Far Cry New Dawn – Joseph’s Secret Walkthrough

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Joseph’s Secret Walkthrough

Joseph’s Secret is a foremost story mission in Far Cry New Daybreak. This walkthrough will information you thru all goals of Joseph’s Secret Primary Quest.

Space: Joseph’s Sanctuary
Quest Giver: Joseph Seed
Requirement: Accomplished story mission Into the Bliss
Reward: Gun for Rent (The Choose), Eden’s Present perks

Comply with the Father
Discover the Beast
Ignite the Hearth Beacons
Struggle the Beast Inside
Ignite the Hearth Beacons
Struggle the Beast Inside
Speak to the Father

Get out of your boat to the correct and head up the trail to the home. When you work together with the entrance door right here this mission will start.

Joseph Seed is ready for you in the home and he talks about how he’s waited for somebody to come back discover him and fulfil the prophecy for a very long time. He’ll then have you ever stroll with him as much as a tree by a waterfall.

Comply with Joseph as much as the tree and he provides you with an apple to eat to show your price. The apple grants energy but it surely’s additionally a drug. You’ll move out after taking a chunk and awaken in a brand new space the place it’s essential to combat a radioactive bear.

Discover The Beast
Stroll alongside the trail and a bear will seem. You’re armed with a bow and it’s essential to shoot the bear within the stomach at any time when it rears up – it often does so simply after an assault and you’ll regenerate well being by working away so this actually isn’t too harmful.

After two or three photographs to the stomach you’ll knock off the primary part of his well being. The panorama will go darkish and your arrows will change to fireplace arrows. You should gentle the 4 beacons across the space earlier than you may proceed taking pictures the bear – it would chase you so preserve shifting as you gentle the pyres. They emit a faint pink/purple glow even when not lit so you may find them in the dead of night.

The bear will disappear for a second as the realm turns again to the inexperienced haze. Then he’ll return and also you’ll must repeat the identical means of taking pictures him till the subsequent well being bar is gone till the land goes darkish and it’s essential to gentle the fires once more.

Now you’ll discover a new energy and the realm will probably be surrounded with a yellow-orange tone. Your bow is gone so it’s essential to punch the bear to dying. Every strong hit you handle will ship the bear flying and he’ll reappear and also you’ll must punch him once more.

When you’ve hit the bear sufficient instances every little thing will go black and Joseph will clarify that this energy is just too nice for some. The 2 of you’ll return to New Eden the place Joseph is welcomed again by the neighborhood aside from Ethan.

Speak to Joseph after this lower scene and he and guarantees to have his individuals combat the highwaymen in order that they’ll be distracted from attacking your individuals. He may also help you use his Choose as one in every of your weapons hearth rent. He doesn’t discuss a lot and is a silent bow killer helpful for stealth takedowns. You’ll additionally unlock a brand new record of perks to redeem.

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