Dragonfable Guide For New & Returning Players

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Welcome to our information for Dragonfable, particularly geared toward new and returning gamers.

Dragonfable is a tremendous recreation that’s continuously getting new updates and is simply getting higher. Sadly, lots of sources concerning the recreation are outdated or simply plain fallacious, and there’s lots of unintuitive mechanics that aren’t truly said in-game wherever. So what’s a brand new participant to do?

Nicely, because you’re right here, you’ll hopefully learn this. (Notice: by “learn this”, the creator doesn’t imply spend an hour studying actually each half so as if in case you have a selected query. As a substitute, attempt to search for a component that solutions what you’re asking. Although if you wish to learn all of it, go forward.)

For common Dragonfable data, go to the encyclopedia on the forums.

Additionally, do check out this Design Notes post from Verlyrus. It has plenty of data on it that’s good for brand spanking new or returning gamers to know.

Primary Info

Q: What class ought to I choose?

A: The selection of Warrior, Mage, or Rogue doesn’t truly have an effect on an excessive amount of within the recreation. Irrespective of which of the three you choose, there are various, many different courses you can later use freely. The one exception is the Dragon and Atealan base upgrades – DragonWarrior, DragonMage, and DragonRogue, in addition to Riftwalker, Ascendant, and Cryptic. These are locked to their respective bases. Which ones you would possibly want is fully as much as private desire and playstyle. (In the event you actually desire a rundown of those courses, you will discover it additional down on this FAQ underneath Half Three: Miscellaneous Questions.) Notice that it’s attainable to alter your base class for 500 DCs on the Black Market Moglin in-game. Choose whichever appeals to you.

Q: Ought to I begin in E-book 1 or E-book 3?

A: When you can begin in both, it’s higher to begin in E-book 1. A whole lot of the plot of E-book 3 references occasions in E-book 1, and in the event you skip it, it received’t make an excessive amount of sense. Additionally, the enemies in E-book 1 are typically simpler than those in E-book 3, which is ok in the event you’ve performed E-book 1 and have a superb class, however annoying at degree 1 with a base class. Lastly, the Dragon Egg Saga is in E-book 1 – don’t you wish to get your dragon your self as a substitute of skipping that complete questline?

Q: Assist! The place do I’m going now?

A: The place you need to go generally is a little unintuitive after you’ve hatched your dragon. Fortunately, each E-book 1 and E-book 3 have a timeline within the E-book of Lore (the scroll on a e book icon on the underside a part of the display). Clicking on a piece will take you to its location. Chronologically, the occasions go from left to proper, with occasions stacked on prime of one another occurring on the similar time. It’s not essential to comply with occasions on this order, however that’s the order of the occasions within the timeline lore-wise. Don’t really feel like it is advisable continuously soar quest traces, although – it’s completely regular and cheap to complete a quest line earlier than heading into the following one. You don’t even should comply with it in any respect – you may roam across the map and do no matter quests you run into, if you’d like.

Q: The place can I discover data on this quest/this merchandise/this NPC?

A: For easy, factual data, you need to go to the Pedia. That is the time period the Dragonfable participant base makes use of for the Dragonfable Encyclopedia on the Battleon boards. Often, you don’t want to really go there and manually discover it amongst all of the threads. A easy Google search with the phrase “dragonfable” appended to the topic you wish to find out about ought to pull up the hyperlink on the Pedia simply.

Q: The place do I prepare stats? 

A: You possibly can prepare your stats in Oaklore at Rolith (E-book 1) or Maya (E-book 3), in addition to in Falconreach at Sir Render (down > enter proper constructing > discuss to man on left). Stat coaching is free for Dragon Amulet holders, and prices 20 gold per stat level for these with out one. 

Q: Which stats ought to I prepare?

A: Which stats you prepare is a little more difficult. Many stat builds you’ll see are meant for individuals at degree 90 doing endgame actions, so watch out when copying another person’s stats.

At decrease ranges, it’s pretty essential to have some WIS so you have got sufficient mana to final you thru total quests. Aside from that, prioritize one foremost stat (both STR, DEX, or INT). STR is for individuals who use swords (or maces), DEX is for daggers, and INT is for staves (or wands). In the event you occur to have a scythe, it’ll use whichever of those three stats is highest. Practice some END in the event you really feel such as you want extra well being since you’re dying too quick.

