FF7 Remake Biggs Quest Guide

FF7 Remake Biggs Quest Information

Biggs is a non-playable character, he’s a member of AVALANCHE alongside Barret, Tifa, Jessie, and Wedge. He serves as a technical professional similar to Jessie and is expert in each hand-to-hand and artillery fight. Biggs is usually hotheaded however more often than not energetic particularly when he’s out within the area.

Chapter 6: Mild the Approach Walkthrough

  • Head for Part G
    • For this chapter, you’ll should maneuver your approach across the facility of Sector 4 Plate.
    • Climb down the ladder and open the chest that’s on the suitable aspect to search out 1x Hello-Potion.
    • Observe Tifa and Barret earlier than you open the door the place the 2 are standing, there’s a ladder on the left aspect which you’ll climb.
    • On the high, you’ll discover a chest on the left aspect containing 3x Potion.
    • Climb again down and work together with the button controlling the gate.
  • Head to the Management Room
    • Sadly, the change doesn’t appear to be working. Observe the 2 and head in direction of the management room.
  • Safe a Energy Supply
    • What you’ll must do is disable the solar lamps of sure platforms to switch energy onto different stuff like the ability for the locked gate.
    • Return down and climb up the ladder close to the gate the place you discovered the chest containing the potions. Flip the change that’s on the suitable aspect to deactivate the plate. It will present energy to open up the gate.
  • Head for Part H 
    • On the opposite aspect of the gate, you’ll encounter two Grashtrike within the space forward.
    • Proceed ahead after killing the monsters and earlier than taking place the steps, test across the nook on the left aspect and also you’ll discover a chest containing 1x Hazardous Materials.
  • Discovery: Collapsed Passageway
    • Head down the steps towards the decrease stage of Part G.
    • On the opposite aspect of the catwalk, you’ll discover a blue materia. Nonetheless, as you cross it, the trail collapses forcing you to search out one other approach round it to seize the materia.
    • To succeed in this, you want to work your strategy to Part H.
  • The Strategy to Part H
    • Go around the decrease part, you’ll want to move up the steps, however earlier than doing so, attempt to cross one other catwalk path on the left the place you’ll encounter three Grashstrike. You’ll discover a chest that’s on the aspect of the pillar that’s within the center which has 1x Treatment.
    • Return and head up the steps to the higher stage of Part G and one other quick cutscene will set off.
    • After the cutscene, earlier than continuing to the following part, there’s a chest on the suitable aspect of the higher part that has 2x Antidote.
    • On the following platform, you’ll encounter a brand new enemy which is a Blugu and a Grashstrike, watch out when you find yourself combating these fish monsters as a result of they’ll inflict Sleep on you, so be careful for its assault, Slumber Spume.
    • Proceed ahead till you attain the pipes.
    • When you stroll onto the pipes, Tifa will level out that there’s a pink materia behind the big fan. It will unlock a Discovery Quest: Contained in the Air flow Fan.
    • Ignore that for now and observe the 2 till you attain Part H – Solar Lamp 1.
  • Energy for the Platform
    • Earlier than you proceed additional, there’s a merchandising machine and a bench that you should use close by.
    • Proceed to the following space and head up the steps the place you’ll encounter three Grashstrike enemies.
    • Head to the platform of the solar plate and flip the change. You’ll additionally discover a chest on the suitable aspect that has 1x Phoenix Down.
    • Flipping the change will energy up the mechanical sentry enemies which are across the space.
  • One Solar Lamp Down
    • Once you head again to the earlier platform, you’ll should battle three Sentry Ray, use Barret for this battle since he’s the one one who can shoot the mechs down or use Thunder.
  • Console On-line
    • After destroying the sentries, activate the console and transfer the platform all the way in which to proper aspect first as an alternative of the one close to you. Cross it and also you’ll discover a chest on the opposite aspect that has 1x Turbo Ether.
    • Return to the console and reposition the platform on the left aspect.
      • Cross the opposite aspect to succeed in Part H – Solar lamp 2.
