Borderlands 3: Mystical Assault Skill Tree

Ability Identify # of Ranks Description Stats Do Hurt 5 Grants Rush stacks after killing an enemy, that are consumed when utilizing an Motion Ability. Motion Ability Harm is elevated per stack of Rush consumed. Rank 1 – Motion Ability Harm +0.6% per stack, 10 Max Rush Stacks, Period 20 sec Quick Arms 3 Reload Pace, Weapon Swap Pace, and Mode Change Pace are improved. Rank 1 – Reload Pace +4%, Weapon Swap Pace +22%, Mode Change Pace +21% Violent Tapestry 5 Making use of Elemental Results grant Rush Stacks. For each stack of Rush consumed from an Motion Ability, Elemental Impact Likelihood is elevated. Rank 1 – Impact Likelihood +0.6%, 10 Max Rush Stacks, Period 20 sec Alacrity 5 Achieve elevated Reload Pace for each stack of Rush. For each stack of Rush consumed from an Motion Ability, this bonus is elevated. Rank 1 – Reload Pace +0.4% per stack (+0.6% after motion ability), Period 8 sec Transcend 3 Achieve elevated Accuracy and Important Hit Bonus after activating an Motion Ability. Rank 1 – Accuracy +11%, Important Hit Bonus +9%, Period 8 sec Stressed 5 Achieve elevated Motion Ability Cooldown Price. Rank 1 – Cooldown Price +4% Soul Sap (Motion Ability Increase) – A portion of all injury dealt by Motion Expertise is returned to her or close by allies as Well being. Life Steal +30% of Ability injury dealt Reverberation (Motion Ability) – Amara sends ahead an Astral Projection of herself that damages every part in its path. Offers elevated injury for each enemy hit. Harm 116, Harm Bonus +50% per enemy hit, Cooldown 24 sec Ascendant 1 All Motion Ability Augments achieve elevated results. Soul Sap Lifesteal +20%, Attract Radius +100%, Glamour Period +50%, Shiny Star Harm +25%, Stillness of Thoughts breaks 0.75 sec after being broken Stillness of Thoughts (Motion Ability Increase) – Enemies broken by Motion Expertise turns into Phaselocked till they’re broken or period ends, however Motion Ability Cooldown is elevated. If an enemy is the goal of Phasegrasp, close by enemies are additionally Phaselocked. Harm -35%, Max Period 6 sec, Cooldown +15% Deliverance (Motion Ability) – Amara sends ahead an Astral Projection of herself that offers injury to every part in its path. Upon hitting enemies, it releases homing Elemental Projectiles that set off Motion Ability Elemental Impact on enemies. Harm 124, Elemental Projectiles 3 per enemy hit, Cooldown 24 sec From Relaxation 3 Achieve improved Fireplace Price and Cost Time. Rank 1 – Fireplace Price +4%, Cost Time +26% Laid Naked 3 Enemies take elevated injury from all sources after being broken by your Motion Ability. Rank 1 – Harm improve +5%, Period 8 sec Wrath 3 Achieve elevated Gun Harm. Impact is elevated after activating Motion Ability Rank 1 – Gun Harm +3% (+5% after Motion Ability Use), Period 8 sec Remnant 3 Creates a Homing Projectile after killing an enemy with a Gun or Motion Ability, and offers Motion Ability Elemental Harm plus Overkill Harm. Rank 1 – Remnant Harm 33 Awakening 3 Rush stacks achieve elevated effectiveness. Rank 1 – Rush Stack Effectiveness +10% Tandava (Motion Ability) – Amara sends ahead an Astral Projection of herself that explodes when it hits a goal, damaging all close by enemies. Harm: 166, Cooldown 28 sec Avatar 1 Motion Expertise might be activated whereas cooling down. Can solely be used as soon as per accomplished cooldown. Will increase Max Rush Stacks Bonus Rush Stacks +10

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