Q: Wait, however I’m a (Warrior/Mage/Rogue) base! Shouldn’t I take advantage of (STR/INT/DEX)?

A: Sure, however solely in the event you’re utilizing a kind of courses or their respective upgrades, as named earlier. Once you’re utilizing one other class like Paladin or Soulweaver, what base class you’re doesn’t matter. Granted, which base class you’re will have an effect on which kinds of weapons you purchase or preserve round, which can in flip have an effect on which stat try to be utilizing. Simply do not forget that your base class doesn’t immediately have an effect on which stat try to be utilizing if you’re utilizing a wholly completely different class.

Q: Okay, however what do stats actually do?

A: That’s a bit difficult. All stats have one foremost impact and at the least one secondary impact. As a brand new participant, you need to primarily be involved with the primary results of stats. In brief, STR will increase melee injury (and non-crit injury), DEX will increase pierce injury (and injury when the enemy has a DoT on them), INT will increase magic injury (and crit injury), CHA will increase pet/visitor injury (and gold/EXP achieve when you have got friends), LUK will increase crit likelihood (and Melee/Pierce/Magic protection), END will increase well being (and Immobility resistance), and WIS will increase mana (and -health and Bonus to Hit). (Secondary results are in parentheses.)

If you wish to know the complete results of stats, see this Design Notes post.

Sure, it’s a bit difficult. However keep in mind, you don’t have to fret about min-maxing or what precisely is perfect proper now. That’s solely obligatory when you hit the endgame.

Q: Doesn’t DEX enhance DoT injury?

A: No. It doesn’t. That is an extremely widespread false impression, as a result of it used to, nevertheless it doesn’t anymore. It boosts your injury when the enemy has a DoT on it. It doesn’t have an effect on your DoT injury itself. It additionally doesn’t apply individually for every DoT – having one DoT on the enemy offers you a similar enhance as having 5, or seven, or ten. Both the enemy has a DoT on it or it doesn’t, and that’s all DEX cares about.

Q: What are these different stats on my web page, like Increase, Crit, Bonus, and the defenses?

A: A full, in-depth rundown may be discovered on the same Design Notes page that the stats explanation links to. Put merely, your Melee/Pierce/Magic defenses enhance the prospect of you taking no injury from an assault, whereas your Block/Parry/Dodge defenses enhance the prospect of changing an assault to a glancing blow. Increase will increase your injury (100% means double injury), Crit is your crit likelihood (the % likelihood of you critting is the same as half your crit stat), and Bonus will increase your likelihood of hitting an enemy.

Q: What gear ought to I be farming for/shopping for?

A: Within the low to mid ranges, don’t fear about getting the very best gear you may. For one, you’ll in all probability outlevel it by the point you’re carried out farming for it. It’s simply not value it, so don’t sweat it. No matter you may choose up from questing alongside or purchase from a random store is completely useful. In the event you really feel as much as it, although, choose up a Future weapon – you may farm to improve it as you degree, and it will definitely upgrades into the most effective weapons within the recreation. Don’t hassle with a Doom weapon – they’re extra annoying to improve and may’t improve as far, and are worse total. Round degree 50, take into account farming a bit for the Unhallowed DeathKnight gear obtainable at Sir Malifact. The items aren’t arduous to get, and so they’ve acquired good stats.

Q: My stock is full! What ought to I do?

A: Earlier than you go purchase extra stock slots (which aren’t a foul funding, to be truthful), go to the Falconreach financial institution. It’s the constructing on the left if you go one display down from the primary a part of Falconreach. DA holders can retailer their objects there. Any DA or DC objects may be saved freely, with out taking over a financial institution slot, whereas objects with out both of these tags will take up a slot.

Q: Is feeding my dragon essential?

