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The aim of this ESO race information is to element the advantages granted by every race in ESO, and the way they relate to the 4 PvE roles – Magicka and Stamina DPS, Healers and Tanks – in such a method that must be accessible for novices however doubtlessly nonetheless have worth to extra skilled gamers. 

The entire numbers and values quoted listed below are available in-game or on UESP, however I’m but to see a information that assesses how each race pertains to each function, reasonably than itemizing one or two they’re most suited to. It’s been well-established in the neighborhood for a very long time now that many gamers will select the race they like for aesthetic or lore causes, reasonably than for his or her stats. As such, this information will focus on the extent to which race makes a distinction, and consider how all racial bonuses relate to all 4 roles.

Every race will probably be given a grade in every function, from A to D. An A grade implies that race is probably going purpose-built for that function, with a number of good bonuses. B means they’ve fewer or smaller related bonuses. C means they contribute little or no, besides typically extra area of interest or gimmicky bonuses of restricted general use. D signifies a race contributes nothing in any respect or nothing price noting to the function. Observe that these tiers are primarily based round extra conventional builds, to maintain the information easy. As such it won’t precisely mirror sure much less widespread builds like higher-damage Tanks and Stamina Warden Healers.

Does race matter?

Virtually any time a participant asks which race they need to be utilizing for a specific function, they are going to be suggested by somebody that race doesn’t actually matter, that it gained’t have an effect on their construct except they’re taking part in veteran Trials for leaderboard scores. There may be some benefit to this argument – all content material might be cleared by a group taking part in suboptimal races – however over time I’ve more and more discovered it a dismissive viewpoint that ignores a number of related components.

No matter a participant’s talent stage, they are going to often have entry to content material that challenges them (except skilled gamers levelling new characters), whether or not that’s going for first-time clears, achievements or pushing for top scores in veteran Trials. In these circumstances, it sounds apparent to say that any enhance to their related stats is welcome. In case your DPS had been that little bit greater, the boss may need died earlier than its mechanics wiped the get together, or you could possibly have succeeded that speedrun achievement reasonably than failing by a number of seconds. For those who’d had that little bit extra well being, that assault wouldn’t have killed you, or in case your maintain was higher you could possibly have dodged or blocked it. 

Such marginal circumstances solely happen not often, nonetheless, and whereas racial bonuses may very well be one contributory issue, there are much more vital ones at play. Are you taking part in your function correctly, are you utilizing good tools, are you responding correctly to the combat’s mechanics, are you and your teammates coordinated, did you make any foolish errors at a essential second? Whenever you lose a combat or fail an achievement, often there will probably be a extra vital purpose than not taking a small statistical benefit. 

For many content material, racial bonuses give extra margin for error, for each your individual and your teammates’ errors and shortcomings. If the DPS has greater injury numbers to start with, skipping the odd mild assault will matter much less. If the Tank isn’t receiving sufficient therapeutic, both from themselves or from the Healer, having greater well being, resistances and maintain would possibly assist them keep alive. Racial bonuses aren’t the type of distinction which might be prone to make or break a gaggle – they aren’t essential to clear content material – however they can provide you a neater and fewer aggravating time.

An in depth check taken within the Wrathstone patch, which gave us the racial values we’ve got at the moment, discovered a 5% DPS distinction at most between the best and lowest races for every class. This predates the Skill Audit that was seen over the latest patches, and the outcomes could differ barely if the check was repeated within the present model of the sport, but it surely offers a good measure of how a lot distinction must be anticipated between one of the best and worst races as a DPS participant.

In fact, numbers and stats are just one aspect of the story. The explanation this debate exists is as a result of folks like sure races greater than others. Maybe they just like the aesthetics or the lore, or they’ve a selected backstory in thoughts, or it’s a race they performed in one other TES recreation. Many gamers, myself included, merely benefit from the recreation extra with a personality they like than with one who’s strictly optimum. Within the phrases of Woeler, well-known for being one of many group’s greatest Tank gamers, and taking part in a Khajiit at a time there was no benefit to doing so: “You could play an Argonian, however you’ll by no means be fluffy.”

