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Lifeless Frontier 2 Suggestions and Methods

  • To remain in contact with different gamers you may ship them a mail within the dallbow police division.
  • Drinks are at the moment very uncommon, orange juice restores 1000ml and may promote for $100+ available on the market for the time being.
  • Sprinting with shift requires the sprinter ability first.
  • Itemizing gadgets excessive on the dealer can be utilized as further stash stock, every safezone/outpost has a seperate dealer which means extra slots to record gadgets, these merchants solely cater to their very own space.
  • Your car additionally has stock slots in addition to your account stash.
  • In clearance missions the place you have to kill a specific amount of contaminated, the quantity killed will often not present the correct quantity till you enter a brand new space. If it exhibits 0/10, however you might have killed 1 for instance, reenter the realm and it’ll replace to the correct quantity.
  • Bosses and zombies in stage 5 or above areas drop small worms upon dying that may be troublesome to see and combat, they take one hit to kill and if timed correctly, the kickboxer assault can stomp them simply.
  • Every outpost account stash is seperate.
  • Once you die you’ll lose 50% of xp since final visiting an outpost.
  • The small gray buildings in haverbrook close to the doorway include solely 3 rooms, one is a boss room, it’s straightforward to hurry and search by each to get the important thing and combat the boss for simple first rate loot.
  • A blue star on a door means one other participant is in that space/room.

Stealth Tip

Find out how to transfer quick with Stealth stage 1.

Straight to it, use proper click on with melee (quickest assault and strikes far ahead), when u use proper click on u journey quicker than crawling with stealth, and assaults make 0 noise, so u can transfer round spamming proper click on assaults in stealth mode (dont have maintain down stealth, simply maintain proper click on). Go strive it and u will see how superior it’s. Oh and don’t improve stealth previous stage 1.

Additionally attempt to get assault velocity and physique harm in your melee weapons, assault velocity looks as if the perfect buff for melee.


  • Dallbow police division (beginning space dallbow)
  • Haverbrook memorial hospital (stage 10)


  • You should use your automobile as a private stash
  • In case you are queing up with some mates, aproach to them and press “E” by default, a small menu will seem, after that go to “Ship provide”, u can put there some gadgets you dont want (as much as 10 i believe) with a view to have one other stash. Though, be suggested: these gadgets will solely have the ability to be recovered by going to the town through which the commerce was made
  • You should use the automobile as quickly as you begin the sport, don’t be fooled by the “broken” components, what they imply is that your automobile would require new replacements with a view to use much less sources, akin to fuel, meals and water
  • Merchandise Scaling is: Frequent < Superior < Uncommon < Epic
  • Proper now 8/9/18 essentially the most beneficial gadgets available on the market are meds, ammo and weapons.


  • Towards a single zombie:attempt to make your distance and use the robust assault, if the zombie is surprised, repeat.
  • Towards a crowd of zombies: attempt to use your firearms or method fastidiously and do some fundamental assaults.
  • You’ll be able to one hit kill the parasites(these small “worms” that some zombies drop when killed) in any metropolis, it doesn’t issues in case you are on a LVL 20 zone.
  • All hearth weapons are equally noisy.
  • You’ll be able to cheese a crowd on small rooms working in circles across the furnishings, it’s a very good method to take zombies one after the other and it additionally works with bosses.
  • Once you purpose ,there’s a small ammount of time through which your character is inaccurate, dont shoot whereas that is occurring, pictures will most likely miss even in case you are head to head. How are you aware when to shoot?: purpose on the goal till the crosshair cant be any smaller,that’s the most exact u may be, that point will depend on what weapon you might be utilizing. There are expertise that enhance this time (rifle professional, pistol professional,and so on.)

Really helpful expertise for brand spanking new gamers

  • Looting: proper now it’s op, it would grant you the possibilty to loot quicker ,in addition to getting greater high quality gadgets. Pairing this with some garments with looting bonuses, will end in you having an insane pickup fee of superior, uncommon and even epic gadgets. I managed to have 50% of getting uncommon gadgets 40% superior and 20% epic with simply Looting II.
  • Dash: i like to make use of it when im fully surronded, since as quickly as i press shift the character will immediately run at full velocity, actually necessary on excessive stage cities, since it’s actually frequent to see zombies charging at you.
  • Dodge: If used appropriately, you’ll ignore 100% of the incoming harm, regardless of being attacked by a number of enemies, it really works with minibosses too. Undecided ’bout bosses
  • Kicking: because it says now you can kick, that is actually good with fast reflexes and Dash. The kick stuns zombies and it’s excellent to make a escape for those who ran out of stamina and dodge.
  • Stealth: now you can crouch and be extra quiet. zombies ought to take extra time to detect you. I counsel to virtually ALWAYS use it with melee, and, like i stated earlier than, all firearms do the identical noise. If you find yourself stealthing u can now land vital assaults on zombies, i consider it’s base harm X5 however im undecided.


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