Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Guide: Gacha



Can’t keep away from this. That is the place all of your hopes and desires come to die. Right here’s how unhealthy it’s – the very best odds I ever noticed for getting an SSR was 3.3% within the Japanese model. Key phrase: BEST.

Alright – let me preface this by saying luck can’t be measured, I’ve seen individuals get 2 SSRs in a single 10x pull. I’ve personally spent 30k stones on an occasion Gacha with no single SSR to indicate for it, and there are individuals who have simply doubled that quantity.

Anyway, the person odds for each merchandise within the Gacha pull is given on the high proper on account of sure playing legal guidelines, as a result of that’s precisely what that is. Don’t go in anticipating a SSR, you’re going to be sorely disillusioned.

The Gacha display will all the time have the next two out there: Venus Gacha and Visitor Level Gacha. If there’s an occasion ongoing (which is about 100% of the time), you’ll normally discover the Stylish Outfit Gacha sitting on the high such as you see within the instance above.

Take solace in the truth that you’ll by no means get a N rarity swimsuit from the Gacha, with the only exception of the Visitor Level Gacha.

Now, no matter you do, by no means, ever spend V stones on the Venus Gacha.

The purpose concerning the Venus Gacha deserves a proof. Being a Gacha recreation, the facility creep on this recreation is insane. The issue is that Venus SSRs are unhealthy compared to Pattern SSRs, which in flip are sometimes weaker than the subsequent Pattern SSR in line.

For reference, the screenshots under are of a degree 1 Venus SSR and a lvl 1 Pattern SSR launched within the Japanese model from a few month in the past.

Venus SSR

Pattern SSR

The distinction in stats between the 2 is completely insane, with the Pattern SSR outperforming the Venus SSR in each potential approach.

I might truthfully suggest you save your V stones completely for Pattern SSRs, or when a very highly effective swimsuit turns into out there. That, or if a sure swimsuit actually catches your eye. It’s your name to make, though one more reason I’d suggest skipping Venus Gacha is just because the Gacha solely has a 0.1% likelihood of getting a SSR for a particular lady versus the 0.78% likelihood supplied by a Pattern SSR.

That, and the sport showers you with Venus Gacha coupons. Nevertheless, on the finish of the day, it’s your determination to make.

Lastly: Spend any and all Visitor Factors right here whilst you can, as a result of there’s actually no different use for it.

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