Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Endings Guide

A fundamental information to to get you to the top of the sport and see the a lot of the content material.

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Endings Information

Day 1

Scene – 01 (6:00 AM)
Moring. Get up. See a lady.

  • – Get a more in-depth look – a greater possibility extra lewd stuff!
  • – Settle for punishment – be a greater good friend FFS!

Scene – 02 (9:00 AM)
Go to class.

  • – Sure, I’m into Cum Play – If you’re into ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s, facials, and sperm displayed on the
    display screen usually.
  • – In regards to the film! – It is advisable reply this appropriately to have the ability to go on AmRose path. Answering unsuitable will shut AmRose path for good.
  • – Don’t go to see the film along with her – Sure it’s higher to pick out this feature.
  • – Change of plans! Let’s see a film with AmRose – Choose this one if you wish to go
    AmRose Path.

Scene – 03 (5:00 PM)
Go to see the sport

  • – See the cum play problem outcomes – obtainable should you chosen Cum Play.
  • – Sure
  • – Sure! I wish to see how she is swallowing this scorching load of cum

Recollections of two weeks in the past.

  • – Inform her the kinky porn is only for analysis functions

Scene – 04 (6:00 PM)
Meet with Pete. And have one other flashback to the previous.

  • – Ought to watch extra – if you wish to have Stacy path opened.
  • – Take an image of Chloe

On the finish of the scene:

  • – Go to AmRose as you promised her to see a film collectively – You should have
    a scene with AmRose. This selection gives you probably the most factors for that day and
    provide you with extra factors in the direction of romancing AmRose.
  • – Don’t go to AmRose and attempt to earn some factors – This selection will delay your
    progress with AmRose, however nonetheless, it is possible for you to to meet up with her later. Right here
    you’ll nonetheless have factors and within the Prolonged version you get to satisfy Jessie.

Scene – 05 (8:00 PM)
If on AmRose path
Go to AmRose.

  • – Don’t inform her in regards to the get together – The get together is to hook up with Lydia. Why the hell
    would you inform AmRose about it?
  • – Let’s watch a film
  • – Cum on AmRose – provides extra factors

If not on AmRose path
Meet Jessie within the park.
Spend the night at residence.

  • – Take into consideration Lydia – the best choice.

Day 2

Scene – 01 (7:00 AM)
Moring. Go to class. Speak to Kevin. Use the Fetish Locator app.
– Submit your lips to discover a ♥♥♥♥♥ – Completely a should to see any content material on day 2.
– Reply to a stranger on the app – Higher possibility.

Scene – 02 (12:00 AM)
Go to the cafeteria. Speak to Pete. Flashback with Stacy.
– Preserve watching – If you wish to have content material with Stacy within the sport.
– Proceed watching … – Deciding on this feature will present you a peeing scene.

Scene – 03 (12:30 AM)
Go to the park. When you posted an Advert and responded to a stranger – speak to Polly.
– Comply with do a favor – Agree if you wish to have a risk to have content material with Polly.

Scene – 04 (03:00 PM)
If on Polly path – go to a espresso store. Simply speak to Nora there.

Scene – 05 (06:00 PM)
Return to the dorm room. Watch some porn. There can be an essential selection.
– Go to the Cafe – Thought of a greater possibility. Will deliver you to the Polly&Nora story
path. You’ll miss the non-obligatory Min’s scene.
– Go meet & munch Squizzle / Ditch Polly to munch Squizzle – This may deliver you to a
Min’s non-obligatory scene with Menstruation fetish. However scene can be very popular even in case you are
not into that fetish. This may shut Polly&Nora path.

Scene – 06 (07:00 PM)
An non-obligatory scene with Min. Provided that you chose to go along with her in scene 5.
– Munch Min’s Pink Carpet – Simply go for it!
– Enter taking a look at her face – Have a look at her!
– She didn’t say I’ve to cease – Extra content material!
– Keep & Watch – Would possibly unlock some extra watersports content material sooner or later.

Scene – 07 (07:30 PM)
Go to the espresso store. Solely in case you are on Polly&Nora path. Simply watch and luxuriate in it.