      • On the following platform, you’ll encounter two extra Sentry Ray and two Terpsicolt enemies will seem which appear to be a seahorse. You should utilize Blizzard in opposition to it to hit its weak spot.
      • After clearing the realm, head to the platform of the second solar lamp and deactivate it.
  • Two Solar Lamps Down
    • After deactivating the mechanism, climb down the ladder close to the solar plate and journey the elevate again to Solar Lamp 1.
    • On this platform, you’ll encounter a brand new enemy, three Sentry Gun Prototype.
    • Return to the realm the place the principle elevate is and journey the one which’s dealing with the platform the place you’ll see a ladder on the opposite aspect.
    • Climb up the ladder and test the merchandising machine, you’ll be capable of purchase one other music disc right here for 50 Gil which is 18. Electrical de Chocobo.
    • Work together with the console to show off the followers and a timer of 1 minute will begin to run. You’ll must kill the Queen Grashstrike, Sentry Ray, and Grashstrike enemies within the room below 1 minute earlier than the fan activates. Contained in the room, there’s additionally a chest containing 1x Hello-Potion. Blizzard and Thunder will work in opposition to these enemies. If ever the timer runs out, you may flip the change once more however this time three Grashstrike enemies will seem as an alternative.
    • After killing the enemies and when you nonetheless have time, work together with the opposite console to deactivate the timer and to open the door subsequent to it. Head inside and also you’ll end up within the air flow fan the place you may purchase the Chocobo & Moogle Materia. Aside from that, you’ll additionally purchase the Trophy: Clear up Crew.
    • Subsequent, head again exterior and proceed to the marked goal in direction of Solar Lamp 3. You’ll must journey the alternative elevate to succeed in the platform.
    • When you attain Part H – Solar Lamp 3, you’ll discover a chest alongside the way in which, on the suitable aspect, containing 1x Moogle Medal.
    • Subsequent, climb down the ladder and also you’ll encounter 2x Queen Grashstrike on the platform forward.
    • When you’ve killed each monsters, function the console and transfer the platform all the way in which down. You’ll be capable of attain out and seize the  MP Up Materia. Transfer it again up when you’ve grabbed it, and align the platform within the center.
    • On the opposite aspect, it is best to be capable of seize the blue materia you tried to get earlier. That is the Elemental Materia.
    • Now, climb again up the ladder the place you bought the Moogle Medal from the chest and function the following walkway console.
    • Earlier than you align it so that you cross the opposite aspect. Place the platform all the way in which to the highest and transfer it to the suitable so it may knock down the Shinra bins which are on the cabinets. After that’s achieved, carry the platform again down and align it to your path.
    • Earlier than you head to the solar lamp, be sure to destroy the Shinra bins that you simply simply knocked over on the suitable platform.
    • On the solar plate platform, you’ll encounter two Terpsicolt and two Sentry Gun Prototype.
    • Clear the realm of enemies, climb as much as the solar plate, open the chest that’s on the suitable aspect to search out 1x Mesmeric Armlet, and flip the change to deactivate the mechanism.
  • Three Solar Lamps Down – To the Cargo Platform
    • You’ve just about cleared the part at this level, so all it’s a must to do is head to the principle platform and function the console to succeed in the cargo platform.
    • Earlier than you attain the Interplate Utility Entry by way of the vents, you’ll encounter extra mechanical enemies corresponding to Sentry Gun Prototype, Sentry Ray, and Sentry Launcher. Bear in mind, they’re weak in opposition to Thunder. Use your spells!
    • When you attain the Interplate Utility Entry, destroy the Shinra bins on the left, then climb up the ladder.
    • On the high, there’s a chest on the suitable aspect that has 1x Moogle Medal.
    • Merely work your approach via the walkway till you attain the tip the place Biggs is.
    • Biggs gives you with provides corresponding to 3x Ether, 3x Hello-Potion, a brand new weapon for Barret, a Mild Machine Gun, and a Grappling Gun. – this ends Chapter 6.

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