Record of Races

Altmer (Excessive Elves)


Highborn – Will increase your expertise achieve with the Destruction Employees talent line by 15%. Will increase your expertise gained by 1%

Spell Recharge – Whenever you activate a category capability, you restore 640 Magicka or Stamina, primarily based on whichever is lowest. This impact can happen as soon as each 6 seconds. When you’re utilizing a capability with a channel or solid time, you’re taking 5% much less injury.

Syrabane’s Boon – Will increase your Max Magicka by 2000.

Elemental Expertise – Will increase your Spell Injury by 258.


Magicka DPS – A – Altmer have the mixture of the joint-highest Max Magicka and Spell Injury, whereas most of their rivals have just one or the opposite. Their Spell Recharge will help survivability, permitting them to maintain Blocking, Dodging and Breaking Free extra simply than different Magicka builds.

Stamina DPS – D – No Altmer passives profit a Stamina construct a lot. Spell Recharge will barely scale back injury taken when utilizing Flurry, Snipe or Uppercut, and each different bonus will revolve round utilizing Magicka. 

Healer – B – The identical advantages as Magicka DPS are nonetheless relevant right here. Altmer therapeutic output is among the many greatest, however they haven’t any passives to assist Magicka maintain, which places them behind the A-tier races. 

Tank – C – Whereas they could not obtain any Well being or Resistance bonuses, the Altmer’s Spell Recharge will assist a Tank’s Magicka maintain considerably, serving to their help skills, self-heals and shields. 



Amphibian – Will increase your expertise achieve with the Restoration Employees talent line by 15%. Will increase your swimming velocity by 50%.

Life Mender – Will increase your therapeutic finished by 6%.

Argonian Resistance – Will increase your Max Well being by 1000 and your Illness Resistance by 2310. Achieve immunity to the Diseased standing impact.

Resourceful – Will increase your Max Magicka by 1000. Whenever you drink a potion, you restore 4000 Well being, Magicka and Stamina.


Magicka DPS – B – The Resourceful passive could be very good, however in any other case, Argonians are usually not actually constructed for DPS. The maintain from this passive is geared in direction of serving to all sources, and as such does much less for a Magicka construct than extra specialised races.

Stamina DPS – C – Improved potion maintain from Resourceful is the one vital profit to Stamina builds. Even that’s much less helpful than it’s for Magicka builds, as their survivability is improved by having extra Stamina to Block and Dodge with, whereas Stamina builds doubtless haven’t any use for the Magicka this passive offers.

Healer – A – Argonians mix stronger heals with a very good maintain bonus, and even get extra Well being for good measure. In comparison with Bretons, they’ve extra highly effective heals and higher survivability, however even with their higher potions, their maintain will nonetheless fall behind.

Tank – A – Most likely your best option for a newbie Tank, and nonetheless a robust choice for the specialists. That is principally because of the Resourceful passive, which could be very helpful for Tank maintain, however having excessive Max Well being and therapeutic finished (which incorporates self-heals) could be very useful as properly. 

Bosmer (Wooden Elves)


Acrobat – Will increase your expertise achieve with the Bow talent line by 15%. Decreases your fall injury taken by 10%.

Hunter’s Eye – Will increase your stealth detection radius by 3 meters. Will increase your motion velocity by 10% and your Bodily and Spell Penetration by 1500 for six seconds after you employ Roll Dodge.

Y’ffre’s Endurance – Will increase your Stamina Restoration by 258.

Resist Affliction – Will increase your Max Stamina by 2000 and Poison Resistance by 2310. Achieve immunity to the Poisoned standing impact.


Magicka DPS – D – Only a few related bonuses. Whereas Bosmer can get additional Spell Penetration from Dodging, making an attempt to take care of excessive uptime will value a variety of Stamina, and waste time you could possibly have been utilizing abilities.

Stamina DPS – A – The Bosmer’s excessive Stamina Restoration and Max Stamina enable them to deal greater injury with much less stress on maintain than most races. Whereas not the easiest on this class, as their maintain often nonetheless falls behind the otherwise-comparable Redguards, they’re a really robust choice nonetheless.