Scene – 08 (09:00 PM)
Go to the park. If you’re on Polly&Nora path you should have a scene with Polly right here.
– Put a finger in her ♥♥♥ – Do it if you wish to ♥♥♥♥ Polly`s ♥♥♥ along with your finger. Some anal
content material there for you.
If you’re not on Polly&Nora path and also you didn’t reject or bail Polly
You will note a small bonus scene with Polly flashing her ♥♥♥♥♥ for you.

Day 3

Scene – 01 (07:30 AM)
Relying in your selections on day-1(did you peek on the woman in Pete’s mattress or not) you’ll
have one among two comparable scenes with Daisy.
– Are you prepared to assist me with that? – will get you a greater scene with Daisy in

Scene – 02 (09:00 AM)
After gymnasium class, take a bathe and stroll down the reminiscence lane…
– Begin masturbating your self – Will give a greater future content material with Stacy. You solely
have this selection

Scene – 03 (11:30 AM)
MC getting dressed within the locker room. Chloe and Dario enter the room as effectively.
– Sure, it’s my fetish – OR – Probably not, however I’d do it for factors – choose a type of to be
in a position to earn extra factors that day and to point whether or not you wish to see the foot fetish
content material sooner or later or not.
– Make a distraction and save Kevin and Chloe from being caught – choose this to assist
Kevin and to get extra factors. (that is additionally a requirement to unlock ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥-Kevin path)

Scene – 04 (12:25 AM)
It is a essential scene. You go there to speak to AmRose. There two totally different dialogs along with her, relying on are you her path or not. Each conversations are very fascinating!
– in case you are on AmRose path and you chose one of many optimistic solutions for foot fetish
you will note a small footplay scene and would be capable to choose Take an image of
AmRose’s foot to get further factors.
– I’m curious – will get you extra hints about what’s going on with AmRose.
If you’re on the Min path and also you made her cum on the day prior to this, you’re going to get a small
animation along with her on the finish of the scene.

Scene – 05 (02:30 PM)
Go to espresso store with Kevin and meet Nora there.
– Inform Kevin to Cease Being a ♥♥♥♥♥ – choose in case you are not concerned about ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ content material with
Kevin and Chloe
– Perceive Kevin’s Level of View – Choose this if you wish to see Chloe&Kevin ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
storyline. Earn factors should you made a distraction for Kevin earlier within the day.

Scene – 06 (03:00 PM)
When you helped Kevin you should have keys to go to classroom and see AmRose and Maria there.

Scene – 07 (04:30 PM)
Return to the dorm and meet Daisy and Dahlia.
– “Agree – I would like Femdom Foot Worship” OR “Agree – I really want the factors” – should you
wish to see a femdom scene with Dahlia and earn factors. When you answered “are you
prepared to assist me with that?” earlier within the day additionally, you will get a handjob scene with
– Refuse. I wish to dominate, to not submit – choose this in case you are not into femdom. It additionally
gives you a extra dominant content material sooner or later. Particularly with Daisy. However you get
fewer factors.

Scene – 08
should you chosen femdom:
– Sure, Mistress
– Sure, Mistress
– um… Sure, Mistress
– Submit

Scene – 09
Right here we are going to calculate the factors. It is advisable have 25 factors to get to the get together. In case you have lower than 25 factors it is a gameover and you will note a gameover-♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ animation.
In case you have greater than 25 factors you get to go to the get together that may be within the subsequent launch.
In case you have precisely 50 factors you’ll obtain a particular bonus in the course of the get together evening!

*This subsequent part is in 2 Components. Make a save right here as a result of you’ll be able to solely decide 2 out of the three Occasions you might be given.*

Celebration – Half 1

Scene – 10
You arrive on the get together location and meet Pete and ladies.
You get the masks and meet Antony (Mr. D1cky) and Allison.
Allison will present you round. She is going to ask you ways you are feeling about ladies with ♥♥♥♥♥.
– “That will make me uncomfortable.” – You’d by no means see a lady with a dick within the
– “That may very well be kinda fascinating.” – Unlocks the ladies with ♥♥♥♥♥ fetish and extra
content material in the course of the get together.
Get a scene with Jessie whereas she is getting ready for oral Santa.
After all of the dialogs and conversions you would need to select first occasion. (You possibly can solely go to 2 out of three occasions in the course of the get together)
These occasion decisions are essential. Not solely are some intercourse scenes are unlocked by
choosing an occasion, but in addition some characters are solely obtainable sooner or later should you had an occasion with them on the get together.
– “Secret Oral Santa” – This occasion will unlock Lyssa path. This path is attain with
Futa/Trans fetish content material.
– “Go Watch Min’s Occasion” – This occasion will unlock the Min’s path. This path may have rather a lot
of watersports content material.
– “Go Watch Antony’s Occasion” – This occasion will unlock Maria’s path. This path is attain with
group intercourse.

