Fallout 76 – Head to the Armory Quest Walkthrough

Head to the Armory

The primary cease in your Grasp Holotape grand tour is the armory in Harper’s Ferry, the place you’ll load the tape into Raleigh’s Terminal. You might have already got Harper’s Ferry unlocked from an earlier mission, but when not it’s positioned south of Abbie’s Bunker close to the break up within the river.

The armory itself is positioned south of Harper’s Ferry, so both head by way of the city and take care of the Scorched within the city, or go round and head to the armory straight. While you arrive use the Armory Entry Management Terminal on the surface, and cargo the Grasp Holotape to override safety and get inside.

As soon as inside you may be in a plaza surrounded by three buildings. You possibly can entry the one on the suitable facet and hack the terminal within the entrance room to advance by way of the locked door. There are terminals positioned in numerous locations across the armory, so take them out every time they get in your method.

Within the second constructing you will note some flamethrowers rigged up to a couple tripwires. Sneak as much as the tripwires and disarm them, or just bounce within the hole behind the flamethrowers and drop by way of the hole to the room under. Advance into the third constructing the place you’ll run into extra turrets, Make your well past and as much as the second ground the place you’ll encounter the ultimate hackable terminal, which helps you to into the room with Raleigh’s Terminal. Load the Grasp Holotape once more, then Provoke Program File Scan, hearken to Abbie, then head to the following goal.

Subsequent up is Hack Senator Blackwell’s Terminal.

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