A: Sure, very! Pet dragon is the very best and most versatile pet within the recreation when maxed out at 600 ability factors. Bear in mind to activate handbook pet actions in your settings so you may management what it does! In the event you can’t afford DC meals, don’t sweat it, however in the event you can, it’ll massively velocity up the method. Additionally, keep in mind to develop your dragon at Sunbreeze Grove, so it may well use all of its abilities! (Develop as soon as at E-book 1 Sunbreeze Grove, then end the Primal quests in E-book 3 Sunbreeze Grove to develop once more.) Don’t neglect that Dragon Amulet holders can feed and prepare via the Dragon Amulet interface.

Q: What ought to I put my dragon’s ability factors into?

A: Pet dragon is a bit difficult. See what dragon abilities do at this Design Notes page.

When you hit 600 factors, try to be conscious that there are two foremost builds that folks use for his or her dragons. The primary is 199 Safety/0 Magic/1 Preventing/200 Help/200 Mischief, and is used for bossing (primarily Inn on the Fringe of Time challenges, which you shouldn’t fear about). Some individuals take one other level out of Safety and put it into Magic to unlock the final left-side ability, however that doesn’t even have any actual advantages or detriments. The opposite construct is 198 Safety/200 Magic/1 Preventing/200 Help/1 Mischief. That is higher for common questing. You don’t have to make use of both of those. The way you prepare your dragon is finally your resolution.

For individuals with out maxed out dragons, it’s actually as much as you what you do. The aim of some extent in Mischief is to unlock the stun, and the one in Preventing is to unlock the DoT (since DEX boosts your injury when the enemy has a DoT on them). It’s good to have one in each of them, however the remainder of the talents don’t carry out nicely with just one level in them. Select what’s most essential to you.

Q: Ought to I get a Dragon Amulet?

A: In the event you can afford it, you need to completely get a Dragon Amulet! It’s a one-time buy that unlocks an enormous quantity of choices and comfort. A whole lot of good tools requires one, and the utility of really getting access to full courses past your base class can’t be understated. Entry to DragonsGrasp, the power to buy a home, the Armor Paint room, free stat coaching … 

Having the ability to save your class and tools alone is massively helpful, and having the ability to present no matter tools you need is particularly good for individuals who like trend. And naturally, you want a Dragon Amulet to freely use your titan dragon in these titan fights. There’s one million small issues that having a Dragon Amulet offers you, and it’s undoubtedly definitely worth the buy. (Additionally, in the event you’re getting the 6 DA bundle and may afford a bit bit extra, the additional DCs are utterly value it as nicely.)

How Do I..?

Q: How can I see this monster’s stats? What does this monster resist/what’s it weak to?

A: To drag up the stat panel of any given monster, simply click on on the little magnifying glass to the underside proper of its identify and well being/mana bars. All the knowledge will likely be there. It’s identical to your individual character’s stat panel!

Q: My potions are so weak! How do I make them heal extra?

A: From Falconreach, go left one display, and also you’ll see the well being and mana potion outlets. You’ll must go inside and discuss to Alina or Reens, relying on which store you entered, and click on Alchemy Coaching. You need to first gather reagents, earlier than then taking part in via a minigame to degree up your potions. The utmost degree is 40, however you may solely prepare them as much as one increased than your present character degree. Notice that the quantity your potions heal will even naturally enhance along with your degree. At degree 90 with maxed out Alchemy, they are going to heal 1045 well being and 415 mana.

Q: How do I alter my character’s identify/gender/base class?

A: From Falconreach, go left one display, and in direction of the nicely between the 2 outlets. Click on on “Who’s That?” to be taken to the Black Market Moglin. Notice that altering identify or gender will value 1000 DCs, whereas altering base class will value 500 DCs.

Q: How do I save my class?

A: You’ll must first purchase a home, which you are able to do most shortly and simply through the inexperienced orb in entrance of Cysero’s store. Then you definitely’ll want to purchase both an Orb of Saving or Armor Closet, and put it in your own home. The primary prices 20,000 gold and can save your present class for a price of seven,213 gold. The latter prices 1,000 DCs and gives you handy entry to all of the courses you personal or have unlocked, even seasonal ones, permitting you to equip and save them from one place.

Q: How do I save my tools?