Scene – 11 (Secret Oral Santa)
Simply go together with the even. In the long run you should have a selection:
– “Supply to eat her out if she makes you cum” – this can shut Lyssa path.
– “Demand to see her ♥♥♥♥♥” – This may unlock Lyssa path with all of the trans/futa content material.

Scene – 13 (Go Watch Min’s Occasion)
Take pleasure in Min’s problem occasion.
– “Problem Min to a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Contest” – This selection is on the market provided that you had a
earlier encounter with Min on Day-2 and requested to look at her pee OR should you spied on
Stacy within the Day-2 flashback when she peed and mastrubated. That is wanted to unlock
Min’s path.
– “Don’t Problem Min” – Will shut Min’s path for you.
When you problem Min to a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ there could be a second selection:
– “Do No matter It Takes To Win” – This selection will unlock Min’s path for you.
– “Shake Fingers in Acceptance” – This selection will shut Min’s path.

Scene – 14 (Go Watch Antony’s Occasion)
No option to be made right here. This scene will unlock Maria’s path.

Scene – 12
Between 1st and 2nd occasion there can be a small scene with Hana.

Celebration – Half 2

Scene – 15
You get outdoors to get recent air.
When you chosen Secret Oral Santa you’re going to get a scene with Jessie to eat her out.
When you had an ideal run and earned all 50 factors by your self you’ll watch a bonus lesbian
scene within the pool.

Scene – 16
This scene will begin with a dialog with Lydia. You’ll speak to lots of people and than see a principal occasion that’s public anal intercourse between Min and her boyfriend Antony.

Scene – 17
Save Lydia!

Scene – 18
Right here you could have a option to see totally different elements of her physique. For now there isn’t a distinction on
what you’ll select. Choose the one you want.

Day 4

Scene – 1
Breakfast with ladies. When you gained Min’s problem she is going to ask you to assist her with watersports.
That content material will come in the course of the subsequent a number of days. Go along with Daisy to your dorm room.

Scene – 2
Take a bathe and Daisy will be a part of you.
– “Command Daisy to Blow You” – This selection begins Daisy-sub path. Solely obtainable if
you impressed Daisy by refusing to do foot worshiping of Dahlia on Day-3. This may lead
to tough ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and facial with cum swallowing.
– “Ask Daisy Blow You” – This selection will unlock future content material with Daisy, however with out
domination. Solely obtainable if impressed Daisy or participated in Min’s occasion. This selection
is healthier if you’d like Daisy to dominate you along with Dahlia.
– “Get a Handjob” – Accessible anyway.
– “Simply bathe and go away” – this feature will skip the scene with Daisy and can cut back the
quantity of content material along with her sooner or later.

Scene – 3
Go to Nora and speak along with her. If you’re on Polly&Nora path you should have further
conversations along with her. See the brand new problem of the day.
– “Sure – I’m concerned about that” – choose this if you wish to see ♥♥♥♥♥ content material.
– “No – I are not looking for that” – if you wish to keep away from it.
See the flashback with Stacy.
– “Ask extra about weight-reduction plan” – to be taught extra about Stacy.
– “Transfer on the dialog” – in case you are not concerned about her weight-reduction plan.

Scene – 4
Have a chat with Lydia. If you’re on Polly&Nora path she is going to ask you to have one other date.

Scene – 5
Go to AmRose and see her drunk.
– “What the boof occurred right here?” – choose this if you wish to go together with the extra
soft-romantic method.
– “Oh trouble, it’s a drunken ♥♥♥♥.” – choose this if you wish to be a bit extra harsh along with her.
AmRose will confess to doing web-cam exhibits and incomes factors with Maria. She is going to clarify
why she is doing that.

