Farming Simulator 19 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Important ideas and tips for learners.

FS19 Suggestions and Tips for Inexperienced persons

#0 – It’s advisable to equip one tractor with slender wheels to keep away from harm to the vegetation throughout weed management and fertilization at later levels of development. It’s not price losing straw – watch out, nonetheless, as a result of a whole lot of straw is being produced.

#1 – Weeding can solely be performed within the first or second development section. If you happen to neglect this, your yield will probably be decreased by 20% resulting from weeds. If weeds have appeared in an uncultivated discipline, this course of may also destroy them.

#2 – Sprayingweeds as a substitute of utilizing weeders is not going to defend you from the potential of weeds rising later.

#3 – Fields that may be bought on an ongoing foundation are “cultivated” by the AI. Look ahead to a brand new plot of land till the crop is harvested on it – it is possible for you to to reap it for your self instantly.

#4 – Within the preliminary phases of the sport, it’s price utilizing machines and automobiles leasing. Bear in mind, nonetheless, that you simply can not improve / modifythe borrowed machines within the additional levels of the sport – solely after they’ve been rented once more.

#5 – By default, you destroy the vegetation once you trip on them (this feature might be disabled within the sport settings). Crops don’t destroy one another, solely within the first section of development. So in case you have the choice of destroying vegetation enabled, fertilize the sector earlier than planting, and within the first section of development. Solely then attempt to weed them – in any other case you’ll lose a part of your harvest.

#6 – If you happen to use a cruise management, listen: once you hand over the work to an worker, he’ll transfer on the most pace allowed by the cruise management, e.g. in case you have set the cruise management at 20km/h, and the machine can transfer at 25km/h, the worker is not going to use the complete doable pace and can transfer at 20km/h. Generally you should utilize this to your benefit: e.g. when two machines with completely different working speeds are transferring concurrently within the discipline.

#7 – When driving with cruise management switched on, you can too use the menu: the car will proceed to run.

#8 – When harvesting grain – wheat, rye, barley or oats – the harvester leaves behind a whole lot of straw. You’ll be able to harvest it with a loading wagon or make bales out of it (you may promote straw or use it in animal husbandry). If you happen to don’t wish to gather it, it’s necessary to show off amassing it in your mix harvester. In any other case, massive piles of straw can block the operation of one other gadget that can work on this discipline.

#9 – You should utilize teleportation: in case your car or gadget overturns, you may choose the Reset button from the map. The car will seem subsequent to the shop. Watch out, nonetheless, in the event you reset your car, you’ll get rid of all its contents (if it’s a trailer or a seed drill); even in case of tractor or mix harvester, you’ll lose gas.

#10 – It’s price to construct equipment shelters – they may enable you to to higher manage the house for left-over machines / uncooked supplies and crops. However watch out: in the event you construct buildings on uneven floor, you’ll pay far more cash.

#11 – Control which tractor you utilize for which duties. If you happen to assign a weaker machine to a demanding job, it is going to be much less environment friendly. As a rule, you don’t want quick machines for transport or spraying, and parts resembling tank capability or maneuverability could also be extra necessary.

#12 – Initially, you may retailer your crops in “public” silos (by the railway tracks) with none fees, and even on the bottom. Nonetheless, not all the weather might be lifted with out the usage of spoons and stripe techniques (for root crops). You’ll be able to retailer every thing like: crops, cereals, and even spare fertilizers or seeds.

Rising and Plowing Crops

Though most grains might be cultivated with out plowing, there are exceptions to this case.

  • Potatoes, reeds, beets, and all trench vegetation require plowing earlier than being planted.
  • For everytime you wish to take away sure crops and place several types of them in place.
  • On balanced problem, for each third crop you plant, plowing is required to take care of soil fertility.
  • In case of wheat, barley, oats, sunflower, maize, potatoes, beet, and reed, not plowing the sector after planting the crops will scale back the output yield by 15%.

Plowing additionally has an higher hand since with it; you’ll not must domesticate crops so you may skip on to the sowing course of.

Every time a sure space of discipline requires plowing, then you can be notified, as they’re highlighted purple in colour when seen on the map.

Plowing is carried out by a tractor or a subsoiler, with the latter being each lighter, simpler to make use of, and cheaper. Nonetheless, the tractor nonetheless has some advantages and variations like with the ability to type new fields or mix any two fields that exist already.


Plowing has some benefits, as mentioned above over this course of together with some crops for which simply cultivation is not going to be sufficient.

Nonetheless, more often than not, you can be going with cultivation when you may, since it’s at all times a lot simpler to hold out as it’s each faster (permitting you to carry out three actions in a single go) and requires lighter equipment.

