Deep Rock Galactic: SMG Builds

SMG Builds

SMG: Harm Construct
That is helpful for tearing via enemies like butter by stacking numerous injury bonuses.

  1. Extra injury to stack with injury bonuses.
  2. Additional accuracy helps with the huge recoil of the SMG.
  3. Extra injury to stack with injury bonuses.
  4. Hole level to spice up injury towards weakpoints for large impact.
  5. Electrical bonus injury doubles your injury towards shocked enemies, stacks with injury improves and hole level for large injury outcomes.

SMG: Electrical Construct
This construct is beneficial for crowd management, and is a bunch of enjoyable. Much less efficient than a straight injury construct nevertheless.

  1. Extra shock likelihood to get the ball rolling.
  2. Elevated accuracy to assist with the recoil of the gun.
  3. Extra injury, the additional firerate wastes ammo.
  4. Extra electrical injury, to extend the DoT.
  5. Provides an opportunity to shock all close by enemies, superb when it triggers. Combines with different electrical improves for elevated likelihood and extra injury.

Extra of this form of factor:

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