Enter the Gungeon How to unlock Robot!

A fast information on how you can unlock the key character, Robotic.

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Step 1: The Elevator

By speaking to the elevator dude, you can provide him provides to open up, what’s essentialy, quick journey to every chamber.

To search out him, fall down the opening the place the elevator as soon as was after it drops firstly of Chamber 2.

Right here’s what the quick journey room seems to be like:

Step 2: The Tv

When you’ve jumped down the elevator shaft (publish improve) you must come throughout a Damaged Tv.

Choose up the tv and maintain it in your merchandise slot till you attain the Blacksmith Chamber 5. (The final one)

The kicker right here is dodge rolling drops the tv, so if the necessity to dodge roll comes, be sure you choose the tv up ASAP. (If gadgets are dropped and the participant leaves the room the merchandise has been dropped in, a rat by the identify of R.R will take the merchandise and go away a be aware)

The necessity might come up to throw the T.V over gaps utilizing RT for controller customers or Area Bar for PC controls. To get probably the most distance, get a run up and on the fringe of the platform you’re on, throw the tv onto the following platform. It’s a bit dangerous so simply take your time. Once more be certain that to select it up.

Step 3: The Blacksmith

When you’ve made it by means of to Chamber 5, search all rooms till you come throughout The Blacksmith.

Merely speak to her and she or he’ll ask for the tv. Hand it over and for no value, she’ll make the Robotic!

Step 4: Get pleasure from Robotic!

After enduring the backbreaking work to unlock him, get proper again into it with this neat character.

Robotic beginning gear contains:

  • Weapon – Robotic’s Proper Hand
  • Merchandise – Coolant Leak
  • Passive – Battery Bullets

Essentialy, Coolant Leak sprays an space with coolant (acts like water) which may extinguish fires.

Battery Bullets causes any water patch and coolant patch that bullets cross over to change into electrified, which damages enemies.

Bullet Character Noticed

Discovered 1 of 5 Caped Bullets wanted for the Bullet Character. On my fortieth or so run.

2/5 noticed.

Up to date: 19.8.2018

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