A: Assuming you have got a Dragon Amulet, simply click on on the button in your stock that claims “Save” and has a bit backpack with an arrow on it (not the one with the attention). You can even enter the Guardian Tower in E-book 1 Falconreach then go left > left > up > proper > up > proper and discuss to Malek, who will save your objects for you, however the stock button is way more handy. Additionally, in the event you save your class through Armor Closet or Orb of Saving, it’ll additionally save your geared up objects on the similar time.

Q: How do I beat Dr. When/Ice Dragon Basic/Aspar/Murderer Golem/another story boss?

A: Particular technique recommendation is out of the scope of this FAQ, provided that it’s a FAQ and never a method information. Nonetheless, typically the issue of those fights may be lowered by bringing friends. Many friends are simply obtainable within the Friends tab of the E-book of Lore. The mechanics of those bosses are all simply discovered on-line on the Pedia, as said earlier on this information, and a Google search will deliver them up. Attempt new methods and courses and, most significantly, don’t surrender. In the event you’re actually caught, ask for assist.

Q: How do I get EXP quick?

A: The reply to this query is dependent upon your degree. At very low ranges, you need to actually simply be doing story quests, however the Pumpkin Patch is an efficient choice. Titan fights like Something Fishy are additionally good, as a result of no fights the place you utilize Dragonrider are scaled to degree, which means you may get good exp at decrease ranges in case your titan dragon is educated up. 

In the event you’re to an honest degree and are say, making an attempt to grind out ranges so you are able to do challenges on the Inn on the Fringe of Time, the most well-liked methodology is Voltabolt’s Challenge, accessible from Ash in Falconreach. You’ll want an honest Vitality factor weapon and a category able to outputting excessive injury flip one pretty fast (and if you may get one, both the Sun God Scythe or an Escelense weapon for the 30% additional injury to elementals). You can even deliver the Raven visitor and your dragon elementalized to Vitality, particularly if in case you have sufficient dragon factors to coach it to (at the least 100 however ideally) 200 Magic, which unlocks a strong damaging ability.

Q: How do I get gold quick?

A: For decrease degree gamers, Potion Mastery is a traditional, well-liked choice, although it does require an honest reminiscence, because it’s a reminiscence recreation. You’ll should do the 2 quests earlier than it to get there – swap your stat factors to INT whereas taking part in as little Nythera. Each Voltabolt’s Problem and One thing Fishy, as talked about within the final query, are an honest supply of gold in addition to EXP, making them good in the event you’re making an attempt to grind for each.

The perfect supply of gold is the Ninja Area, from E-book 1 Shadow of the Wind Village. Nonetheless, for that it is advisable personal both Kathool Adept or Chaosweaver in addition to being a reasonably excessive degree and optimally proudly owning Uragiri or Verraad (weapons from the Inn on the Fringe of Time). With out these, farming the ninjas isn’t environment friendly in any respect. This makes it a foul methodology for many new or returning gamers.

Q: How do I get free Dragon Cash?

A: Day by day, you may play via one random quest to get 3 DCs without spending a dime. This quest is accessible through a button within the backside left of your E-book of Lore. Keep in mind that server reset time is 12 AM EST!

Notice that this doesn’t present many DCs – if you’d like a superb quantity of them, or need them quick, you’ll have to purchase them. It’s fully attainable to play the sport via with out shopping for DCs, although, even the Inn on the Fringe of Time. Don’t really feel as if it’s obligatory to purchase them, although in the event you can afford it, it’s good to help the sport.

Q: How do I spend my Dragon Cash/What ought to I spend my Dragon Cash on?

A: Nicely, this is dependent upon what number of you have got and what a part of the sport you’re at. Try this guide for particulars!

Q: How do I compensate for what’s occurred whereas I’ve been gone?

A: The primary place you look must be the Design Notes. They’ll let you know about what’s occurred every replace, and you’ll look again via all those you’ve missed, since they’re all dated! After that, in the event you’re nonetheless confused, be at liberty to ask about no matter’s complicated you on Discord. It’s additionally good to enter the sport and play or check new stuff for your self.

report this advertMisc Info

Q: How way more injury do crucial hits do?

A: For many courses within the recreation, crucial hits do 1.75 instances as a lot injury as a traditional hit, earlier than factoring in INT. The exceptions are Cryptic (2.0), Chaosweaver (1.85), Ninja (2.25), and Ranger (begins at 1.75, beneficial properties 0.25 per Focus stack, caps at 3.0).