There are a number of sorts of “Cultivators” that you’ll find within the “Store”. One such selection could have in-built seeders so you may plant and domesticate crops on the similar time.

Others are efficient at cultivating alone resulting from excessive work pace however is not going to have the operate of seeders.

Though most crops will obey the identical methodology of cultivation, there are three sorts of crops that don’t match into this development. These are potatoes, beets, and cotton that every one require particular planters and harvesters.

For cotton cultivation, a big discipline (at the very least 1 hectares in size) is required together with the particular CaseIH Module Categorical 635.

The 2 appropriate trailers to gather bails of cotton might be inquired about in “Cotton Expertise” tab beneath the “Instruments” part.

Potatoes are a bit extra complicated on the subject of the cultivation half. For planting, you may solely use both Gimme GL 420 or GL 860 Comacta.

Each require seed palettes (bought ones) at preliminary sowing stage with the next palettes coming from the beforehand harvested potatoes batch.

Lastly, for Sugar Beet, you require a particular tractor association the place Grimme FT 300 is hooked up to the entrance of the tractor whereas the rear half contains of Grimme Rootster 604.

The tree appropriate harvesters for use might be discovered within the Autos part beneath Beet rising tech.

Planting and Sowing

Every kind of crop will fall beneath both software that may plant or these that may sow. You’ll be able to be taught extra about these by following the outline of every plant itself.

Crops requiring instruments for use beneath the Seeder class are wheat, rye, rape, oats, soybean, and grass and oilseed radish.

Whereas beneath the Planter class, you might have instruments for these specific vegetation: corn, sunflower, soybean, sugar beet, and cotton.

Two crops that don’t fall in both of those common classes are Potatoes and Sugarcane, each of which require the usage of particular instruments and tech distinctive to them.

Make sure that to fill these planters or sowing machines with seed pallets for the crop you want to plant, earlier than really utilizing them within the discipline.


Fertilizers are key to growing yield of crops starting from 25% to a most of fifty%. For this goal, it’s extremely really useful to fertilize soil a number of instances earlier than harvesting them.

The best levels for fertilization can be throughout the sowing course of and when the crop transitions into its subsequent development section. Allow us to speak slightly bit concerning the several types of fertilizers.

Liquid Fertilizers
Although costly than the opposite ones (requiring massive pallets), these will cowl a higher space on the use and are typically sooner of their operate.

Synthetic Fertilizers
Additionally requiring palette, a lot of these fertilizers are constructed inside among the seeders and planters, so on this manner, it saves up on the associated fee. Furthermore, they’re much simpler to work with since you can be fertilizing concurrently whereas planting the seeds.

Slurry and Manure
These by-products of cows and pigs can solely be put to good use for the technique of fertilizing by particular equipment that you could buy from the store.

This materials, along with being a income, works as gas for slurry tanks. You’ll be able to acquire it by inserting the collected grass in a pile, whisking it and permitting it to ferment.

Then you will have to wrap bales of grass or hay round it so you may gather it as silage. This silage might be forwarded to a Biomass plant to create Digestate.

Oilseed Radish
It is a neat and intelligent trick to complement the soil and also you solely sacrifice seeds within the course of. The method right here is to first plant radishes, after which destroy them with cultivators that can unfold simply the minerals you want for a fertilized soil.

Threats and Limitations

It’s not all sunshine and songs as often your crops will get assault by weeds and different threats that can inhibit development and scale back crop yield by 20%.

In such circumstances, you will have to spray the vegetation with weeders and chemical sprays. Bear in mind, weeds can solely be destroyed at their first stage that’s earlier than the method of harvesting.

It must also be famous that weeds on empty fields with out crops can simply be destroyed by plowing or cultivation and don’t require the usage of weeders.

If you’re dealing with fairly the hardship tackling with weeds, you may at all times flip this component off within the sport settings.

Each third crop in your discipline requires the method of liming to be carried out. That is performed through the 2 lime spreaders: Bredal K105 and K165.

Every time fields are within the want of it, they are going to be highlighted in blue on the map. Lime spreaders are refilled at tankers showing as white downward arrows, or by buying lime pellets.

Lack of ability to lime the soil will end in a 15% discount within the output yield on the time of harvesting. Once more, if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you may flip the choice off within the sport settings.


Aside from Sugarcane, all crops will wither if not harvested in due time. The indication can be within the type of yellow or orange highlighted areas on the map, relying on severity.

The method might be slowed down within the sport setting or may very well be turned off in its entirety.


You’ll know when it’s time to reap the crops when they may seem yellow in colour indicating the ultimate section of their development. All grains use a grain module harvester whereas sunflower and maize require the maize module harvester.

The opposite crops that now we have listed under require their very own distinctive harvesters.

