Endless Space 2 – A Guide to Cravers

This information will cowl the ins and outs of the Cravers, each for inexperienced persons and gamers seeking to enhance the issue stage as much as Countless.

Faction Overview

Cravers, like all of the factions in ES2, have a number of defining options that can closely have an effect on their recreation play, so we’ll cowl these first simply so what you’re moving into.

Inhabitants: Craver inhabitants are politically militarist, and generated 150% FIDSI from non-depleted planets (see subsequent). Which means Cravers can get off to a blinding begin in comparison with different factions, and you must anticipate to be high of the rating board for many of the early recreation because of this inhabitants bonus alone.

Depletion: Cravers will deplete planets per Craver inhabitants on planets. The speed of depletion depends upon the dimensions of the planet, the variety of Cravers on it, and the sport pace, which might make quicker recreation speeds a little bit of a battle in case you get a foul begin. As soon as depleted, a planet will solely produce 50% FIDSI. It is a significant issue in case your planets deplete too quickly.

Slave Drivers: That is your faction affinity, and it implies that all non-Craver populations on planets with Cravers will produce 50% additional FIDSI, at the price of -10 approval. To be clear, a planet with 1 Craver, and 10 non-Cravers will trigger a -100 approval malus. If you happen to transfer the Craver, the malus not takes impact, however nor do the FIDSI bonuses. This trait additionally means Cravers develop twice as quick as some other inhabitants. You possibly can preserve a stability of Craver to non-Craver inhabitants by utilizing luxurious boosters within the inhabitants display screen to double the expansion charge of minor pops, or by sustaining a couple of minor pop on a system. For instance, with no boosters, a planet with a single Craver and Haroshem will develop at a 2:1 ratio respectively. With a booster on the Haroshems, it’ll develop at a 1:1 ratio. With two minor pop varieties it’ll additionally develop at a 1:1 ratio. Two minor pops boosted, it’ll develop at a 2:1 ratio in favour of the minors. That is necessary to know when making an attempt to scale back the variety of Cravers (so depletion) in your planets.

Autocracy: Cravers get their very own authorities sort – Autocracy. This offers you two beginning regulation slots, in addition to the power regulation, making it nearly as good as democracy in early recreation. The regulation slots won’t ever enhance nonetheless, and you can’t change authorities. Importantly, programs won’t ever insurgent beneath autocracy, even with big minus approval.

Everlasting Warfare: Cravers can nearly by no means be at peace. The one exception to that is if in case you have pacifists in your senate.

With these elements in thoughts, we will already get an image of how Cravers work – it’s going to be about inhabitants administration, approval administration, and warfare.

Adjustments #Nerfs and Buffs

Nerfs: The most important nerf for Cravers in current patches is that going to struggle with minor factions not provides +25 approval from the militarist power regulation. Trying to find minors to declare struggle on within the early recreation was a staple of Craver early recreation play as you might preserve excessive ranges of approval even with bigger non-Craver populations. This has made the Craver early recreation tougher and you’ll now want to observe your inhabitants and approval extra rigorously.

Buffs: Consuming planets moderately than having to overcome them means you possibly can handle your system overcolonisation approval way more simply. Now you can select to take necessary programs, and go away the remainder.

Buffs: Obliterators make supremacy victories simpler. If there’s a distant dwelling system that can be troublesome to overcome, you possibly can merely destroy it until it has appropriate ranges of safety.


With among the adjustments within the patches, the variety of optimum methods has elevated. I’ll talk about three Craver methods right here. The usual militarist, the all-in militarist, and the spiritual technique. Every have their advantages and disadvantages.

Normal militarist

  • Benefits: Nonetheless most likely essentially the most optimum technique as Cravers, though it now takes slightly extra micro administration.
  • Disadvantages: The micromanagement, and the potential of an remoted begin.
  • Victory Sort: Supremacy

Normal militarist revolves round holding your Craver inhabitants pretty low for the early recreation utilizing manpower conversion, getting early inhabitants diversification by conquest, and rising that inhabitants utilizing luxurious sources within the inhabitants display screen. The thought is to utilize slave drivers to get essentially the most FIDSI out of your pops in addition to holding your depletion charges low. 2-3 Cravers per planet is a cheerful medium.