Scene – 6
Solely on Polly&Nora path.
Meet Polly in your dorm room.
– “No. By no means. I are not looking for that.” – in case you are not concerned about pegging content material.
– “Not proper now, however possibly sometime.” – choose this should you may take into account pegging within the

Scene – 7
Solely on Polly&Nora path.
Go to Nora with Polly.
– “Simply Look” – don’t get entangled.
– “Finger her ♥♥♥♥♥” – to finger Polly’s ♥♥♥♥♥.
– “Finger her ♥♥♥♥” – to finger her ♥♥♥.
When you fingered Polly, she is going to kiss MC after the scene.

Scene – 8
The scene on the dorm room the place MC will get a message from FetishLocator.

Day 5

Scene – 1
Get up and study Fetish Locator’s retention program.

Scene – 2
Take a bathe and Chloe will be a part of you should you helped Kevin on day-3.
– “Reject Chloe” – This may shut Chloe&Kevin path.
– “Boldly Go The place Everybody Has Gone Earlier than” – Will proceed the trail and unlock a
intercourse scene with Netori fetish.
After that, it is possible for you to to decide on if Kevin is allowed to remain and watch
– “Placed on a Present for Kevin” – Solely obtainable should you supported him within the cafe on Day-3.
This selection will give a most quantity of factors. When you chosen this feature you’re going to get
the Anal scene and may have an choice to creampie her ♥♥♥ or do AssToMouth and
– “Positive, Nice, No matter” – he’ll keep.
– “I’m not comfy with that.” – He’ll go away. Chloe shouldn’t be pleased with that.
After the bathe, you’re going to get to decide on if you wish to comply with fetish of the day
– “Sure to watersports” – the sport will embody sexual actions involving urination.
– “No, that’s not my factor” – the sport won’t present watersports content material anymore.

Scene – 3
You’ll hear AmRose arguing with Maria in regards to the issues she was speaking on the get together. You will note a distinct dialog right here should you had an encounter with Maria by taking part within the Anthony occasion.

Scene – 4
Go for a stroll and meet Polly. Solely obtainable in case you are on the Polly&Nora path.
When you selected to incorporate watersports you should have a watersports scene with Polly.
Throughout the watersports route you should have a selection:
– “Nah, that may do.” – simply movie Polly, however not the MC
– “My flip to strip & ♥♥♥♥” – this can present you ways they each ♥♥♥♥ and earn extra factors.
When you selected to not embody watersports you should have an exhibitionism scene with Polly.

Scene – 5
Name AmRose and meet along with her to see the realtor. Speak along with her about what occurred
yesterday. Two totally different dialogs should you chosen to deal with her as a good friend or as a ♥♥♥♥ on day-4.
You’ll meet Vanessa – new MILF.
And later you will note Lyssa. You’ll speak along with her in regards to the residences and attempt to persuade her to cut back the value.
– “Attraction for Sympathy” – this won’t work.
– “Say that you’ll Co-sign” – this can persuade her, however you might need a debt to pay to
her sooner or later 😉
– “Take into consideration the Future” – this can persuade her.
After that there’s a option to message to Jessie.
– Contact URLittlePony – this can unlock Jessie character
– Overlook about her. Not concerned about URLittlePony – This may block her character ceaselessly.

Scene – 6
Solely on Min path.
On the best way again, go to Min to show her the methods of Watersports.
Min’s path is closely centered on Watersports content material, and there’s no solution to date her with out the pee play.
You’re going to get an choice to drink her ♥♥♥♥ or no:
– “No downside.” – you’ll drink her ♥♥♥♥ and get extra factors.
– “No thanks.” – you’ll not drink.
After that you should have an choice to ♥♥♥♥ on Min:
– “Pee on Min’s Face” – provides extra factors and she is going to really drink it.
– “Pee on Min’s Physique” – because it says, simply provides fewer factors.

Scene – 7
Daisy will come to your room. You possibly can invite her in provided that you didn’t reject her on day-4.
– “Let Daisy In” – She is going to enter.
– “Let Daisy Depart” – she is going to go away. this can shut Daisy’s path.
Is it okay to be bare?
– “Nude is Snug” – Daisy will undress
– “You may borrow a few of my garments” – She is going to really feel offended and go away. Closes
Daisy’s path.
Leap to flashback

Scene – 8
A flashback of you taking bathe proper earlier than leaving for faculty the subsequent morning.
– “Let’s see what she is going to do if I take even longer” – solely obtainable if Stacy already noticed
you masturbating. You will note Stacy masturbating.
– “Simply end with the bathe” – will end the scene.
– “Jerk Off within the Bathe” – you will note the scene of Stacy tasting what was left by you
there on the bathe wall.
– “Simply end with the bathe” – end the scene.

