arsenal. The rationale for that is that these torpedoes fully ignore armor, a full salvo can simply cripple or outright destroy destroy smaller ships whereas bigger ones will probably be devestated by the quantity of injury they will deliver.

Prismatic Wraithship

  • Class: Mild Cruiser
  • Value: 172 factors
  • Function: Mid-Vary Mild Cruiser

This ship is armed with torpedoes and a praise of lascannons. This can be a mild and really efficient ship, simply watch out when utilizing it as it is vitally fragile, particularly given its level price.

Firestorm Wraithship

  • Class: Mild Cruiser
  • Value: 176 factors
  • Function: Mid-Vary Mild Cruiser

This ship is precisely the identical because the Prismatic Wraithship, besides that it switches lascannons for pulsars.

Starfall Dragonship

  • Class: Cruiser
  • Value: 228 factors
  • Function: Mid-Vary Cruiser

What as soon as was the head of Asuryani fleet design and make-up, the Starfall Dragonship was capable of strafe and ship massive quantities of injury earlier than patch 1. Now being a former shell of itself it’s unknown if it should play such a pivotal position once more.

Firestorm Dragonship

  • Class: Cruiser
  • Value: 220 factors
  • Function: Mid-Vary Cruiser

Whereas being a clone to the Starfall Dragonship however having pulsars as an alternative of lascannons, this ship might nicely take over the place the Starfall stood dominant. The reason is that it has good injury output that wasn’t nerfed however really buffed in patch 1 as a result of lance sort weapons getting there vital possibilities doubled.

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