To handle approval within the early recreation, you have to to utilise approval buildings, declaring struggle in your nearest neighbour, and in a pinch the Toys for Boys regulation, and shifting your inhabitants round. Your major focus within the early recreation apart from getting established is to find close by enemy homeworlds and conquer them.

The crux of the technique depends upon two components. The primary is utilizing the Us vs Them regulation which ought to open up on flip 60 on regular pace. It will majorly offset any approval issues you’re operating into, permitting you to take care of that prime slave non-Craver pop. With the regulation, every homeworld you personal provides you with 20 approval. Two captured homeworlds plus Husk, plus a struggle with one other participant will web you 85 approval. This approval increase, together with buildings ought to final you nearly all of the sport hovering between content material and glad.

The second is the late recreation kill change. As soon as your approval is starting to dive once more by conquests and excessive slave inhabitants, you’ll wish to change to utilizing Feeding Pits excessively, and utilizing luxuries to spice up your individual Craver inhabitants. The rationale for that is manifold. The primary is that it’s going to once more remedy your approval issues. The second is your Craver inhabitants bonus at 50, which provides a 1% increase to ship and infantry energy per depleted planet. The thought is that you just now wish to end the sport as quick as attainable, so by laying waste to your individual planets by rising the depletion charge, you’re rising your army energy to the extent essential to make that ultimate push.

All Craver methods rely upon managing approval ranges, so briefly the best way the usual militarist technique does that is:

  • Early Recreation – Warfare with neighbour, approval buildings, pop administration.
  • Mid Recreation – Identical as above, plus Us vs Them.
  • Late Recreation – Identical as above, change from Us vs Them to the ultimate army regulation for army energy, use Feeding pits.

Non secular Cravers

  • Benefits: Much less mid recreation micromanagement, much less weak to remoted begins, doubtlessly very excessive FIDSI output because of much less depletion and excessive slave inhabitants.
  • Disadvantages: Probably decrease FIDSI output because of no Completely happy or Ecstatic bonuses, extra early recreation approval issues.
  • Victory Sort: Conquest

The spiritual Craver technique is just like the SM technique in sustaining a low Craver to excessive non-Craver inhabitants. The distinction is in the best way it handles the approval issues. As a substitute of warfare, and Us vs Them, you’ll rely upon the third spiritual regulation to power preserve approval to content material on all planets.

It is a double edged sword . In its favour is having programs with one Craver per planet and the remainder be minor pops, giving 50% extra FIDSI and little or no depletion. Towards it’s that you’ll by no means get any approval bonuses, and you’ll be sacrificing militarist struggle approval by switching to spiritual. There’s a 40 flip window between getting the power content material regulation, and switching to spiritual, an managing your approval in that point might be fairly troublesome. Whether or not or not switching to spiritual or not is price it principally depends upon whether or not you might have maintained greater approval by staying militarist or not. In pursuing a supremacy victory the place you solely take necessary programs, the reply to that is that you just most likely may. A conquest victory nonetheless is tougher for militarists given the overcolonisation maluses, so if that is the victory sort you want to pursue, then spiritual is superior. Which victory sort you want to pursue will rely closely on private desire, and what you handle to scout in these first 20 turns. Two close by enemy homeworlds? Go militarist. Trying remoted and in for an extended recreation? Go spiritual.

Keep in mind the important thing to getting essentially the most of this technique is by having the bottom quantity of Craver pop per planet, however a minimum of one. This will get a bit fiddly. Additionally do not forget that Feeding Pits is just not very efficient with this technique as you don’t get approval. You may wish to make the kill change transfer anyway by cancelling that regulation, once more to get the increase in army energy.

The Navy All-In

In all probability essentially the most satisfying Craver technique, nevertheless it’s fairly dangerous and solely strive it if in case you have a great beginning place with some good programs round it.