Healer – D – Basically no related bonuses to conventional therapeutic builds, as mirrored by their tier. As a aspect word, nonetheless, they’re a really well-suited alternative for the uncommon Stamina Warden Healer.

Tank – C – The Max Stamina is sweet, however Bosmer don’t contribute a lot else to this function. Stamina Restoration is about to 0 whereas Blocking, so Bosmer Tanks gained’t get full worth from that bonus. The motion velocity enhance after Roll Dodging will help keep away from AoE assaults in some conditions.



Opportunist – Will increase your expertise achieve with the Gentle Armor talent line by 15%. Will increase your Alliance Factors gained by 1%.

Present of Magnus – Will increase your Max Magicka by 2000.

Spell Attunement – Will increase your Spell Resistance by 2310. This impact is doubled in case you are stricken with Burning, Chilled, or Concussed. Will increase your Magicka Restoration by 100.

Magicka Mastery – Reduces the Magicka value of your skills by 7%.


Magicka DPS – A – The highest race for Magicka maintain, attributable to their mixture of Restoration and value discount passives. This makes them a robust alternative for a DPS race, attributable to requiring fewer Heavy Assaults and never needing to construct for maintain as a lot as different races.

Stamina DPS – D – Bretons have solely Magicka-related bonuses and, apart from a small bonus to Spell Resistance, contribute nothing helpful to a Stamina construct.

Healer – A – Although Orbs and Springs can not be spammed, a Healer construct nonetheless makes use of a variety of costly abilities that profit drastically from the Bretons’ excessive maintain. Their Magicka Restoration and value discount will give even higher maintain than Argonians, and although they lack the bonus to therapeutic finished, their Max Magicka is greater. This makes them your best option for many Healer builds.

Tank – B – As Tanks depend on many Magicka abilities for help and survival, the Bretons’ maintain bonuses are very helpful to them. Their additional Spell Resistance is sweet, however not prone to quantity to a lot and whereas their Magicka maintain will probably be incredible by Tank requirements, they supply no assist to Stamina.

Dunmer (Darkish Elves)


Ashlander – Will increase your expertise achieve with the Twin Wield talent line by 15%. Reduces your injury taken from environmental lava by 50%.

Dynamic – Will increase your Max Magicka and Max Stamina by 1875.

Resist Flame – Will increase your Flame Resistance by 2310. Achieve immunity to the Burning standing impact.

Ruination – Will increase your Weapon and Spell Injury by 258.


Magicka DPS – A – The identical Spell Injury because the Altmer, and solely 125 much less Max Magicka, making them extraordinarily comparable when it comes to effectiveness. For essentially the most half, the 2 might be handled as an aesthetic distinction.

Stamina DPS – A – Equally to their efficiency in Magicka roles, Dunmer have the identical Weapon Injury as Orcs, with solely a negligible distinction in Max Stamina, although they do lack the survivability advantages.

Healer – B – Once more functioning virtually identically to the Altmer, the excessive Max Magicka and Spell Injury make Dunmer a good selection for Healers, although their lack of maintain passives places the 2 races barely behind Argonians and Bretons.

Tank – C – Whereas Tanks respect the upper Max Magicka and Stamina, there may be little else on supply right here. The Spell Injury could marginally enhance the debuff a Dragonknight Tank will get from their Engulfing Flames, however in any other case the injury bonuses won’t contribute a lot.


Observe – The Imperial race is barely obtainable with the acquisition of the Imperial Version DLC.


Diplomat – Will increase your expertise achieve with the One Hand and Defend talent line by 15%. Will increase your gold gained by 1%.

Powerful – Will increase your Max Well being by 2000.

Imperial Mettle – Will increase your Max Stamina by 2000.

Purple Diamond – Reduces the price of all of your skills by 3%. Whenever you deal direct injury, you heal your self for 333 and restore 333 Magicka and Stamina. This impact can happen as soon as each 5 seconds.


Magicka DPS – C – Imperial bonuses are principally not constructed for Magicka, however the Purple Diamond passive does present some helpful maintain and cheaper Ultimates. Their Well being bonuses are appreciated, particularly to much less skilled gamers and teams.

