Fallout 76 How to change Pip-Boy screen color?

Right here we’re altering shade of Pip-Boy show and flashlight in Fallout 76.

Easy methods to change Pip-Boy display shade?

If you’re bored of standart Pip-Boy display shade or you’re irritated of inexperienced flashlight’s glowing (the flashlight is popping on with holding the bar which opens Pip-Boy – Tab by default) it’s possible you’ll repair it this fashion:

Open with Notepad the file Fallout76Prefs.ini, which is positioned in DocumentsMy GamesFallout 76. Discover there [Pipboy] part and alter values of subsequent strings:

  • fPipboyEffectColorB=0.5000
  • fPipboyEffectColorG=1.0000
  • fPipboyEffectColorR=0.1000

Listed below are some ready variants of colours:


  • fPipboyEffectColorB=1.5000
  • fPipboyEffectColorG=0.8000
  • fPipboyEffectColorR=0.2000


  • fPipboyEffectColorB=0.1000
  • fPipboyEffectColorG=1.0000
  • fPipboyEffectColorR=1.8000


  • fPipboyEffectColorB=0.2000
  • fPipboyEffectColorG=0.2000
  • fPipboyEffectColorR=1.1000


  • fPipboyEffectColorB=1.5000
  • fPipboyEffectColorG=1.5000
  • fPipboyEffectColorR=1.5000


  • fPipboyEffectColorB=1.0000
  • fPipboyEffectColorG=0.5000
  • fPipboyEffectColorR=1.0000

Inexperienced Pip-Boy with yellow glow

  • fPipboyEffectColorB=0.6000
  • fPipboyEffectColorG=1.2000
  • fPipboyEffectColorR=0.6000

Recommend your advantageous setups of colours!

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