DayZ: Keyboard Controls & Hotkeys

The post-soviet nation of Chernarus is struck by an unknown virus, turning the bulk inhabitants into frenzied contaminated. Preventing over sources has bred a hostile mentality amongst survivors, driving what’s left of humanity to break down. You’re one of many few proof against the virus – how far will you go to outlive?

DayZ: Keyboard Controls & Hotkeys

Earlier than leaping into the sport, you’ll have to familiarize your self with the fundamental controls together with the flexibility to maneuver your character and work together along with your surroundings. You possibly can entry these key assignments by visiting the Controls part of the Configuration menu, which you’ll from the in-game menu utilizing the ESC key or from the sport’s predominant menu. Further controls will be accessed by way of the drop-down menu on the high of the important thing project display. You possibly can reconfigure the controls based mostly by yourself private preferences. The tables under present the default key assignments for the sport.


Primary sport controls (outdated)

Key Perform
W / Up Transfer Ahead
S / Down Transfer Backward
A / Left Strafe Left
D / Proper Strafe Proper
Q Lean Left (double-tap to toggle)
E Lean Proper (double-tap to toggle)
L Ctrl Stroll/Jog (maintain for non permanent; double-tap to toggle)
L. Shift Run (maintain for non permanent)
Area Leap
C maintain/push Stand
C push Crouch
C maintain Susceptible


Key Perform
Tab Toggle Stock Display
~ Toggle Hotbar (Disguise/View)
0 to 9 Hotkey Slots
Proper Mouse Button Decrease/Elevate Merchandise in Palms
G Throw Merchandise in Palms
Left Mouse Button Flashlight On/Off
Alt or * Free Look
Enter or V Toggle Between 1st Individual (1PP) and third Individual (3PP) Views
Center Mouse Button Zoom (Maintain)
Scroll Wheel View Obtainable Actions
Left Mouse Button Use / Motion


Key Perform
Left Mouse Button Fireplace Weapon (Firearms) / Swing Weapon (Melee)
Proper Mouse Button (Secure department)L. Shift or Center Mouse Button (Experimental department) Use Optics
L. Ctrl(Maintain) Maintain Breath
R Chamber New Spherical (weapon)
X Toggle Weapon Firing Mode
Proper Mouse Button Elevate Weapon
Ctrl + Area (Secure department) Toggle Elevate Weapon
Web page Up Zeroing – Up
Web page Down Zeroing – Down


Key Perform
W / Up Speed up
S / Down Sluggish Down
A / Left Flip Left
D / Proper Flip Proper
Q Shift Down One Gear
E Shift Up One Gear
L. Shift Turbo


Key Perform
/ Use Textual content Chat
Caps Lock Maintain to talk in voice chat. Double-tap to toggle voice chat on/off.
F1 Hiya
F2 Palms Up (Wave) (Secure department)
F3 Sit Down (Secure department)Coronary heart (Experimental department)
F4 Frig off
F5 Give up (Secure department)
F6 Level (Secure department)Magnifique (Experimental department)
F7 Thumbs Up (Secure department)Level (Experimental department)
F8 Facepalm (Secure department)Taunt elbow (Experimental department)
F9 Silent (Secure department)Thumbs Up (Experimental department)
F10 Die
F11 Suicide

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