FE Three Houses Bolstering Forces & Know Your Enemy

Bolstering Forces & Know Your Enemy

Fireplace Emblem Three Homes has loads of facet quests that you are able to do for more money and exp. A few of these quests are easy, and others will be tough.

Bolstering Forces
Bringing some reinforcements alongside would possibly provide you with a bonus in battle. Strive speaking to the battalion guildmaster.

Rewards: Metal Lance x1, Poultry x3, Noa Fruit x4, Renown +300 factors

Know Your Enemy
Discuss to folks within the monastery to assist determine the enemy’s true purpose.

Rewards: Owl Feather x1, Renown +500 pts

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Different Facet Quests

Fireplace Emblem Three Homes Facet Quests

Contemporary Catch
Rewards: Albinean Herring x3, Caledonian Gar x3, Insect Larva x5, +300 Renown

You will get this quest from Flayn. Head to the kitchen and you will see Flayn. To finish this quest, head to the fishing pond and communicate to the native fish keeper. He’ll ask you to catch a fish.

Catching fish is fairly simple. Look ahead to the fish to chew the bait, and when it does, press A. Catch the fish and you may be rewarded for this mini-quest.

Inexperienced Thumb Beginnings
Rewards: Combined Herb Seeds x5, Western Foldan Seeds x5, Tomato x4, Renown +300

Head again to your room’s door, and you will see Dedue standing exterior your room. Discuss to him and he provides you with the Inexperienced Thumb Beginnings side-quest.

The inexperienced thumb backyard will be discovered on the south-west nook of the map. Enter the backyard and discuss to the woman who’s taking good care of the crops. She provides you with permission to plant the seeds. Plant Dedue’s Seeds. This can full the target.

Share a Chew
Rewards: Airmid Goby x3, Onion x4, Turnip x4, Renown +300

Head to the principle entrance of the dormitories and you will see Sylvain standing there. He provides you with a quest the place you’ll have to go on a meals date with anybody.

First, head to the kitchen and communicate to the workers members. You can be supplied with the meals menu and names of potential college students you possibly can share a meal with. Selecting the meals and any pupil will full this facet quest.

A Ardour for Music
Rewards: Chickpeas x1, White Trout x1, Peach Currant x1, Renown +300

Head into the Chapel and communicate to the principle Choir Coordinator there. She provides you with this quest. The primary goal right here will likely be to seek out somebody who has loads of curiosity in music.

Head to the Blue Lion dormitories and begin scavenging for a few barrels aligned collectively. They need to be someplace simply exterior the dorm. Close to the barrels ought to be a choir record for college students who’re all for becoming a member of the choir.

Artistic Cuisines
Rewards: Teutates Pike x1, Morfis Plum x1, Duscur Bear x1, Renown +300

Head to the kitchen and discuss to the Head Chef. She wants some outdated recipes that may solely be discovered within the library. Head to the library and discover three glowing spots. After accumulating all three recipes, head again to the Head Chef to finish the search.

Troubling Rumors
Rewards: Leather-based Protect x1, Metal Sword x1, Root Vegetable Seeds x5, Renown +200

Head again to the Chapel once more and discuss to Seteth. He would require that you simply go and acquire data for him and report again. The placement ought to be marked on the map. Head there and

It is possible for you to to seek out what you might be on the lookout for. Return again to Seteth to finish the mini-quest.

Studying from the Greatest
Rewards: To be Added

Discover the Religion and Swords teacher Manuela – and discuss to her. Do her bidding and you may be handsomely rewarded.

Misplaced? Discovered!
Rewards: To be Added

Discover Jeralt and discuss to him. He’ll need you to discover a sure merchandise. This merchandise is on the second flooring of the constructing you might be at the moment in.

Head to the second flooring, and close to the large doorways ought to be a shiny merchandise dropped on the bottom. Choose it up and return it to Jeralt.

Phrases of Knowledge
Rewards: Metal Bow x1, Albinean Berries x4, Pond Snail x5, Renown +300

Discover Mercedes and discuss to her. She provides you with a quest the place you’ll have to discover data on the issues within the monastery. One of the best lead is the counselor, who ought to be within the cathedral.

Head to the primary flooring of the cathedral and to the left facet of the room ought to be our predominant lead. Discuss to him to finish the search.

