Enderal Forgotten Stories – Class Combinations Guide

A mixed listing of all the category mixtures, together with the brand new ones added with Forgotten Tales.

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So I’ve but to see a mixed information that has all of the courses presently accessible in Enderal with the latest Steam re-release so I figured right here could be a great spot to submit the data on all of the previous and new class mixtures in a single spot.

In case you don’t know already, the wiki states that ‘a number of the disciplines share particular affinities. From stage 19+ on, the 2 disciplines with the very best variety of AND a minimal of 10 Reminiscence Factors invested into every of their Reminiscence Bushes will unlock a particular class, granting bonuses to a few of your stats and expertise, in addition to sure particular results. Just one particular class could be lively at a time, and placing extra Reminiscence Factors into a 3rd self-discipline can change the lively particular class.’

It has additionally been said to be doable to alter your class for those who acquire extra factors in one other mixture. So for instance, having 10 factors in Elementalism and Sinistrope will grant you the Black Mage class, however then placing 11 factors into Keeper will change your class from Black Mage to Darkish Keeper as a substitute.

Enderal Courses

The next courses have been included on the launch of the unique mod, and canopy the mixtures of the Rogue, Warrior, and Mage courses.

Disciplines Affinity
Elementalist / Thaumaturge / Sinistrope Arcane Archer
Boosts Archery, Elementalism and Gentle Magic.
An arrow fired throughout the impact of “Eye of the Storm” will likely be adopted up by a Spectral Arrow which briefly paralyzes the goal.
Blade Dancer Murderer
Boosts Stealth, One-Handed.
You progress way more quietly and acquire a further 10% likelihood for vital hits.
Keeper Darkish Keeper
Boosts HP, Heavy Armor, Entropy.
Efficiently utilizing “Devour Soul” will briefly improve your harm.
Blade Dancer Blade Grasp
Boosts HP, Stamina, One-Handed, Two-Handed.
Completely will increase your melee harm.
Elementalist Battlemage
Boosts HP, Mana, Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Elementalism.
Killing an enemy with “Shock Nova” briefly will increase the harm of your spells and weapons by 8%. Stacks 3x.
Vandal / Keeper
Blade Dancer Blade Breaker
Boosts HP, One-Handed, Carry Capability.
Your hits will lower the harm resistance of your enemies.
Sinistrope Shadow Dancer
Boosts Sneak, Entropy, and Psionics.
Enemies you kill whereas marked with “Ghostwalk” will rise as your minions to struggle for you.
Elementalist Black Mage
Boosts Mana, Elementalism, Entropy.
“Shock Nova” will take in a number of the HP and Mana of your enemies.
Thaumaturge Seraph
Boosts HP, Mana, Heavy Armor, Gentle Magic.
Keeper / Vandal
Trickster Effectively-Travelled One
Boosts Stamina, Gentle Armor, Archery.
Each “Hearth Arrow” you fireplace will trigger a further small explosion.

Forgotten Tales Courses

The next courses have been added with the re-release on Steam of Enderal:Forgotten Tales, and embody all of the mixtures with the brand new Lycanthorpe and Phasmalist courses. Additionally it is price noting that the Lycanthorpe class mixtures have distinctive appears for every transformation.

Required Reminiscence Bushes Identify Impact
Lycanthrope/Vagrant Drifter Brewed Chemica are stronger. You may have as much as 3 Chemicas lively without delay.
Lycanthrope/ Infiltrator Throat Ripper Extra sneaking harm in Wolf Kind. When sneaking in Wolf Kind acquire invisibility for a short while (60s cooldown).
Lycanthrope /Blade Dancer or Vandal Ravager/Brute(No direct translation from German so each are doable) Achieve 7 further Claw harm and, whereas in Wolf Kind, deal 5% elevated harm for 7 seconds after killing an enemy(as much as 25%).
Lycanthrope/ Sinistrope Ravager/Brute(see above) Achieve 7 Pace(undecided what stat that is or what the right English equal is) and the lively capacity Bloodbath, which lets your assaults take in some well being for a short while whereas in Wolf Kind.
Lycanthrope/ Thaumaturge Scourge of the woods 15% extra life and armor whereas in Wolf Kind and the lively capacity Colossus, which briefly will increase dimension, resistances, armor and well being in Wolf Kind
Lycanthrope/ Elementalist Druid Elemental Chemica have extra impact and also you mechanically forged Shock Nova when reworking right into a Wolf.
Lycanthrope/Phasmalist Soul Caller Will increase Alchemy and Enchanting by 5. Your Apparition additionally transforms right into a Wolf.
Phasmalist/ Infiltrator or Trickster Ghost Blade Will increase enchanting, sneak and archery by 6. After you carry out a sneak assault, your apparition teleports to the enemy and likewise assaults them.
Phasmalist/ Sinistrope Ritualist Will increase Mana by 20, enchanting and entropy by 6. Your Apparition is strengthened when you have a summoned creature.
Phasmalist/ Vandal or Keeper or Blade Dancer Spectral Warrior Will increase one- and two-handed by 6, entropy(typo?) by 7. Your stances additionally apply to your Apparition(max. 1).

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