ROPA Keiler 2 or Grimme Varitron 470 Platinum Terra Trac, with the latter being sooner and overlaying extra space.

Sugar Beet
Ropa Panther 2, Tiger 6 XL and Holmer Terra Dos T4-40, all of that are distinct solely on the subject of the headers of those automobiles.

Harvesters will more often than not run out of capability to proceed the harvesting course of and amassing crops.

In such circumstances, to maximise effectivity and gather as a lot of a yield as doable on a single run, a semi-trailer car like a tractor accompanies the harvester.

This hooked up car will retailer any additional output when harvesters run out of capability to allow them to proceed to operate.

Crops like cotton particularly require the usage of such trailers because the bales they go away behind are sometimes cumbersome and only a harvester is not going to suffice.

Do be aware that it’s extremely really useful to make use of trailers or tractors with slender tires to not harm crops throughout the harvesting course of.

Storing your Harvest

Other than the default space for storing of crops which is the semi-trailer hooked up to the harvesting automobiles, you should purchase sheds and fasten belt techniques which makes the entire strategy of storage far more handy, sooner, and arranged.

Belts will routinely load any deserted potatoes or sugar beets again to the semi-trailer.

You may as well select to retailer your harvested crops at of the 2 silos: both public or personal. The previous class contains of two free silos: East and West Railroad Silos.

Each boasts a capability of 20,000 liters per kind of harvest and the content material might be transported between the 2 through a prepare. Non-public silos, alternatively, are a lot simpler to work with must you be capable to afford them.

From the Silos part within the “Different” class within the Retailer, you may select both of 100,000 liters or 200,000 liters capacity-silos costing $110,000 and $180,000 respectively.

Since they’re transportable and their capacities might be elevated, they are perfect for the method of storing your harvest.

A non-traditional methodology of storing crops is in bales, each coming in cylindrical and cubical shapes. These are refined from uncooked sources of grass, hay, and straw. Every bale carries a capability of 4000 liters.

Once more, these are simple to move so it is not going to be so hectic for utilizing it as a method of storing harvest.

Promoting Crops

Now comes the time so that you can get your reward for all of the arduous work put in. Nonetheless, in the event you would quite handle the animals than earn a living, you may for certain feed the grown greens and crops to those farm creatures.

In any other case, you may for what is going to function the first supply of earnings: promoting your grains. This may be performed by first gathering the grains in a dumper after which driving over to one of many promoting or assortment factors.

Selecting a promoting level that gives the perfect worth in your crops might be decided by heading to the “Costs” tab throughout the in-game menu. There are a few elements that account for the fluctuations and completely different costs of the promoting factors.

One is the issue of the sport that you’ve set from the beginning. That is apparent to a better problem equals more money awarded for a selected promoting level.

The opposite issue is the place the demand is available in. Sometimes, some supplies or items will probably be in larger demand in comparison with the remaining.

There will probably be a flashing blue indicator on the highest proper nook of the display screen, and within the “Costs” tab, to warn you of the rising demand of a crop. Make the most of these events for income because the demand fluctuates fairly randomly and regularly.

New Farmer (Straightforward) – map of USA – Ravenport

The New Farmer Stage (Straightforward) – you obtain a farm and fields and some fundamental machines; money: 100 000$. You get the fields no.: 19, 24, 25 and 26. Machines:

  • 2x Tractor – Case IH 7210 PRO;
  • Tractor – Fiat 1300 DT;
  • Mix Harvester- New Holland TX 32 + header;
  • Cultivator – RAU Polymag 300;
  • Seeder- Amazone D8-30;
  • Trailer – Strautmann SEK 802;
  • 2x Agricultural Weight- Suer SB 1000;

The worth of the set is further sum of 310 000$. Buildings:

  • Massive Silo,
  • Small Shelter,
  • Farm Home,
  • Decorations.

Their worth is approx.: 540 000$. Default further sport choices (which you’ll be able to change within the sport settings):

  • Computerized buy of uncooked supplies / seeds or fertilizers and gas when the machine is working out;
  • Crops develop quick; gas consumption is low.
  • Crops don’t dry out when not harvested.
  • You’ll be able to destroy vegetation once you trip on them with machines.
  • It’s good to fertilize the sector often with calcium to maintain your yields excessive.
  • Weeds seem within the fields.
  • Periodic ploughing just isn’t required (by default each third harvest).

New Farmer (Straightforward) – map of Germany- Felsbrunn

Right here it’s the identical: you get $100,000 in money and begin up with machines and a number of other buildings.