Q: What precisely is All res?

A: All resistance is like all regular elemental resistance, besides that it capabilities for each single factor, together with Immobility and Well being. Sure, all the pieces. For instance, if in case you have 20 All res, you’re taking 20% much less Mild injury, Hearth injury, Poison injury, and so forth., whereas additionally having a 20% much less likelihood to be surprised and therapeutic for 20% lower than in the event you had no resistances.

All res is an important stat, particularly for endgame gamers. The one factor that bypasses All res is the factor Null (which isn’t the identical as ???, aka Void, and in addition not the identical as None). Most sources of Null within the recreation are discovered on the Inn on the Fringe of Time, apart from a single boss within the aspect quest line “A Serious Encounter”. This implies it’s largely irrelevant to regular gameplay. 

For a extra in-depth breakdown of resistances, check out the Guide to Resistances and Healing.

Q: Are there any downsides to utilizing friends?

A: Yep – for every visitor, enemies do 60% extra injury. It’s noticeable and try to be ready for it, however total, friends nonetheless make the sport a lot simpler. (They used to extend enemy injury by extra and in addition enhance enemy well being, however they don’t anymore.)

Q: What are seasonal occasions?

A: Hero’s Heart Day, Lucky Day, Mogloween, Thankstaking, and Frostval are all seasonal occasions that come round as soon as per yr. These stick round for a month each time they happen, in February, March, October, November, and December respectively. Every has their very own set of quests. There are some objects and courses distinctive to those holidays.

In the event you personal a home, you should purchase the Storybook Assortment for 5000 DCs from the Boosts tab of the E-book of Lore to get entry to any of those occasions at any time.

Q: What’s that vacant slot above my rightmost ability?

A: That’s the place a trinket ability would go. Trinkets are a kind of kit, and a few of them include a ability, like Summon Reaver or Unexpected Proposal.

Q: What are weapon specials?

A: Some weapons on this recreation have particular results that may set off when the weapon is proven. Sure, proven, not geared up. It may be proven however not geared up, proven and geared up, nevertheless it can’t be geared up however not proven.

There are three kinds of weapon specials: assault specials, on-hit specials, and passive specials. Assault specials have a small likelihood (often 5%) to set off if you click on the Assault button. These embrace the Necrotic Sword of Doom or the Blade of Destiny. They’re often reasonably gimmicky and unreliable in battles. 

On-hit specials have a small likelihood (often 5% as nicely) of triggering every time you hit an enemy. This class contains weapons just like the Blade of Awe or the Ice Scythe. Their reliability varies relying on what number of hits a category has in its assaults, however they’re helpful to point out, and there’s actually no motive in addition to trend to not present them.

Passive specials are weapon specials that don’t set off, and as a substitute merely exist. These embrace racial specials that solely set off on sure races, like DragonBlaser, in addition to specials that at all times apply, like Lucky Hammer. Most of this class consists of racial specials, and all are helpful to have round, if you are able to do so.

Q: What degree do I have to be to do challenges within the Inn at the Edge of Time?

A: Strictly talking, you may go in there at any degree. That stated, it’s endorsed to have completed the story and be at the least degree 60+ earlier than significantly trying the challenges. The exceptions are the Dragon board, which is the primary problem board and has a lot simpler challenges than the remainder of the boards, and the left two challenges on the Nefarious board (Jack Crescent and Cauldron Groupies) that are additionally simple. These may be carried out at a a lot decrease degree. Notice that degree isn’t all the pieces – you additionally want good gear!

In the event you actually consider you’re prepared for the Inn, the very best useful resource for it’s the Endgame Wiki.

Q: Why can’t I do the final Darkness Orb quests? Why don’t I’ve the Darkness orb?

A: You first want to finish the E-book 1 Ravenloss Saga. The quests are locked till then as a result of they comprise a personality you should first meet in Ravenloss. After that, you are able to do A Darkish Letter and Reminiscence-Demons for the orb.

Q: The place can I discover Secundus/The place can I purchase Chaosweaver?

