FF7 Remake Subterranean Menance Walkthrough

In Sector 6 Undercity – Evergreen Park after speaking to Wymer you’ll unlock the Subterranean Menace facet quest in FF7 Remake. The target of this facet quest is to seek out and defeat a Behemoth who’s ruling the mining space underground. Additionally, it is a vital quest to seek out Behemoth Horn merchandise to finish the FF7 Remake Secret Drugs Aspect Quest. On this information, you will see that recommendations on how one can defeat the behemoth boss in Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake and full the Subterranean Menace Quest.

The place to seek out Behemoth in Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake?

Meet Wymer in 6 Undercity – Evergreen Park, he’s standing exterior Sam’s Supply Station. Speaking to him will unlock the Subterranean Menace quest, take the trail on the correct finish to go Underground. Proceed strolling via the tunnel till you attain a useless finish. There’s a stair that can take you to the underground website space.

Behemoth’s cry is audible on this area, the target is to seek out the monster. After crossing the tunnel you’ll cross a room to an enormous space with steel platforms. The target is to go to the underside. When the highway ends to search for stairs close to two cage sort constructions and an enormous white cylinder.

Climb up, your path might be blocked by few enemies. A sweeper and some smaller ones. Cope with them after which go additional down. This new space has massive cages. Comply with taking place till you attain an finish spot, search for the fan in the correct nook.

Cross the fan and as soon as once more proceed making your approach to the underside. It will take you to a room the place you possibly can relaxation and refill every thing. Use the blue bench to replenish your well being gauge, to be able to protect potions within the battle. It’s a must to maintain strolling till you attain a second enormous fan, it has a gap within the backside. Use the steps to go down and cross the underground area till you see an exit on the left.

Go down additional and you will notice a half-open door. That is Underground Lab – B5. You’ve gotten reached the ultimate space the place you’ll face the Behemoth.

The right way to defeat the Behemoth?

The Behemoth appears a cool creature, doesn’t assault if you don’t provoke him. To defeat hopefully you may be with your mates. Utilizing Barret use some sturdy long-range assaults.

  • Horn
  • Heart Physique
  • Decrease Physique

There are three areas to deal with, the Horn, Heart Physique and Decrease Physique. Assign Barret to cope with the horns and you’ll deal with destroying its Decrease Physique. It’s robust to dodge this monster’s assault, so be ready if he begins chasing you. Carry sufficient well being potions and heal your mates in addition to your self earlier than getting into right into a struggle. The decrease Physique half could be destroyed sooner utilizing sturdy assaults. It’s essential to lock the goal in order that your assault could cause most harm to the one a part of the physique.

The Behemoth might be staggered after his decrease physique is destroyed, this the place you possibly can run in direction of the Horn and begin attacking it. Change to Punisher Mode and use sturdy assaults. You gained’t get sufficient time as a result of his decrease physique will heal earlier than he’s again on his toes attempt to inflict max harm on the horns.

Proceed repeating the assaults, Behemoths Tail assault is deadly and fairly exhausting to dodge in melee fight. This monster doesn’t have sufficient weak spot, the one approach to convey it down is attacking the higher or decrease physique. This offers you one knockdown, and stagger one of the best. Additionally, be prepared to make use of your Talents.

The target have to be to trigger max harm to the higher or decrease physique to stagger the beast. In the event you can cripple the physique a number of occasions you possibly can defeat Behemoth Simply in FFVII Remake. By crippling his physique the Behemoth will be unable to make use of his tail. Additionally he can not pounce on the targets, he’ll stay grounded and you’ll unleash most assaults simply.

You’ll need quite a lot of persistence, well being potion and a method to cope with Behemoth in Remaining Fantasy VII Remake. Normally will probably be Cloud who will do many of the job. Attacking with Talents is excessive necessary, and the harm amplifies in the event you use Talents assault within the staggered mode.

Run away from the monster while you see a cutscene the place he’ll cry. It will trigger a small earthquake inflicting the cave partitions to break down. In the event you stand beneath you’ll unfastened quite a lot of well being. That is the final a part of the Behemoth Boss Struggle.


  • Behemoths Horn
  • Wrecking Ball – Shut Fight weapon able to pulverizing the enemies with a sphere of stable metal. This weapon is for Barret.

So that is how one can defeat the monster and acquire Behemoths Horn in Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake.

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