For the beginning you get agricultural parcelsno. 19 and 20. Machines:

  • 2x Tractor – Fendt Favorit 511C;
  • Tractor – Fiat 1300 DT;
  • Harvester – New Holland TX 32 + header;
  • Cultivator – RAU Polymag 300;
  • Seeder – Amazone D8-30;
  • Wagon – Fortschwitt HW 80;
  • 2x Agricultural Weight – AGCO 650;

The worth of the set is further sum of 280 000$. Buildings and buildings:

  • Massive Silos,
  • Farm Home,
  • Decorations.

Recreation choices and different parts are as described above on the USA map.

Farm-Supervisor (Medium)

Farm Supervisor (Medium) – At this degree you get a whole lot of money and a selection of which machines you wish to purchase at the beginning and which fields you wish to buy: this lets you have a complete freedom of selection.Advisable for people who find themselves acquainted with the collection and never solely: you’ll have to be taught the fundamentals sooner with a view to totally begin the sport. You begin with nothing; money: $1,250,000. You even have a $250,000 financial institution mortgage. Please be aware that this mortgage is price repaying rapidly. In any other case, a “share” is deducted from the quantity (approx. 0.56% per day – i.e. initially $1400).

  • Default further sport choices (which you’ll be able to change within the sport settings):
  • Computerized buy of uncooked supplies / seeds or fertilizers and gas when the machine is working out.
  • Crops develop at a traditional charge; gas consumption is on the default charge.
  • Crops wither when not harvested.
  • You’ll be able to destroy vegetation once you drive machines on them.
  • It’s good to fertilize the sector often with calcium to maintain your yields excessive.
  • Weeds seem within the fields.
  • Periodic ploughing is required (by default each third harvest).

Begin from Scratch (Arduous)

Begin from Scratch (Arduous) – it is a degree just for actual lovers who plan to commit a whole lot of time to this sport. You begin with nothing, simply $500,000 in your pocket (no loans taken). Promoting costs for items are appallingly low. Default further sport choices (which you’ll be able to change within the sport settings):

  • You begin the engine your self and have to change to reverse gear manually.
  • Buy of uncooked supplies / seeds or fertilizers and gas needs to be performed manually.
  • Crops develop slowly; gas consumption is on the default charge.
  • Crops wither when not harvested.
  • You’ll be able to destroy the vegetation once you trip on them with machines.
  • It’s good to fertilize the sector often with calcium to maintain your yields excessive.
  • Weeds seem within the fields.
  • Periodic ploughing is required (by default each third harvest).

How you can fill a car’s tank

Similar to in each different sport from the collection, your machines in Farming Simulator 19 should have their tanks stuffed with obligatory items. A seeder wants seeds, fertilizer spreader wants fertilizer. Fill a sprinkler with herbicides to eliminate weeds.

To fill your machines with the products, connect them to a car (until they’re self-propelled), purchase the appropriate pallet within the Store, and drive the car with the machine to that pallet. You’ll be able to’t refill the tanks anyplace you wish to, that is doable solely close to the Store. Verify a couple of ideas that ought to enable you to with this course of.

Transporting by utilizing machines

You’ll be able to unload your automobiles. Generally, you’ll try this like a dump truck, different instances you’ll merely “throw” pallets on the bottom.

Some machines might be unloaded proper after you fill them. In a lime spreader’s case, every thing will probably be unloaded on pallets and positioned close to the machine. You should utilize this type of transporting fertilizer that you simply wish to use in, i.e. a seeder.

Transporting pallets

Items positioned on a low mattress trailer have nice stability if you are driving with them. This trailer additionally makes unloading simpler.

Transporting items on pallets is a good suggestion. Purchase a loader, entrance loader to your tractor with an attachment for pallets or a forklift, and cargo items on any of your trailers. Low mattress trailers or trailers for bales are nice for transporting pallets.

Transporting in a dumper trailer

You’ll be able to pour the content material of pallets straight right into a dumper trailer – this methodology will most likely be the most well-liked among the many gamers. This selection permits you to rapidly and safely transport massive portions of seeds/fertilizers and unload them anyplace you need, even on the bottom (in your parcel).

Load the products by choosing them up from the bottom with a entrance shovel.

The issue right here is that you could’t load items on a dumper trailer straight from the bottom. If you happen to scattered them on the bottom, you need to load items from above, by utilizing a shovel hooked up to any of your loaders. The drawback is that you could’t transport liquids in a dumper trailer.

Auger wagons

You’ll be able to select from 4 auger wagons with completely different capability.

Auger wagons are additionally a great way of transporting fertilizer and seeds, supplied that you’ve sufficient cash to buy any of them. These wagons are simple to move. Due to a retractable pipe, they’ll fill any machine. Seed Runner 3755 XL, the most affordable wagon, has the capability of 8,000l and prices $20,000. That is a lot sufficient – it is possible for you to to work away from the store for a very long time.

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