Fallout 76 – Tracking Unknowns Walkthrough

Monitoring Unknowns

Potential Quest Rewards:

  • A Modded Flamer Named Pyrolyzer
  • RadAway
  • Random Ammo
  • A Random Help Merchandise

The hunt is triggered by accessing any of the three marked terminals at Harper’s Ferry, and prying into the lacking particular person’s entries.

The primary a part of the hunt leads gamers to a marked circle the place they discover an outdated Mister Gutsy who was accompanying the lacking particular person searching social gathering earlier than they vanished.

The gutsy will direct gamers to certainly one of two places to spice up a monitoring beacon. Going to the Valley Galleria is the advisable selection.

After getting the sign booster, take it to a helipad atop Camp Enterprise. A Cargobot will then present as much as take the sign off your fingers and raise again off.

The participant will then observe the sign energy utilizing their pip-boy till they arrive upon Randy’s physique by the beacon. A Holotape should be looted off his corpse to proceed.

The Holotape will information you to a different physique, one belonging to a Nari Samir. Off which the participant will loot an ID entry card and a Prototype Hazmat Go well with.

After utilizing the cardboard to achieve entry to Dyer chemical. Entry the sewers to search out Lucy’s physique and loot her Holotape off it. Concluding the searching social gathering’s story and this facet quest.

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