Epic Battle Fantasy 5 – Code Breaking

This information exhibits you some codes that reveal chests.


The Code Breaker achievement is earned by getting into in one of many video games hidden codes. Fortunately we get clues as to what these codes are. There are 6 codes, 5 within the forgotten temple and 1 within the jungle, that every reveal a chest and can earn this achievement.

Jungle Code

At one level within the jungle you’ll come throughout aset of 5 levers. Prepare them like this to make a hidden chest fall from the sky and earn teh Code Breaker achievement. That is the earliest level to earn the achievement.

Temple Codes

Within the Temple space you’ll discover a set of 9 pedestals to put flowers on. There are 5 flower preparations that can make chests fall from the sky and earn the Code Breaker achievement.

Extra of this kind of factor:

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