Faerie Solitaire Harvest Beginners Guide

Harvest shouldn’t be your regular solitaire recreation, and might be complicated to new gamers. I’m engaged on a collection of movies with ideas and methods to assist others perceive the mechanics and get probably the most out of the gameplay.

Earlier than I get to the movies, listed here are some gameplay fundamentals:

  • Match like-numbered playing cards — no matter swimsuit — to clear the board
  • Match like-numbered playing cards of the identical colour to begin a combo. Proceed the combo for so long as doable (ie. Two black 7’s adopted by two purple J’s and so forth)
  • Making a combo of no less than 7 will provide you with a free redeal
  • Drawing playing cards from the deck will break your combo when you’ve got a combo of seven or extra
  • The upper your combo, the higher your Pure Gold bonus might be on the finish of the hand (ka-CHING!)
  • Full all 9 fingers of a location to free a faerie (attempt clicking on the crystal to interrupt it!)

Stage 1: Shimmer Frost, Hand 1

I’ve began a model new profile to indicate some ways that may assist you get an all-out on each hand with out utilizing wilds, and with NO TALENTS.

I’ve clicked by means of all the pop-ups that educate you in regards to the recreation, since you’ll be able to pause the video to learn them.

On this first hand, I received good playing cards, so I used to be assured that I’d be capable to get my 7x combo proper off the bat.

Getting a combo of seven or extra matching-color playing cards will make your redeal FREE, saving you 1000 Pure.

0:37 – As soon as I received my 7x combo, I nonetheless had some matching playing cards, so I went forward and prolonged my combo, however as soon as I ran out of apparent matches, I cease listening to colour and cleared as many stacks as doable.

Going for an all-out means clearing each single card on the board, and to do this, you want entry to each card, so clear these stacks, however depart the underside card moderately than matching it with a FOUNDATION card, as they’re like free wild playing cards!

01:15 is an efficient instance of ignoring colour. I’ve already gotten my 7+ combo for the extent, so as an alternative of matching the colour for the 8’s (and eradicating that backside card from the taking part in discipline), I matched from the inspiration as an alternative.

Now at 01:42 I’ve (mainly) cleared all the stacks. At this level it is advisable change your technique, and do your greatest to clear your FOUNDATION playing cards! Save as many board playing cards as doable – they’re simple matches, and it’s not at all times simple to match your basis playing cards! The explanation I’m not following my very own recommendation right here is that I need to get one other combo going to present me some bonus Pure.

02:22 – Be sure to match your basis playing cards FIRST! The hand ends as quickly as all the playing cards on the board are gone, so if you happen to by chance match the board playing cards first, you’ll lose out in your all-out bonus!

Shimmer Frost, Hand 2

Persevering with the sport with a brand new profile, I failed my first time round, so that is my re-try. As soon as once more, you’ll be able to pause the video on the how-to-play pop-ups.

My playing cards weren’t that nice this time round, and there have been numerous playing cards within the stacks, so I concentrated FIRST one uncovering as many stacks as doable.

0:10 – Though I’ve matching-color Queens on the board, I selected to go for the non-matching playing cards. Why? I hadn’t began a combo but, and the Queens I used have been overlaying large stacks.

I don’t begin my combo till 0:42 seconds. At this level I’ve cleared off sufficient of the stacks that I really feel that I can get a 7+ combo and never find yourself getting caught. I missed matching an 8 from my basis, however I’m unsure now whether or not that was intentional (since every of the 8’s on the board solely lined one card every) or if I simply spaced it. lol~

At 01:05 I received my 7x combo, so began ignoring colour and simply targeting clearing stacks.

At 01:58 I ended up matching the ten’s, leaving a single card on the taking part in discipline. This was a mistake, however didn’t find yourself costing me the hand, so I’ll clarify why in a future video.

02:04 – You’ll see right here that I deliberately left the 7 behind, and dealt some extra playing cards. Positive I may have received the hand at that second, however I would like the all-outs, child! What I did at this level was memorize the place the playing cards have been. J – 6 – 7. After I dealt you’ll be able to see that I received luck, and was in a position to clear off some playing cards to reveal the Jack and seven once more.

02:09 – Oh noes! The Jack I would like is on prime of the opposite Jack! By no means worry, Spare Slot is right here!

The primary time you employ the spare slot on every hand is FREE, so I may transfer the highest Jack over, match it, then match the 7’s to finish the spherical, netting me my second all-out for the placement.

Shimmer Frost, Hand 3

Proper off the bat you’ll be able to see that I’ve 3 Kings out there, and though I’d usually (at this level) ignore the colours and focus on clearing stacks, I made a decision to take an opportunity and begin a combo, as an alternative.

At 0:12 I went for the 2 5’s on the board, saving that basis card for later. (Clear the stacks earlier than worrying in regards to the basis, normally.)

0:39 – Received my 7x combo, so targeting clearing stacks. I may have (and will have) continued the combo with these 9’s, however didn’t see them. :p

The good thing about going past the fundamental 7-combo is twofold: First, your wild playing cards cost extra shortly whenever you’re making combos, and second, there are Pure bonuses concerned in getting combos, so the upper you go, the higher your bonus. Ka-ching! $_$

1:09 – At this level I’m getting nervous, as a result of I’ve cleared a lot of the board, and used only some of my basis playing cards. I would like that all-out bonus, and it’s onerous to do when you will have principally basis playing cards left. Clearing stacks is necessary, however it’s important to discover steadiness if you would like an all-out.

1:21 – All the stacks have been cleared, so now it’s time to focus on clearing the inspiration. Since I haven’t reached the redeal level but, I can do a leisurely tempo and simply match combos for the second (I would like these additional wild playing cards, even when I by no means use them! haha)

At this level I’d fortunately break my combo if I had two matching playing cards in my basis, however I’ll come again to the whys of that later.

1:27 – Whoop whoop! Discovered my first Lore shard! These shards will reveal snippets and tales in regards to the Faeverse, its inhabitants, heroes, tragedies and extra! I clicked so that you could see the dev’s description of what Lore is about, however not on the revealed story itself – NO SPOILERS for you!

1:50 – My egg is able to hatch, and I would like it to get expertise, so I get you do get slightly spoiler – You get to see what was in that egg. When you don’t need to know, skip to 1:54.

At 2:00 I’ve reached the underside of the deck, in order quickly as I make this final combo, it’s time to focus on clearing ALL of the playing cards, with the inspiration being an important. At this level all the board playing cards are like wilds to assist me clear issues off.

… So why did I choose that Queen at 2:04 after which unselect it? Ways! After I redeal, it’d give me a free path to a card beneath it. It didn’t occur on this hand, so extra on that later.

2:07 – I’m memorizing the playing cards in order that I understand how to get again to them… and wouldn’t you already know it, each. single. card. from the deal completely matches up with the cardboard under it! Noooo! What are the chances?? That is the place the Spare Slot Sorrow (my terminology – I simply made it up) comes into play – actually!

Watch the spare slot… The price of utilizing it goes up every time you set a card there, and now I’ve to make use of it thrice in a row, and it provides up! Nonetheless, if I would like that all-out, it’s mandatory, so off I am going!

I received my all-out, and my backside line? Began with 5,387 Pure and ended with 7,790, so it was completely value utilizing the spare a number of occasions.

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