FF7 Remake Chapter 15 The Day Midgar Stood Still Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Chapter 15 The Day Midgar Stood Nonetheless Walkthrough

  • A Damaged Metropolis

    • For this chapter, the placement takes place on the Collapsed Sector 7 Plate. Work your means across the collapsed part till you set off a cutscene the place you’ll stumble upon one of many residents.
  • The Climb

    • Work your means beneath the particles, on the opposite facet, you’ll discover a merchandising machine and a bench that you should use. In the event you’re good to go, head up the ladder and also you’ll encounter a brand new enemy which is the Byobapolis. This enemy is weak to ice-based assaults and even larger in opposition to wind-based assaults.
    • After defeating the enemies, go across the platform first the place you’ll encounter 2x Byobapolis, you’ll discover a chest on the finish containing 1x Mega Potion. Subsequent, climb up the ladder.
    • On the higher degree, you’ll encounter 2x Cerulean Drake enemies. Defeat the enemies and climb up the subsequent ladder the place you’ll be prompted a tutorial on easy methods to use the Grappling Gun.
  • Hiding in Plain Sight

    • After the cutscene, proceed ahead and destroy the Shinra bins you’ll encounter alongside the best way. When you leap throughout the alternative platform, you’ll encounter two new enemies. the 3-C Soldier Operator. Use fire-based assaults in opposition to them to shortly stress and stagger them.
    • After defeating the troopers, seize the radio that the soldier drops.
    • Proceed ahead and also you’ll come throughout one other grappling level to succeed in the highest space. Shortly after, it can collapse and also you’ll must struggle off Guard Canine and Elite Safety Officer enemies adopted by a Helitrooper and two extra Elite Safety Officer.
    • As you progress by means of the collapsed tunnel path, you’ll encounter extra Shinra troops. When you’ve cleared all of the enemies, comply with the marked goal and head to the higher space of the plate.
  • The Path to Higher Heights

    • After triggering the subsequent fundamental situation, on the left facet, you’ll be capable of discover a bench that you should use in addition to a merchandising machine that sells one other music disc: 5. Lurking within the Darkness. You should purchase it for 50 Gil.
    • Earlier than you head up the constructing, verify across the space on the appropriate facet the place you’ll encounter 2x 3-C Soldier Operator and an Elite Helitrooper. Defeat the enemies and verify across the nook to discover a chest containing 3,000 Gil.
    • Return to the place the bench and machine are and head up the steps in direction of the collapsed constructing.
    • Stroll as much as the center a part of the constructing and a reticle will seem which prompts that there’s a grappling level above you.
    • On the high, you’ll encounter a bunch of Slug-Ray and Shock-Ray enemies, these mechanical foes are weak to lightning-based assaults.
    • Proceed going up through one other grappling level and also you’ll encounter extra shock and slug ray enemies, there’s a chest on the nook the place you’ll find 1x Hello-Potion within it.
    • On the identical flooring, on the alternative facet, there’s one other grappling level on the appropriate facet. When you attain one other degree up, stroll exterior and head down the scaffolding. On the backside, head to the again of the constructing and also you’ll discover a chest containing 1x Enchanted Ring.
    • From right here, you possibly can grapple to the wall that’s reverse of the chest to exit the realm.
    • Subsequent, head in direction of the marked goal, exterior the constructing in direction of the crimson construction forward. You’ll encounter a brand new enemy right here, a Blast-Ray. Use lightning-based assaults to hit its weak point.
    • When you’ve defeated the mech, climb up the ladder and go across the round platform first to seek out Shinra bins you possibly can destroy. You’ll additionally discover a chest containing a bottle of Turbo Ether.
    • After clearing the platform, head up the subsequent ladder. When you’re on the high, go to the left facet first and climb the quick ladder. You’ll discover one other chest on the high that has 1x Smelling Salts. Return down and circle round to discover a tall ladder that it’s worthwhile to climb up.
    • From right here, destroy the Shinra bins and proceed straight the place you’ll discover one other ladder to climb.
    • Go beneath the collapsed metallic body and squeeze by means of the tight hole. Maintain transferring ahead and cross the metallic beam.
    • While you attain the opposite facet, you’ll encounter Byobapolis and a Cerulean Drake enemy.
    • When you’ve defeated the enemies, as an alternative of heading in direction of the marked goal, verify behind the scaffolding space the place you’ll see a grappling level on the high. Head up there and also you’ll discover one other chest that has 1x Magician’s Bracelet.
    • Climb down the ladder then proceed to the marked goal. You’ll now must work your means across the slim platform.
    • Alongside the best way, one other Byobapolis enemy will seem. You’ll must kill it first earlier than persevering with ahead.
    • When you cross the opposite facet, the Valkyrie will seem and begin to shoot at you.
  • Flight of the Valkyrie, To The Stairs

    • The target is to take cowl behind the constructions and crates and anticipate it to reload earlier than you progress ahead. You’ll set off the subsequent fundamental situation if you attain the steps.
    • Sprint down the flight of stairs till you attain an open space the place you’ll encounter 2x Blast-Ray.
    • After defeating the enemies, ensure you destroy the Shinra bins which are scattered within the space.
    • Subsequent, climb up one other ladder and also you’ll encounter 2x Elite Helitrooper on the high. After killing the enemies, leap over the impediment and use the close by bench to relaxation and the merchandising machine to replenish objects if it’s worthwhile to.
    • While you’re prepared, head in direction of the plank on the appropriate facet of the merchandising machine and work your means across the slim walkway.
    • Earlier than heading up the steps, go behind it to discover a chest containing 1x Treatment.
    • Ensure you have the staff equip lightning and wind materia.
    • While you’re prepared, head up the steps to set off one other cutscene.
  • To the High of the Plate

    • After the quick cutscene, proceed going up through grappling factors till you attain the highest of the plate. One other cutscene will set off when you attain the highest.
  • Boss: The Valkyrie

    • You’ll now be preventing in opposition to the boss for this chapter, the Valkyrie. This boss is weak in opposition to lightning and wind-based assaults.
    • Efficiently defeating it rewards you with 1200 EXP, 10 AP, 1200 Gil, and 1x Cog Bangle. This can even full Chapter 15.

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