  • Benefits – Enjoyable, unbelievable early and mid recreation, feels Cravery (nom nom)
  • Disadvantages – You possibly can find yourself with a lifeless economic system in a short time, begin dependent
  • Victory Sort – Conquest or Supremacy

That is all about utilizing Feeding Pits and luxurious boosters in your Craver inhabitants (against your minor populations). Approval administration this time comes from utilizing Feeding Pits and warfare, with the aim of entrance ending your FIDSI output as a lot as attainable. Mainly, any extra of past +1 minor pop will get eaten, and your Craver pop will get boosted including an additional +2 FIDS per Craver pop. Keep in mind with the 50% bonus your Cravers get on undepleted planets, that is successfully +3 FIDS per Craver, which is extraordinarily robust.

You’ll deplete worlds fairly quick doing this, however additionally, you will construct that fifty Craver pop quickly leading to a faster increase to army energy. This manner of enjoying additionally removes any approval issues permitting you to take care of ecstatic on all programs. You continue to wish to switch minor pops by way of area port to all of your programs so you possibly can eat the surplus.

The general result’s an unparalleled army presence all recreation, but when for no matter motive you do lose conquest momentum, your possibilities of victory severely dwindle. Clearly keep militarist for this technique.


Cravers have wonderful ships, solely actually rivalled by the Riftborn and to a lesser extent, UE. They’ve wonderful troops, solely outclassed by Vodyani, they usually have the most important fleets within the recreation. Large fleets is admittedly the place the magic lies, though the bonus wanes as the sport goes on. It provides you +2 command factors on fleet, which is large early on.

Fleets must be constructed nearly as quickly as your first system has all the fundamental meals, science and business buildings. Your beginning hero must also be used as a fleet hero for the whole lot of the sport, first as one other scout, then as a full on commander. Craver heroes get bonuses to projectile injury in case you select to make use of them as fleet heroes, so it could be greatest to give attention to slugs and rail weapons in your ships. Hyperium beams are good counters to enemy laser weapons because of rising their cooldown, so I have a tendency to love a mix of slugs, rail, and beams for my ships to counter as a lot as attainable.

You have to be stocked to the rafters with manpower in case you had been managing your inhabitants proper. If you happen to conquer a system, you possibly can disband a fleet to the hangar to refill it’s manpower even if you’re not in your affect zone. Simply watch out to not get your lone hero ambushed throughout the refill.
By no means cease taking good programs, and all the time focus the homeworlds as beforehand said. It will stave off approval loss from growth for a substantial period of time. It’s at this level chances are you’ll want to begin excited about utilizing Toy for Boys to push back that approval loss.

Make sure that to remain on high of troop upgrades, and at any time when you will have sufficient to construct in your programs, seize extra army tech to improve and add to your fleets. And bear in mind – newly conquered programs want these minor pop varieties too.


The questline deserves a quick point out each when it comes to how good it’s in some methods, and dangerous in others. There’s just about just one strategy to go along with the questline that is smart if you wish to win at greater ranges

1. Select intercept the ship – provides you a T2 Cruiser, permits you to take out a neighbour simply. The bonus for the opposite line of this can be a constructing that offers you extra line of sight – it’s costly, it’s terrible, and it’s a must to construct it to progress.

2. Select Reyaryn – It’s an incredible hero for fleet, and Craver heroes are pretty OP governors with their ultimate Craver talent, so that you’ll most likely wish to make Solutus a governor early on.

3. Select the hunt that improves fleets led by heroes – it’s a ridiculously good reward, particularly in comparison with the opposite manpower increase.

4. Doesn’t actually matter, but when I needed to make the selection, Insatiable Maw is a lot better. It’s only a bit tougher to realize, and in case you by no means get spherical to it you gained’t actually miss it.
So the bonuses are nice, disgrace there isn’t a bit extra flexibility within the selections, however the different awards and bonuses actually don’t examine.

That mentioned, if you wish to mess around with the opposite components of the questline, by all means get pleasure from! Simply keep in mind that you just could be shedding an enormous benefit, but when issues are going properly anyway, then why not?

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