Castle Crashers – Complete Guide

The whole lot in Fort Crashers from Animal Orbs to Meals Gadgets.

Animal Orbs

All of the Animal Orbs the place to seek out them and what they do.

ThunderGodDevo’s favourite Animal Orb is situated within the Insane Retailer buy him for 1100 Gold. Pelter will shoot ice at your Enemies.

Rooster will be present in Medusa’s Lair proper after you beat the primary Enemies there’s a Dig Spot dig up Rooster. Rooster will enhance your Protection, Agility, and Energy.

The Cardinal is situated within the Industrial Fort it may be obtained after defeating the Buffed Brute. Cardinal will provide you with secret objects.

Positioned within the Tall Grass Fields stage blow your Horn on the Horn Signal subsequent to the hut. Hawkster will assault fallen Enemies and produce you Fruit from any useless Enemies.

After acquiring the Key Sword (see weapons) apply it to the locked door within the Animal Ark and stroll in to seek out Beholder. Beholder will increase your Magic energy.

BiPolar Bear
He will be obtained by utilizing the Horn subsequent to the doorway to the Ice Fort stage within the Snow World stage. BiPolar Bear will maul any Enemies with 8% well being or much less to demise.

Set up Ball
Within the Alien Ship stage in the course of the countdown portion of the extent go right into a door proper after opening the third laser gate and he will probably be there. Set up Ball will shoot your Enemies with lasers.

Golden Whale
He will probably be obtained after buying the sport BattleBlock Theatre from the Steam Retailer. He’ll poop Gold Cubes (see cash) each 30 seconds.

Bitey Bat
Within the stage Pipistrello’s Cave after defeating Pipistrello he’ll flip into Bitey Bat. Bitey Bat will chunk and stun your Enemies in place.

Burly Bear
Within the stage Tall Grass Fields use a Sandwich on the boulder and take away it from the cave entrance then go in and use Bombs to explode the wall go behind it and get Burly Bear. He’ll up your Energy and Protection.

Within the stage Desert there’s a Dig Spot proper infront of the Alien Ship placing the tip again on the pyramid. Giraffey will increase your XP acquire by 8%.

Buy him within the Insane Retailer for 1100 Gold. Dragonhead will shoot fireballs at your Enemies.

He will be obtained within the Forest Entrance going into the Theives’ Forest stage the place the musical notes are go behind the bush and get him. He will provide you with hidden Fruit from timber.

Mr. Buddy
Obtained within the Residence Fort within the beginning room there’s a Dig Spot dig it and get him. Mr. Buddy helps you dig sooner.

Buy him within the Marsh Retailer for 290 Gold. Piggy will make Meals offer you extra well being besides Popcorn (see Bosses, see Meals).

Play the Parade stage and go into the cave entrance to the Cyclops’ Cave stage and return out Meowburt will probably be standing there. Meowburt will enhance your Agility.

Buy him on the Church Retailer for 325 Gold. He’ll enhance your luck for locating Weapons, Meals, and Gold on useless Enemies.

Pazzo will be pruchased within the Snow Retailer for 455 Gold. Pazzo helps you discover secret and regular Dig Spots.

Within the Cyclops’ Fortress there’s a cracked wall blow it up with Bombs and acquire Snoot. Snoot will provide you with Energy.

Within the Theives’ Forest stage there’s a cracked wall within the ruins portion of the extent blow it up with Bombs. Troll will enhance you well being by 1% each 8 seconds.

He’s obtained within the Tall Grass Fields stage after killing the Bear Boss. Rammy will headbutt your Enemies.

Seahorse is out within the open within the Theives’ Forest stage by the river. Seahorse allows you to transfer in water at strolling velocity.

Snailburt is out within the open aswell within the Marsh stage proper earlier than the cornfields. Snailburt will increase your Protection however lowers your Agility.

This Animal Orb will be situated within the Animal Ark use your Magic bounce and get her out of the wall. Sherbert will increase your leaping peak.

Within the Sand Fort Inside stage Scratchpaw is discovered behind a cracked wall you need to blow up utilizing Bombs. Scratchpaw will increase Energy and Agility.

Within the Desert Chase stage after the chasing kill the Saracen on the Camel and get the Zebra. Zebra will make it a 100% likelihood to seek out Meals within the grass.

Spiny will be bought within the Volcano Retailer for 300 Gold. Spiny will increase your Protection.

My favourite pet Frogglet will be obtained within the Marsh stage in a Dig Spot within the graveyard portion of the extent. Frogglet brings you Meals and Cash on the bottom.

Within the Snow World stage subsequent to the cave entrance to the Ice Fort stage go behind the home with the smoking chimney and also you’ll get him.

That’s it for Animal Orbs.


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Meals Gadgets offer you well being.

Heals 1 well being it doesn’t matter what. Can solely be discovered by hitting/defeating Corn Boss (see Bosses)

Purple Apple
Heals 10% well being

Inexperienced Apple
Heals 10% well being

Heals 10% well being

French Fries
Heals 10% well being

Heals 10% well being

Chocolate Cake
Heals 10% well being

Heals 10% well being

Heals 10% well being

Purple Sweet
Heals 10% well being

Inexperienced Sweet
Heals 10% well being

Heals 50% well being

Turkey Leg
Heals 50% well being

Heals 10% well being

Heals 10% well being

Heals 10% well being

Ice Cream
Heals 10% well being


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Cash/Gold is various things that allow you to purchase issues.

Price 1 Gold.

Gold Dice
Price 1 Gold.

Golden Idol
Price 16 Gold.

Bag of Gold
Price 5 Gold.

Blue Gem
Price 6 Gold.

Purple Gem
Price 7 Gold.

Yellow Gem
Price 8 Gold.

Inexperienced Gem
Price 9 Gold.

Purple Gem
Price 10 Gold.

Blue Diamond
Price 11 Gold.

Purple Diamond
Price 12 Gold.

Yellow Diamond
Price 13 Gold.

Inexperienced Diamond
Price 14 Gold.

Purple Diamond
Price 15 Gold.


Gadgets this consists of Potions, Shovel, Sandwich, Bow, Boomerang, and Bombs

Will be bought in any respect shops. Heals 100% of your well being. Will be bought for 11, 12, 13, 14, 18 Gold at totally different shops.

can purchased on the Volcano Retailer and all those after that. They can be obtained in Lava World dropping from the Hearth Demons.

You should buy Bombs from any shops besides the Theives’ Retailer and Fort Preserve. It permits you to blow up partitions and damage Enemies.

You discover it within the Desert stage in a sand citadel on the begging of the extent. Lets you dig up Dig Spots.

It may be dropped from Theives and any Enemies within the Barbarian Battle stage. Lets you shoot arrows.

Discovered by the Cardinal within the Theives’ Forest stage close to the pooping owl. Lets you throw and choose stuff up and injury Enemies.

The Horn is obtained after defeating the Corn Boss a peasant will give it to you. Use it to blow and unlock secrets and techniques and injury Enemies.


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