A: First off, it is advisable have completed the E-book 3 Void Ship Saga. Assuming that’s carried out, from Unvoided Ravenloss, go down > down > left > up left > up, and wait in the home for 22 seconds for a portal to look. This can take you to the Fire Paradigm, the place Secundus is.

Q: Why isn’t my Soulforged weapon the factor I selected when making it/Why is my Soulforged weapon ??? factor?

A: On account of a quirk of how these weapons work, it is advisable present or view the artwork in any given login session for it to do the factor you set it to, versus ??? factor. Nonetheless, observe that in the event you reserve it as your geared up weapon, it is going to be that factor with out having to see the artwork first.

Q: The Forest Gate quest retains sending me to lifeless ends! How do I end it?

A: This quest is annoying, as a result of it’s not only one quest, it’s a number of. Every time you begin one, test your quest log (the place your E-book of Lore usually is). If the log doesn’t say Forest Gate, then exit the search and check out once more. This fashion, you received’t waste time on lifeless finish quests.

Q: The place do I get Defender’s Medals?

A: Defender’s Medals may be discovered as a uncommon drop from the E-book 3 bandits quest obtainable from the Falconreach Inn, each 5 togs within the Endless Invasion within the Inn on the Fringe of Time (each tog after 1000 togs), and infrequently from any of the fronts within the conflict within the Greenguard Alliance. Nonetheless, none of those are locations the place you may fairly farm sufficient medals for the assorted items of Defender’s gear. For that, you’ll have to attend for a conflict occasion to point out up. Then, you may simply farm medals from conflict waves. (No, Fires Over Oaklore doesn’t drop them anymore.)

In the event you’re on the lookout for some recommendation on warring, check out this guide.

Q: What’s meals?

A: Meals refers to non permanent, consumable objects you can choose up from numerous locations in Dragonfable. You utilize them in battle, and so they’ll provide you with an impact primarily based on what you ate, in addition to a “Stuffed” debuff for a number of turns that stops you from consuming extra meals whereas it’s there. This is a list of food items and their effects. Notice that lots of meals prices one Defender’s Medal to purchase.

Q: What courses are the very best/worst?

A: Oh, boy – it is a difficult query. For somebody merely taking part in via the story, virtually any class will likely be completely ample. It finally comes all the way down to what class and play type you favor. There are exceptions – attempt to not stick along with your unupgraded base class for too lengthy. They’re weak by design and are supposed to ease you into the sport. Steer clear of Shadow Hunter and Gnomish Personal Steamtank (GPS) – they’re just about simply horrible. If any class clearly appears to you want a joke class, it’s in all probability at the least lacking essential issues, if it’s not simply unhealthy total.

In the event you’re questing or farming, the factors for finest courses are easy: they want a excessive flip one injury ability in addition to a quick animation for that ability (for instance, Ninja with Huge Strike). In the event you’re going via a quest with lots of multi enemies, then it must be a category with a robust multi (for instance, Chaosweaver with Gambit > Dominance). This is applicable provided that you’re primarily involved with optimizing your velocity. In the event you’re not, use no matter you need.

Q: However which base class has the very best upgrades?

A: The Atealan base class upgrades are all very highly effective, however do various things. Riftwalker has excessive injury upfront and sustains it fairly nicely, whereas additionally having a superb defend and -Increase ability for protection. Ascendant is constructed round establishing for big bursts of harm, and has a (pretty versatile) rotation of abilities that must be adopted to take action. It sustains its injury output very nicely, and has a mediocre defend and a superb blind for protection. Cryptic is the very best tank within the recreation, with two sturdy shields, a terrific heal, and a blind, and even has stable injury for a tank class.

Strictly talking, in the event you needed to rank them in opposition to one another, Cryptic is the strongest, whereas Ascendant is the weakest. Nonetheless, all of them do various things, and they’re all very sturdy. Which one you utilize must be a matter of desire.

(By the best way, in the event you scrolled down right here from the highest, your dedication is admirable.)

Q: Who’re the Dragonfable builders?

A: Dove and Verlyrus, primarily. There are different people who find themselves in control of singular quest traces or making artwork, however these two are the primary those who work on the sport. Make certain to thank them for his or her fixed arduous work!

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