Tea for Two
Rewards: To be Added

This can be the dumbest Fireplace Emblem: Three Homes facet quest. I imply, who doesn’t love tea? Apparently not many individuals within the magical world of Fireplace Emblem. Discover Ferdinand and discuss to him. He desires you to seek out somebody who loves tea.

Head to the fishing space and you will see Lorenz, the one man who matches Ferdinand’s description. Speaking to Lorenz will full the target.

In Hiding
Rewards: To be Added

Some thieves are up-to no good once more, and they’re hiding someplace. Seteth wish to know their location. Discuss to Seteth and head into the Knights Space.

You’ll find a bookshelf that holds the blue key that reveals the thieves’ location. Choose it up and provides it to Seteth to finish your process.

Solely the Daring
Rewards: To be Added

It is a battle-only quest. Discuss to Caspar and win the event to finish this quest.

Tending to the Saints
Rewards: Caledonian Crayfish x3, Peach Currant x4, Verona x1, Renown +300

Discuss to Flayn and you may be requested to perform a little chore within the Saint room. Head into the Saint room and decide up all of the stones. This can clear your goal.

Sustaining your Coaching
Rewards: To be Added

Seteth has a priority about whether or not you might be maintaining together with your bodily coaching or not. He desires you to commit a battle. You’ll have a free day to finish this goal.

Forge the Approach
Rewards: To be Added

Head to the Blacksmith to choose up your subsequent facet quest. The blacksmith will ask you to discover a particular merchandise. It ought to be marked on the map. Choose it up and return to the blacksmith. As a reward, it is possible for you to to do blacksmithing.

Clearing the Approach
Rewards: To be Added

Put together your arsenal for this mini-quest. Discuss to the service provider and he’ll need you to guard his items by heading up Magdred Approach and eliminating a number of bandits. You’ve a full free day to finish this process.

Natural Cures
Rewards: To be Added

Discuss to Rhea who has some considerations about pupil’s well being. Head to the 2 markers and discuss to the scholars to offer them medication to enhance their well being. This can full the mini-quest.

Herbs Match for a Horse
Rewards: To be Added

Head to the Chapel and you will see Marianne. She desires you to seek out some medicinal herbs, which ought to be positioned in a greenhouse. Head there and decide up some herbs to finish your facet quest.

Particular Supply
Rewards: To be Added

Head into the coaching corridor and discuss to stranger feminine college students. Considered one of them provides you with a quest the place you’ll have to ship a love letter to Cyril. Return to the lady after delivering to finish your goal.

Fishing Event
Rewards: To be Added

Head to Shamir and he or she provides you with a quest the place you’ll have to catch a Teautates Herring for Flayn. After catching one, discuss to Flayn. This can full your facet quest.

Banish the Bandits
Rewards: To be Added

Eradicate a specified quantity of bandits to finish this quest. You’ll have a full free day to finish this goal.

Carried Away
Rewards: To be Added

It is a quest the place you’ll have to ship one other love letter. Ship the love letter to Alois and return to the sender to finish your request.

The Better of the Greatest
Rewards: To be Added

Show your mettle in opposition to the Knights of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.

Catherine’s Request
Rewards: To be Added

Discuss to Catherine to obtain this quest. She desires you to discover a two-toned whetstone. To finish this quest, you will have to seek out and provides gadgets to lots of people. You’ll find a Crestological Mysteries ebook close to Catherine. Give it to Hanneman.

Discover the Tome of Comely Saints and provides it to Manuela. Subsequent, discover the Fireplace Amulet and provides it to Cyril. Cyril provides you with the Glowing Stone. Mercedes wants the Glowing Stone & provides you with the Path of Daybreak in return.

Give the Path of Daybreak to Marianne, to obtain eye drops. Drop the attention drops with Linhardt and he provides you with the Two-Toned Whetstone.

Give it to Catherine to lastly full this tradefest of a quest. Catherine will reward you with a Silver Weapon too.

Shamir’s Request
Rewards: To be Added

Similar as Catherine. You may discuss to both Catherine or Shamir. The end result and rewards are the identical.

Secret Messenger
Rewards: To be Added

You will have to ship a love letter to Rhea. She is the lady from the items menu. After giving her the love letter, return to the dude that gave you this facet quest to finish it.

The Lacking College students
Rewards: To be Added

Discuss to Seteth to begin this facet quest. You’ll have to head to the markers and examine concerning the college students who’ve gone lacking.