Stamina DPS – B – Imperials get a big bonus to Max Stamina, on high of getting the identical benefit from the Purple Diamond passive as listed above. That is smaller than the maintain bonus loved by races like Redguards and Bosmer, but in addition contributes just a little to survivability and cheaper Ultimates.

Healer – B – Larger Well being, higher maintain and cheaper Warhorns are all helpful to a Healer. Imperials fall quick of their lack of Max Magicka passives, and consequently weaker heals, however their good maintain compensates to a level.

Tank – A – Imperial bonuses are very properly suited to Tanking, with the best Max Well being, joint-highest Max Stamina, good maintain in all sources, and cheaper Ultimates. They’re essentially the most well-rounded A-tier Tank race general, with advantages that apply to each side of the function.



Cutpurse – Will increase your expertise achieve with the Medium Armor talent line by 15%. Will increase your likelihood to efficiently pickpocket by 5%.

Robustness – Will increase your Well being Restoration by 100 and your Stamina and Magicka Restoration by 85.

Lunar Blessings – Will increase your Most Well being, Magicka and Stamina by 825.

Feline Ambush – Will increase your Essential Injury and Essential Therapeutic by 10%. Decreases your detection radius in Stealth by 3 meters.


Magicka DPS – A – Whereas their Max Magicka bonus is smaller than different DPS races, the Khajiit’s greater Essential Injury is a big bonus. Their greater Magicka Restoration offers marginally higher maintain than another A-tier races.

Stamina DPS – A – Khajiit have the identical benefits to Stamina as they do to Magicka, with each with the ability to make comparable use of their elevated Essential Injury. As such, they’re equally viable in both. 

Healer – B – Healers could have decrease Spell Essential than Magicka DPS, so whereas the Khajiit have elevated Essential Therapeutic, it is going to be a much less substantial bonus than their Essential Injury is for DPS. That being stated, they’re nonetheless a robust consideration general, with good therapeutic output and a small maintain bonus.

Tank – B – This one is on the borderline between B and C-tier, with good bonuses throughout the board, however no specific stand-out options. Larger Max Well being, Magicka and Stamina, and Magicka Restoration are all useful to a Tank. The increase to Essential Therapeutic can assist survivability considerably, although it’s unreliable with a Tank’s low Essential stats.



Reveler – Will increase your expertise achieve with the Two Handed talent line by 15%. Will increase the length of any consumed drink by quarter-hour.

Resist Frost – Will increase your Max Well being by 1000 and Chilly Resistance by 2310. Achieve immunity to the Chilled standing impact.

Stalwart – Will increase your Max Stamina by 1500. Whenever you take injury, you achieve 5 Final. This will happen as soon as each 10 seconds.

Rugged – Will increase your Bodily and Spell Resistance by 3960.


Magicka DPS – D – Whereas they could be sturdy, Nords haven’t any bonuses that assist deal extra injury with Magicka skills, apart from barely sooner Final era.

Stamina DPS – C – Nords have excessive Max Stamina, however are in any other case missing in the way in which of harm passives. Their additional Final will make a small contribution, and their immunity to the Chilled standing could forestall their injury from being briefly debuffed on uncommon events.

Healer – C – Though missing in Magicka passives, a Nord Healer would respect the marginally sooner Final era to enhance Aggressive Horn uptime or to save lots of the get together in an emergency with a talent like Barrier or the Necromancer’s Reanimate. Their survivability passives will help preserve a Healer working via excessive incoming injury.

Tank – A – Tanks profit drastically from the Nords’ excessive Resistances and Max Well being, and make higher use of their Final era passive than every other function. In comparison with different A-tier Tank races, Nords have essentially the most troublesome maintain, however are essentially the most sturdy and might solid Ultimates sooner.

Orsimer (Orcs)


Craftsman – Will increase your expertise achieve with the Heavy Armor talent line by 15%. Will increase your crafting inspiration gained by 10%.

Brawny – Will increase your Max Stamina by 2000.

Unflinching Rage – Will increase your Max Well being by 1000. Whenever you deal injury with a Weapon capability, you heal for 600 Well being. This will happen as soon as each 4 seconds.