Day 6

Scene – 1
Get up alone or with Daisy(if on her path).
Choose should you agree with fetish of the day – Creampie.
– Sure, I wish to cum inside
– No, I want the outside
Choose if you’d like Daisy to finger your ♥♥♥:
– Not proper now.
– Positive, why not?
Resolve if you wish to inform Daisy in regards to the FL problem or not
– Let her know – higher to inform her. She is going to belief you extra.
– Perhaps I can shock her – might earn extra factors should you cum inside.
And are you going to warn her or attempt to shock her with a creampie?
– Warn Daisy – it’s higher to warn her. However should you didn’t inform her in regards to the problem she is going to
pull out and also you get no factors. When you advised her in regards to the problem, gives you 8 factors.
– Creampie Shock – solely an possibility should you didn’t inform her earlier than, will give 15 factors.

Scene – 2
Meet Stacy. Keep in mind all of your encounters along with her and take a look at her new look!

Scene – 3
Lunch with Stacy and AmRose. Higher conversations if Stacy tasted your cum in the course of the day-5 flashback.
You will note the flashbacks with Karen.
Scene – 3b
Speak with Jessie within the park. Solely obtainable should you contacted her on Day-5.
Go to her dorm and see how she is incomes factors.

Scene – 4
Have a date with Lydia earlier than the live performance. You’re going to get to pick out the suggestion of Music, nevertheless it doesn’t have an impact as of but. However don’t choose her Father or mother’s songs 😉

Scene – 5
Have an encounter with Maria. The total model is just obtainable should you did the Anthony occasion on the get together.
If you’re on the watersports path with FL she is going to ask to pee on her.
Since you might be on a date with Lydia you’ll be able to solely choose:
– Make Maria right into a urinal for some man – provided that chosen watersports on day-5 (10
– Make Maria drink some man’s cum (8 factors)
– Cope with Maria one other time – nothing occurs; she doesn’t work together with one other man in
the bathroom
If she waited in the bathroom for the subsequent man, after that she is going to ask if she ought to ship you photos
– I don’t wish to see this
– Ship it to me – you will note the photographs

Scene – 6
Lydia’s live performance. There may be music. Remember.

Scene – 7
If you’re on the Polly&Nora path this an important scene.
You’re going to get a intercourse scene with Nora.
You’ll choose would you like Nora or not:
– Pull Out & Cum – An okay possibility, however you don’t get factors.
– Warn Nora earlier than you Cum – for certain the best choice. Nora can be joyful and you’ll
get 8 factors, since you take an image, whereas she has an ♥♥♥♥♥♥.
– Creampie with out warning – Nora will get ♥♥♥♥♥♥. This may END Nora&Polly path. This may
provide you with 15 factors. This may unlock a facet story the place Nora may get Pregnant. However
this won’t come into play for a very long time. And it could be a brief facet story.
If you’re not on Polly&Nora path you continue to have a name with Stacy and you’ll watch a lesbian scene with Polly and Nora.

Scene – 8
When you did a secret Santa occasion and you chose that you simply like ladies with ♥♥♥♥♥ in the course of the get together:
You’re going to get an choice to stroll Lyssa residence.
– Stroll Lyssa residence
– Let her stroll residence alone – will shut the Lyssa path ceaselessly.
When you didn’t see her dick but she is going to inform you about it:
– Sure – I wish to spend time with Lyssa, and greater than that
– No – I wish to again out earlier than this will get extra intimate – that may shut her path.
After that, there can be an important selection. How you will deal with Lyssa:
– I don’t wish to be friendzoned – You’ll date Lyssa. It is a Romance path.
– I don’t wish to be “good” – You’ll be dominating her, that could be a Domination path.
If you’re on Domination path you’ll be able to select to see or not her dick:
– I wish to see that – you will note it.
– No. You didn’t let me cum final time – You’ll not see her dick at this time.

