DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – How to Make Some of Best QQBangs

How one can get +15 -9 QQBangs and extra.

What gear do you must create a few of the finest QQBangs?

You should utilize any lv of substances to get some forms of QQBangs however for instance t1 and t2 gear
normally dont give sufficient stats. T3 offers some attention-grabbing QQBangs however having stam and
ki +5 or not less than +4 is vital if you need your char with 7 or extra stamina and/or ki bars.
T5 its fairly exhausting to not get +5 to three stats and -5 to three stats. The higher QQBangs are ones
that give +6 extra optimistic stats then negatives and offer you a excessive quantity of stats.

T4 gear is the balence bewteen these 2 components they will provide the +15 whereas not
overloading and decreasing the flexiblity of the QQBang like t5 gear does.

Typically you need 2 tier 4 gear with +4 to 2 stats every and have them share 1 of the +4
stats so you’ve gotten 3 stats that get a optimistic +4


Battle swimsuit (turles) has +4 well being and +4 atk, we should always mix one other tier 4 with
both +4 well being and one thing non +4 atk or we should always mix with one thats
+4 atk and one thing non +4 well being.

What you get consequently is usually a actually good QQBang or a extremely dangerous one due to the
rng it make take a whole bunch of tries to get the precise +15 -9 you need however you’re going to get alot
of fine stuff together with some which are 6 extra possitive then unfavorable which are actually
attention-grabbing. Like -2 well being +5 stamina +5 stamina +0 atk -5 strike +3 ki blasts.
A 13 optimistic to 7 unfavorable and when you have been on the lookout for one with little or no disadvantage
-7 unfavorable isnt that dangerous for the +2 ki and stam bars and nonetheless bonus harm.

Low-cost simple to get supplies for these QQbangs and the place to search out them.

This half will record the t4 gear that may be purchased with zeny or gotten at no cost from Majin Youngsters.
Sure there may be different t4 gear in addition to these which you can earn by pqs and tp store.

Clothes Store

Battle Go well with (Turles) +4 hp, +4 atk, value 40,000 zeny

Lord Slug’s Garments +4 ki, +4 strikes, value 20,000 zeny

Mira’s Garments +4 hp, +4 atk, value 50,000 zeny (unfavorable stats are totally different then turles)

Towa’s Garments +4 ki, +4 ki blasts, value 50,000 zeny

Pikkon’s garments +4 stam, +4 atk, value 30,000 zeny

Goku’s Tracksuit +4 ki, +4 stam, value 24,000 zeny

Historical Kata’s Battle Costume +4 hp, +4 ki, value 30,000 zeny

Majin Youngsters

Supreme Kai’s Garments +4 stam, +4 strike

Dabura’s Garments +4 hp, +4 stam

Jaco Go well with +4 stam, +4 ki blasts

Now to get to some crafting and a few potential outcomes from them.

This part will present some extra particulars in regards to the crafting and outcomes of what QQBangs
can get made out of the gear listed above.


You need to make a SS male that buff man. You may want hp, stam, and atk.

Battle Go well with (turles) + Pikkon’s Garments + senzu beansprout =
+5 hp +5 stam +5 atk with 9 unfavorable factors bewteen ki, strikes, and blasts.

like these

+5 hp, +0 ki, +5 stam, +5 atk, and both -4 strike, -5 ki blast or -5 strike, -4 ki blast

+5 hp, -2 ki, +5 stam, +5 atk, and both -2 strike, -5 ki blast or -5 strike, -2 ki blast

+5 hp, -5 ki, +5 stam, +5 atk, and both -4 strike, +0 ki blast or -2 strike, -2 ki blast

And there are lots of different possiblities with that combo alone. Together with all the great
stuff dangerous ones will come although. To get an excellent one will most likely take not less than about 80
tries with the stated combo.

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