DOOM Eternal Gladiator Boss Fight

The Gladiator, man in case you thought the Doom Hunter(s) had been exhausting, you don’t have any concept what’s about to unfold right here on this enviornment. The Gladiator struggle is available in two phases, so let’s concentrate on the primary one for now as a result of each phases are SOO completely different.

DOOM Everlasting Gladiator Boss Battle

Part 1

Part 1 consists of the Gladiator together with his protect up. Whereas on this section he takes a extra defensive stance, however don’t let that idiot you as a result of he can nonetheless use that big protect to make your life depressing. He additionally has an enormous flail on his proper hand that he’ll use to smack you. Just like if you had been combating the Marauder within the earlier mission, the Gladiator’s eyes will glow inexperienced when he assaults. To be exact, the eyes on his protect glow inexperienced. When this occurs he strikes his protect out of the best way and swings his flail in the direction of you. This can be a very fast transfer and it’s the transfer that means that you can do vital harm to him. For his subsequent transfer, he hits the bottom with the protect and creates just a little shockwave round him. He often does this in case you’re too near him.

Should you’re usually near him he largely alternates between these 2 assaults so you possibly can count on which assault is coming. He has a 3rd assault during which he swings his flail over his head and smashes it on the bottom in entrance of him. That is largely carried out if you’re at a distance. Having mentioned that, there will probably be fodder enemies seems always (as per regular) so don’t allow them to distract you from the large daddy. Having mentioned that, you’ll wish to stand in entrance of him always attempting to maintain your digital camera targeted on him whereas dodging the fodder assaults. It’s exhausting however very doable. You wish to do that since you need him to maneuver his protect. When he does and his eyes glow inexperienced, whip out your Tremendous Shotgun and shoot him. You don’t even must dodge his flail. Should you hit him accurately, each time you accomplish that will will let you “Glory Kill” him, principally which means that you are able to do a ton of injury to him.

As his well being goes does, the variety of assaults he has goes up, in addition to the variety of fodder enemies that seem (you’ll even have Prowlers lurking about). This new assault he positive factors, you’ll see him hitting the protect together with his flail. This begins glowing purple and he’ll shoot at you a beam within the form of the protect. This can be a sturdy assault so hold your finger on that Circle to dodge the assault. His second new assault, in case you’re at a distance and his eyes glow inexperienced he’ll leap ahead and slam his flail on the ground. This assault staggers him just a little bit so shoot him as a lot as you possibly can in case you didn’t shoot him earlier than (and activated the “Glory Kill” sequence).

That’s about it for this Part. You will have to struggle a Hell Knight or two close to the tip, however the Gladiator’s assaults additionally damage them. Now onto Part 2!

Part 2

You’ll clearly know when this Part begins when the protect breaks in one million items and he takes out one other flail.

Gladiator Boss Fight 2

Similar to the picture says, he’s way more aggresive on this section and has completely different assaults. Additionally, they make it very clear, DON’T ATTACK the Gladiator when he’s spinning the flail in entrance of him. He’ll counterattack you instantly so cease if you see it. He nonetheless flashes his eyes inexperienced when he’s about to assault so hold an eye fixed out for that. That is the place the actual struggle begins. I’ll checklist the assaults beneath so carry on studying!

Swing-swing: If he will get too near you he’ll swing his flails at you, first he’ll do a horizontal swing with the left flail and end with an overhead slam with the fitting flail. Hold him away from you as a lot as you possibly can.

Double Punch: He throws ahead his flails, one after the other. This assault is difficult to evade, however do not forget that he at all times throws his left flail first, then the fitting as quickly as he maintain the left flail. One of the simplest ways to dodge this assault is to sprint as soon as to the left and instantly sprint to the fitting to keep away from each assaults. Very exhausting to do, however doable.

Massive Slam: He jumps ahead (not essentially in the direction of you) and slams each of his flails on the bottom. Double sprint to both aspect (in case you’re immediately in entrance of him) and also you’ll be high quality.
Beam: He throws his flails and traps you. Whereas this is happening, a beam that appears like a wave will probably be shot from the partitions he simply created and also you’ll should both stand proper beneath it or leap over it. That is very exhausting to do as a result of the waves are actually quick, however there’s a method to cheese this.

Should you watch my video up above, you’ll see that whilst you take a look at him you maintain R1 to open up your weapon wheel, time slows down so much. You’ll be able to nonetheless transfer round, however you can’t transfer the digital camera. Use this decelerate to securely dodge all of the beams. Will make the struggle final just a little longer, but it surely’s the most secure method to fully keep away from this assault. As soon as his assault is finished, the boundaries will go down, his eyes will glow inexperienced and he’ll cost proper in entrance of you. Whip out your Tremendous Shotgun, sprint to a aspect and shoot him.

Watch the little scene after the struggle and the Mission will come to an finish!

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