Deadside Map with Loot Locations

A brief information for loot and places on deadside map!

Deadside Map with Loot Places

Map & Loot Places

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Deadside Map & Loot Locations

On the map u can see 2 typs of marks. White and inexperienced one.

  • The white one are for larger location and it’s doable to finde on a few of them missions. For instance on level 1, 5 and 6.
  • The inexperienced factors are doable AI patrol and placement. Generally they’ve good loot and typically additionally unhealthy loot. It’s completely random.

However for certain the white marked places are factors of curiosity. Right here you’ll find higher loot then in cities. However consider it’s toally random and it’s a must to shoot your method!

What to do after spawn?

Whereas your are on seek for a gun have allways a glance on garments and meals/drinks, too. Largely you’ll finde a scorpion, makarow, looking rifles and several other shotguns. After you discovered a gun i like to recommend you to clear the white mark 3 and 4.

We discovered camouflage garments, an AKS-74U and a pump motion shotgun. With this loot we began to clear degree 1 and a pair of missions. On mission it’s a must to clear the outlet space. After you killed all AIs a therapeutic massage will seem and it’s a must to look out for a blue lighted chest. On this chest one can find ammo, weapons, gear and cash. Nevertheless it is dependent upon the extent of the mission and in addition on radom issue.

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