Enchant: Mark of the Hidden Satyr

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Mark of the Hidden Satyr is an enchant from the Legion World of Warcraft enlargement. There are 3 ranks accessible, and it’s a very talked-about enchant for levelling new characters, attributable to its nice harm and proc price.

For gold makers, it’s a superb enchant to spend money on, assuming your particular realm’s public sale home isn’t fully flooded.

How you can get Mark of the Hidden Satyr

Rank 1

To acquire the rank 1 enchant, you will want to finish the hunt The Absent Priestess.

The search is obtained from Priestess Driana, who’s discovered at 36.4, 34.0 in Azsuna. Nonetheless, this quest is locked inside a sequence of quests. You should first choose up the hunt Cursed, But Convenient in Dalaran (Legion) from Enchanter Nalthanis (38.6, 40.8). Following this chain will take you to The Absent Priestess.

Rank 2

Rank 2 is dropped from two completely different mobs, in Darkheart Thicket. Shade of Xavius appears to be the higher drop price, and it’s confirmed that it drops in Regular mode, that means you may endlessly farm it (inside hourly lockout restrictions).

Rank 3

Rank 3 is barely dropped from Xavius solely, from the raid The Emerald Nightmare. It’s attainable to get the drop from LFR, but it surely has a low drop probability.

Reagents wanted

To craft Mark of the Hidden Satyr you will want the next reagents:

15 – Chaos Crystal 

12 – Leylight Shard 

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