Scene – 9
Come again to the dorm with Stacy. You’re going to get a message with an image of Maria should you
chosen it in Scene-5.

Scene – 10
Night time scene with Stacy. Pete comes residence with a lady. You’re going to get a handjob from Stacy provided that you had sufficient encounters along with her within the flashbacks. There have been 4 occasions throughout the entire week. When you didn’t interact in at the very least 3 of these occasions, you’ll not get this scene and can be blocked from relationship Stacy. Woman will get ♥♥♥♥♥♥ as soon as Pete falls asleep and he or she steals Stacy’s baggage.

Day 7

Scene – 1
Morning within the dorm.

Scene – 2
Come to AmRose and depart to the seashore

Scene – 3
Arrive there and meet some associates.

Scene – 4
Meet Vanessa and swim along with her to a secret island.
– Flirt with Vanessa – should you like her flirt along with her!
– Simply be pleasant
Resolve if you wish to go additional along with her:
– Comply with Vanessa – will result in a intercourse scene along with her.
– Swim again to shore – will block her path for good.
Right here is the place your choice on Day – 3 issues.
When you chosen that you simply like footfetish you’re going to get footfetish scene right here.
When you chosen that you’re pleased with footfetish you’re going to get an possibility of footfetish or ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
When you chosen that you simply don’t like footfetish, you’re going to get solely quick BJ.

Scene – 5
Get a scene with Hana.
When you learn AmRose’s messages and also you saved Kevin:
– Sure, I wish to know – you will note what occurred with AmRose and Maria on day-3
– No, I’ve no real interest in that – you’ll not see what has occurred
Your selection right here doesn’t considerably impression gameplay.
– Attempt to get some earlier than you go
– Don’t

Scene – 6
Meet Daisy and Dahlia. You must choose solely one among them. Path for the opposite one can be
closed. They each gives you some factors.
– Go along with Dahlia – solely obtainable should you submitted to her on day – 3
– Go along with Daisy – solely obtainable in case you are on her path
– Depart them each alone – will shut each paths.

Scene – 7
Meet Lyssa.
You possibly can solely have this scene in case you are on her path.
– I like all the pieces about that concept – You possibly can slap her ♥♥♥♥ and get some factors for it.
It is best to do it! 😉
– That will make me uncomfortable
You’ll be slapping her a number of instances. Do it at the very least 12 instances! You’re going to get to a pleasant occasion after that.
– Slap her once more
Scene – Further Polly
Have a pleasant scene with Polly
– Positive, it may very well be enjoyable to strive one thing new – she gives you a rimjob.
– No. I’m NOT concerned about that – nothing will occur.
When you go together with rimjob:
– Terrific. I’m laborious as ♥♥♥♥ – you take pleasure in getting rimmed.
– Enjoyable… too stress-free… oh, crap – indicating a doable curiosity in scat content material.
– Bizarre. Not dangerous, simply very unusual – you don’t take pleasure in rimjob content material.

Scene – 8
Meet AmRose. She is going to inform essential issues and provide you with a selection:
The supply of the alternatives rely in your earlier actions with AmRose. Did you take heed to her? Did you when to see a film along with her or ditched her? Did you handled her as good friend or as a ♥♥♥♥?
– Make AmRose your secret girlfriend – She can be your pretty woman in secret.
– Make AmRose your private intercourse slave – She can be your slave and a ♥♥♥♥ toy.
– Reject AmRose – Don’t you ♥♥♥♥ing dare even clicking on this feature!
– Take into account extra choices – will unlock you extra choices if a few of them are locked for you.
From right here you’re going to get a intercourse scene along with her
– Pleasure Her – solely obtainable on secret FG path
– Blow Job
– Face to Face
– Screw from behind
– Spank – this gives you 10 factors
– Cum – solely obtainable after intercourse.

Scene – 9
Get again residence, watch a film with ladies, and reply all of the messages.
In the long run you’re going to get all of your factors for at the present time and you’ll have to face the FL retention
program. You would want to pay it 50 factors. In case you have extra factors you’ll be able to ship some to
AmRose or convert it to new factors that you’d be capable to use subsequent week. It’s as much as you to determine how one can spend factors. When you don’t have sufficient factors you’re going to get a sport over.

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