Farming Simulator 19 – Potatoes, Beets and Cotton Guide


Cotton is a brand new plant that may be grown in Farming Simulator 19. In the event you determine to acquire it, it’s value shopping for a big subject (not less than 1 ha). The yields are small and the harvester has a really excessive capability. Cotton is produced solely on the market.

To plant cotton, you solely want a handled subject and any planter. A particular harvester is required for harvesting it: CaseIH Module Specific 635. It doesn’t want something extra to work: it collects, shops and processes the useful resource by itself, with out the necessity for added headers or semi-trailers throughout the harvesting part.

The harvester is kind of quick and maintenance-free. It creates big bales of cotton, that are being launched when the tank is full. For a full bale you need to course of a 2 ha subject, so it’s not value planting cotton on small fields.

These trailers load and unload cotton bales themselves.

You continue to want the best trailer. Beneath Instruments -> Cotton expertise: you will see two fashions – for one and for 2 bales of cotton. Upon getting began the harvester within the trailer, simply drive backwards to the bale mendacity on the bottom to load the bale.


Requiresplowparticular planter for potatoes,harvester with a header for potatoessemi-trailers with excessive capability;

Utilization: as meals for: pigs; as a product on the market – 1ha of potatoes may give you round $30,000.

Extra info:

  • Potatoes offer you a variety of yields: about 70,000 liters from 1ha. That’s the reason you want giant semi-trailers.
  • Your mix harvester will get overfilled quick – all the time have a semi-trailer to retailer your yields.
  • Tools used for planting and harvesting potatoes can’t be used for different vegetation.
  • Potato seeder might be full of potatoes you will have already harvested: merely put them again into the seeder.
  • Retailer potatoes on the bottom: load them on semi-trailers with a belt system (you too can use this equipment to put them on pallets).
You’ll fill the planter with potatoes from the earlier harvest.

Potatoes are planted with a particular planter, which might be discovered within the Potato rising expertise tab: Gimme GL 420 or GL 860 Comacta. The primary mannequin is smaller and doesn’t fertilize the sector throughout planting. These planters are fairly sluggish. You’ll fill them up historically: from the seed pallet bought within the store. You fill the following batch by pouring potatoes from the earlier harvest into the planter.

Grimme SE 260 – keep away from this machine until you propose to drive it your self.

Potatoes are harvested in considered one of two methods: use mix harvesters connected to the tractor: Grimme SE 260 or ROPA Keiler 2. Keep away from the primary talked about mannequin! It additionally wants a entrance cowl to work: Grimme KS 75-4. As a result of the width of the overlap – which is used to chop the protruding elements of the potato – is wider than the harvester, staff are inclined to keep away from the potato stripes. The ROPA harvester doesn’t want a entrance cowl attachment.

Grimme Varitron 470 Platinum Terra Trac – “tank” for potatoes.

An alternative choice to reap potatoes is to make use of a self-propelled mix harvester: Grimme Varitron 470 Platinum Terra Trac that may be discovered within the Automobiles part. The automobile doesn’t want to make use of the tractor to work and has twice the harvesting space and greater than twice the pace (however the identical storage capability). If you’re going to put money into potatoes, that is the most effective and compulsory merchandise on the procuring checklist.

Sugar beet

Requiresplowany of the planters, harvester with a header for sugar beetrootssemi-trailers with excessive capability;

Utilization: as meals for: pigs; as a product on the market – 1ha of potatoes may give you round $30,000.

Extra info:

  • 1ha will provide you with about 110,000 liters.
  • Identical to potatoes, you possibly can load sugar beets on pallets or accumulate them from the bottom by utilizing a belt system.
  • Due to the particular assortment head (yow will discover them close to beetroot harvesters), you possibly can depart beetroots on the bottom and accumulate them later.
  • Potatoes offer you more cash. Nonetheless, beets are sooner to gather, and the required machines are cheaper.

Sugar beet is less complicated and cheaper to develop than potatoes, however the earnings generated by it are additionally smaller. To plant beets it is sufficient to have any planter and a ploughed subject.

Grimme Rootster 604 is kind of harvester for the start.

To gather beets from the sector, a less expensive possibility can be to purchase the Grimme FT 300, which you connect to the entrance of the tractor, and the Grimme Rootster 604, which is connected to the rear. In comparison with potato harvesters, this one has no disadvantages – it’s quick and dependable with regards to its use by workers.

Ropa Panther 2 – self-propelled, self-sufficient, pure driving pleasure.

A self-propelled mix harvester, nevertheless, is relatively costlier, but in addition very environment friendly. Within the Beet rising expertise tab within the Automobiles part you will see as many as three fashions of mix harvesters: Ropa Panther 2,Tiger 6 XL and Holmer Terra Dos T4-40. They differ within the capability and width of the headers. The headers might be discovered within the Beet rising expertise within the following store part: Instruments. Every machine has a corresponding beet header. These mix harvesters work completely and reliably, and dealing with them is pure pleasure.

The extra machines you will see within the self-propelled harvester part are ROPA Maus 5 and Holmer Terra Felis 3. Don’t get confused – they don’t seem to be for harvesting beets, however just for lifting them from the bottom. In different phrases: you possibly can retailer the beets within the subject – as an alternative of driving the tractor behind the mix harvester, pour the crop straight onto the sector. Then you possibly can accumulate the crop in a semi-trailer utilizing this machine very quickly in any respect. Nonetheless, it is a device that’s solely used for just a few hectares of fields.

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