Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Real Car Names Mod

Construct and increase your restore service empire on this extremely detailed and extremely life like simulation recreation, the place consideration to automobile element is astonishing. Discover traditional, distinctive automobiles within the new Barn Discover module and Junkyard module. You may even add your self-made automobile within the Automobile Editor.

Actual Automobile Names Mod

To put in:
Go to your Automobile Mechanic Simulator 18 folder (Might be executed by right-clicking the sport in steam library > Properties > Native Information > Browse Native Information)
Then go to cms2018_Data > StreamingAssets > Automobiles.

Keep in mind it’s a zip-file, so unpack it earlier than placing it within the Automobiles-folder.
Put all of the folders of the totally different automobiles in right here. When prompted to overwrite, press sure to all.
This may overwrite the file: title.txt, which incorporates the title of the automobile.

Hyperlink to obtain:

Additional Data
The Audi A3 4×4 is a tragic title for the in any other case identified Audi A3 Quattro. If you need this title as an alternative of Audi A3 4×4 in-game, then seek for you MayenM3 folder, then open up config1.txt and exchange carVersionName=4×4 with carVersionName=Quattro.

Be aware: Edit the textfiles with notepad++ or one thing aside from notepad, as notepad can provide formatting errors, that WILL trigger crashes of your recreation. E.g. Black Display screen and so on.

All Automobile Names

Bolt Atlanta – Chevrolet El Camino
Bolt Cape – Chevrolet Bel Air 65′
Bolt Chapman – Oldsmobile Cutlass
Bob Hellcat – Oldsmobile Cutlass 422

Bolthorn Grand Mojave – Jeep Grand Cherokee

Bolt Reptilia – Chevrolet Corvette C3
Bolt Reptilia R2 – Chevrolet Corvette C4
Bolt Rollett – Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Castor Avalanche – Land Rover Vary Rover Evoque Coupe
Castor Earthquake – Ford F-150
Castor Earthquake Rex – Ford Raptor

Chieftrain Bandit – Pontiac Firebird Trans
Chieftrain TBX – Pontiac GTO

DC Storm – Shelby Cobra

Delray Customized – Chevrolet Biscayne
Delray Imperator – Dodge Challenger SRT

Echos Cobra – Dodge Viper

Elenti Callope – Renault Clio II RS

Emden – Lotz – Volkswagen Golf VII

FMW Panther – BMW E46 Coupe
FMW Roadster – BMW Z4 Roadster

Katagiri Katsumoto – Honda Civic Coupe

Luxor Bowen – Cadillac Deville 69′

Mayen M3 – Audi A3 Sedan
Mayen M6 – Audi A6 Avant
Mayen M8 – Audi A8

Mioveni Urs – Dacia Duster

Olsen Grand Membership – Mercedes-Benz GLK

Rino Piccolo – Volkswagen UP

Royale Bianco – Fiat Grande Punto
Royale Crown – Ford Mondeo
Royale GTR – Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Sakura GT20 – Toyota 2000GT
Sakura Moon – Mitsubishi Eclipse

Salem Flamo – Ford Pinto
Salem Kieran – Ford Sierra
Salem Spectre – Ford Mustang
Salem Spectre Fastback – Ford Mustang Fastback

Smith 1500 – Ford F2

Tempest Magnum – Dodge Charger

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