One thing to Show
Rewards: To be Added

Discuss to Felix and he provides you with this quest. You’ll have to struggle to finish this quest.

The White Heron Cup
Rewards: Morfis Plum x2, Lavender Mix x2, Renown +500, +500 Gold

This quest is from Rhea and it’s a dancing competitors. You’ll have to decide a pupil that you simply need to signify your own home on this. A very powerful stat right here is Cha, which you will get from consuming tea with the coed or giving them dance classes. You may give them the white dragon scarf to extend the stat a bit as properly. I went with Petra and he or she smoked the competitors with 26 Cha. Successful offers that character the Dancer class.

Adventures in Wooden Carving
Rewards: Black-Sand Metal x2, Wootz Metal x1, Goddess Statuette x1, Renown +300

Discuss to Gibert and he provides you with a quest to discover a ebook on woodcarving. Yow will discover the ebook within the room subsequent to Bernadetta. Choose the ebook up and provides it to Gilbert. This completes your facet quest.

The Cream of the Crop
Rewards: To be Added

This ought to be the ultimate facet quest within the recreation. It’s a battle quest – you’ll have to battle to finish it. You’ll have a full free day to finish this process.

Eagle Eye
It is a quest from Seteth. Converse with the soldier to get the intel then return to Seteth.

Dealing With Deserters
It is a battle quest, you’ll have to use a free day to do it. You probably received’t have a free day open to do it till the following chapter.

A Piece Of Historical past
The service provider right here will ask for a bit of historical past. Go into the chapel and close to the ruins you will notice a blue glow spot, the search merchandise is there.

Fishing For The Large One
A soldier by the fishing gap provides you with this quest. You might be requested to catch the Large One, a legendary fish within the lake. I had to make use of Herring Bait and catch a purple fish to get the appropriate one.

Pirates In The North
That is one other battle quest.

The Secret Store
This opens up from Anna in chapter 15. Anna is on the lookout for the key thingy. Yow will discover this merchandise proper exterior of you room, up the steps.

Undercover Commerce
This one is discovered over within the stables. Head as much as the second flooring and contained in the room Seteth would usually be in, you will see the merchandise for this man.

Taking Care Of Enterprise
A battle quest from Hubert, this one unlocks new retailers on the town.

Fearful Warrior
This quest is discovered within the Knight’s corridor. It’s worthwhile to get some herbs from the greenhouse and produce them again to finish the search.

Provide Run (Black Eagles – Chapter 13)
Hubert will ask you to ship some provides for him. It’s worthwhile to get an Arcane Crystal and a pair of Caledonian Gar. The Arcande Csytal can generally be discovered on the blue spot in entrance of the blacksmith. You’ll have to fish for the Gar if you happen to haven’t acquired one. Converse to Hubert when you’ve got them to finish the search.

Provide Run (Blue Lions – Chapter 14)
It’s worthwhile to ship 2x Teutates Loach and 2x Zanado Fruit. You may catch the fish simply, it’s a 2 star fish. You may develop Zando Fruit utilizing Combined Fruit Seeds. Plant the seeds, don’t domesticate them. When they’re grown, save earlier than checking the seeds. Reload if you happen to don’t get the fruit.

Provide Run (Black Eagles – Chapter 15)
One other quest you get from Hubert. He’ll need some Chickpeas, which will be acquired from planted greens, and Arcane crystals, which will be purchased from Anna after you full her quest.

Provide Run (Blue Lions – Chapter 17)
From Gilbert. It’s worthwhile to ship 2x Tomato and 1x Silverfish. You may catch Silverfish utilizing 3 star bait on a gold fish shadow.

Provide Run (Blue Lions – Chapter 18)
You will have to acquire 2x Airmid Pike and 2x Wild Sport for Gilbert. I had loads of the fish at this level, they’re a 3x fish. You should purchase Wild Sport from the Southern Service provider.

Provide Run (Blue Lions – Chapter 19)
Gilbert will ask for extra provides. It was Weeds and Carrots for me, each simply grown within the gardens.

Provide Run (Blue Lions – Chapter 20)
Gilbert will ask for extra provides. It was Cabbage and Tomatos this time.

Provide Run (Blue Lions – Chapter 20)
Gilbert will ask for extra provides. It was Weeds and Smithing Stones this time.

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