Far Cry New Dawn – Mo Mommies, Mo Problems Walkthrough

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Mo’ Mommies, Mo’ Issues Walkthrough

Mo’ Mommies, Mo’ Issues is a Aspect Mission in Far Cry New Daybreak that unlocks Gina as a Gun for Rent. This walkthrough exhibits you the Gina Location and the best way to full this Quest.

  • Space: Prosperity
  • Quest Giver: Sharky
  • Requirement: Accessible at the beginning of Act 2 & recruited the story-related specialist “Sharky Boshaw”
  • Reward: Gina Guerra joins the roster as a Gun for Rent

To start out this mission first you’ll have to have accomplished the Adventures in Babysitting sidequest and have recruited Sharky to prosperity. Speak to him at his submit in Prosperity and he’ll ask you to save lots of Gina who’s being compelled to drive within the enviornment.

Make your strategy to the sector, east of The Refinery outpost. There will likely be highwaymen round this space so watch out and take them out. For this mission, you’re going to need weapons you need to use to shoot at autos from a distance – bows and the sawguns aren’t going to do you a lot good right here.

Climb up the tower and take purpose on the enviornment. Gina’s automobile and well being are marked so you may see who you’re defending. Attempt to concentrate on automobiles which might be near her as they’re more than likely do to essentially the most injury.

There are purple barrels littered across the enviornment – shoot at these to trigger explosions however watch out to not catch Gina in any of those. If she dies you’ll have to begin once more.

Regulate the opposite towers as nicely. As soon as they get sensible to you defending Gina the snipers in these will focus you and her to attempt to cease your efforts.

The automobiles will proceed to circle the sector till Gina dies and the sport reloads or everybody else is useless. Then go all the way down to the sector and speak to Gina, she’ll be mad that you just helped however may even agree to hitch your roster. While you name her to assist you she brings a automobile with a gun on it, plus she could be levelled as much as have limitless and explosive ammo.

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