Swift Warrior – Will increase your Weapon Injury by 258. Reduces the price of Dash by 12% and will increase the Motion Velocity bonus of Dash by 10%.


Magicka DPS – D – The heal from Unflinching Rage applies to all Weapon skills, together with Magicka ones, however in any other case there’s nothing related right here.

Stamina DPS – A – Orsimer tie with Dunmer for highest Weapon Injury, but in addition have barely greater Max Stamina, higher survivability, and might Dash sooner. They haven’t any bonus to maintain, but when that may be managed, they will deal extra injury than every other Stamina race.

Healer – D – In most conditions, Orsimer don’t have anything to supply to this function in addition to just a little additional survivability. The Dash increase is perhaps good if you find yourself in a very dangerous PUG.

Tank – B – Larger Max Well being and Stamina is all the time useful to a Tank. The extra self-healing from Unflinching Rage will probably be appreciated, however as a Tank could have highly effective sources of self-healing already, it can in lots of conditions show much less helpful than a bonus to maintain would have been. 



Wayfarer – Will increase your expertise achieve with the One Hand and Defend talent Line by 15%. Will increase the length of any eaten meals by quarter-hour.

Martial Coaching – Reduces the price of your weapon skills by 8%. Reduces the effectiveness of snares utilized to you by 15%. 

Conditioning – Will increase your Max Stamina by 2000.

Adrenaline Rush – Whenever you deal direct injury, you restore 950 Stamina. This impact can happen as soon as each 5 seconds.


Magicka DPS – C – The Martial Coaching passive applies to Magicka and Final prices, and as such will profit the maintain and injury of Magicka builds considerably. Nevertheless, solely their weapon abilities will probably be affected by this, whereas their class and guild skills are usually not, and so they obtain no different Magicka bonus.

Stamina DPS – A – Redguards have one of the best Stamina maintain of any race, with cheaper weapon skills and the Adrenaline Rush passive, and achieve an extra injury enhance from their excessive Max Stamina. Their Final value discount could not assist lessons like Necromancers and Wardens, who will usually favor their class Ultimates, however will probably be helpful to builds working a weapon Final corresponding to Ballista.

Healer – D – The maintain assist from Martial Coaching will probably be appreciated by Healers, however they won’t get diminished prices on a lot of their costlier skills like Vitality Orb and lots of class abilities. Their diminished Final prices will even not apply to the commonly-used Healer Ultimates like Aggressive Warhorn and Barrier.

Tank – B – The extra Stamina maintain from Adrenaline Rush can contribute considerably in serving to a Tank to repeatedly block. Nevertheless, they are going to achieve little profit from the Martial Coaching passive, as most Tank builds use only some weapon skills and no weapon Ultimates. 

report this advertESO Race Information Abstract

To summarise, race alternative could make a sure distinction in efficiency, however on the similar time that distinction can simply be overstated. Whereas as acknowledged earlier than, an optimum race will make all content material simpler and provides extra margin for error, it is just strictly required for the very hardest content material, that almost all gamers won’t ever contact. As such, gamers usually should resolve for themselves whether or not stats or aesthetics and lore are extra vital to them – except, in fact, their favorite race can also be the optimum one for the function they wish to play.

For fast reference, all races are listed under, sorted by function. For elaboration on these rankings, see the related part underneath every race.

Magicka DPS:

A-tier – Altmer, Bretons, Dunmer, Khajiit

B-tier – Argonians

C-tier – Imperials, Redguards

D-tier – Bosmer, Nords, Orsimer

Stamina DPS:

A-tier – Bosmer, Dunmer, Khajiit, Orsimer, Redguards

B-tier – Imperials

C-tier – Argonians, Nords

D-tier – Altmer, Bretons


A-tier – Argonians, Bretons

B-tier – Altmer, Dunmer, Imperials, Khajiit

C-tier – Nords

D-tier – Bosmer, Orsimer, Redguards


A-tier – Argonians, Imperials, Nords

B-tier – Bretons, Khajiit, Orsimer, Redguards

C-tier – Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer

D-tier – None; Tanks use all stats so all races have advantages

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