Destiny 2 Python Gambit Ritual Weapon Guide

Python Gambit Ritual Weapon Information

Python is power void aggressive body shotgun with these perks:

  • Smallbore
  • Prolonged Magazine
  • Overflow / Feeding Frenzy
  • Protect Disorient / One-Two Punch

You will have to finish following steps to assert this weapon:

  • 500 Shotgun last blows
  • 150 Shotgun close-range last blows
  • Infamy rank “Heroic” (which begins at 2500 Infamy factors)

You might have two choices right here. You possibly can select if you wish to do that in common Gambit or Gambit Prime. I like to recommend regular Gambit, because you get extra alternatives to invade, enemies are manner simpler to cope with, however most significantly, extra rounds means extra enemies to kill.


  • Killing Guardians offers you best progress
  • Use particular ammo finder, shotgun scavenger, particular ammo finishers and different shotgun associated mods for max effectivity
  • Triple shotgun is viable technique, however in case you are afraid of working low on particular ammo you possibly can at all times seize a backup major
  • One Small StepMenace DegreeExcellent Paradox are good kinetic decisions, however that boils down to non-public choice. Even when their glory days are lengthy gone, IKELOS_SG or Zenith of Your Form are nonetheless advantageous weapons for this quest. Play shotguns you’re most comfy with
  • Tractor Canon is superb for this, you possibly can cope with Invaders rapidly and kill a number of combatants with it’s AoE harm. Honorable mentions go to Lord of Wolves and Legend of Acrius.
  • Assuming you utilize heavy shotgun, keep in mind to make use of heavy ammo finder or armaments corresponding with enemy faction.
  • When you determined to do that in PrimeReaper +6 armor perk Piñata of Loss of life drops particular ammo by quickly defeating enemy combatants

Some class associated suggestions:

  • Hunter – Dragon’s Shadow unique reloads all your geared up weapons
  • Titan – Code of the Missile perk Inertia Override reloads your gun and improve your harm whenever you slide over ammo brick, principally built-in slideways/slideshot
  • Warlock – Transversive Steps reload your weapons when you dash, as a result of why would you waste time reloading?

Extra of this kind of factor:

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